Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gift of the Month Club

In case you haven't noticed... this year, I did not host my "annual" Homemade with Love carnival.

I was just too busy, and that was one thing that had to go, and to be candid, last year, I about had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN with all the "self-imposed" deadlines for homemade gifts, hand sewn stuff, and other WONDERFUL [ehem!] ideas I had.

I just wasn't going to go through that this year. I decided I would be done early enough that I could enjoy ALL of December with my family.

And, fortunately, I'm done with the very biggest thing of all ... my Christmas shopping. I've been done, in fact, since the last weekend of October. Some things I've ordered are still trickling in, but for the most part, I have everything and I'm getting ready to wrap furiously! WooHoo! WAY ahead of the game!

Momma ROCKS.


I did want to take a moment to share what I think is a FABULOUS, CHEAP-ish, FUN idea that I came up with back in 2006. I promised a fellow blogging friend of mine (who DID notice I hadn't posted Homemade With Love, bless her heart) that I'd post some favorite homemade ideas throughout the month of December.

Here's idea number one. It is a special "Gift of the Month" club. Not one of those expensive ones you find on line or in specialty shops, but one you lovingly make yourself (with or without the help of your children, depending on the receiver). And the beauty is... you don't have to pre-make all twelve months at one time! Love it.

Here are some of my favorite ideas that I posted back in 2006:

1. Homemade Sweet of the Month Club: Begin with one box of lovingly made sweets (sugar cookies, brownies, oreo bonbons, whatever), and attach a card stating that they will receive one new treat each month. You can give them caramel popcorn, candy, homemade goodies, the options are limitless! (great gift for grand parents, aunts/uncles, pastors, teachers, etc.)

2. Homemade Love Gift of the Month: A special idea for your spouse! It is affordable, unique, and loving. You can do things like a candle-lit bubble bath with rose petals, or a special candle-lit meal for two (kids go to Grandma and Grandpa's for the night), or a shoulder / foot massage, or an evening at the movies, or an evening in front of the fire place with a gourmet dessert, quiet music, and no kids ... I'm sure you can use your imagination on special things your spouse will truly enjoy (and you, too)!

3. Joke of the Month Club: This is a cute gift for a child to give mom or dad (or anyone, really). All they have to do is come up with one joke each month to share with the recipient.

4. Gift of the Month Club: If you can't come up with a themed name, just call it Gift of the Month club! You can pick twelve ideas and list them out for them, or just make it a surprise each month.

Here are some ideas from my 2006 post that you can incorporate in a generic "Gift of the Month" club:

Italian Dinner for Two (or however many you wish)
Mexican Fiesta Night for Two
Pot of Homemade Soup (Potato, Chicken & Rice, Vegetable, etc.)
Homemade Bread
One Gallon of homemade/specialty/gourmet Ice Cream
Special Dessert
Large variety of homemade cookies
Specialty Brownies
Framed picture of the grandchildren
Fresh Cut Flowers (Costco has GREAT prices on awesome flowers)
Plant of the season
Herb Garden
Gourmet Coffee
Basket of Seasonal Fruit
Basket of Homemade Jams or Butters (apple butter)
Basket of Garden Fresh Vegetables
Basket of Fresh Gourmet Muffins
Bottle of Wine
Imported Beer
A Music CD
A Move on DVD
Variety of Gourmet Nuts
Gourmet BBQ Basket
Gift Bag full of Bulbs
A basket of Fall pumpkins and gourds

This can lead to a very fun and creative Christmas celebration. The important and key thing here is to use your imagination and then FOLLOW THROUGH.

You can go to my previous post to get tips on how to implement this gift idea!

Don't you just love it???



Sandy said...

Mama rocks, is right!

Way to go on your shopping, GiBee!

Great list and ideas here too.

Lvly Rita said...

Great ideas!

I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good writing!

Donnetta said...

I was just talking this morning with my children about the idea of doing "chore coupon's" or other "coupon" ideas for others. Very similar along this line you have here.

I am going to post this link on my Facebook fan page to share it with others. What a fantastic list!

Desiree' said...

Very fun, thanks for giving me more ideas. I need all the help I can get this year. I have always had my Christmas shopping done in advance and this year I started a new job and things are not happening like they used to. I may use this idea with some of my "sisterchicks." I need something fun for them. Thanks again, you do rock.