Saturday, February 13, 2010

Being snowed in...

It has a lot of disadvantages... like one four year old in particular, who just loves the movie Up, and has watched it no less than 15 gazillion times. In a row. The entire week we've been cooped in this house because of the snow. Ugh. Actually, it is a pretty good movie with a good theme and ending. But after the gazillionth time, it just wore on us old foggie adults!

The other day, out of the blue, Hunter quoted a line from the movie Up... almost flawlessly. So I thought I'd quiz him...

Me: Hunter, what does Kevin say? (Kevin is the beautiful bird that "finds" them.)

Hunter: Kaw!

Me: Very good! What does Russel say? (the little boy)

Hunter: With my [Wilderness Explorer] GPS, we'll never be lost! (then Hunter imitates Russell throwing his hand sideways and the GPS flying out window) Oops!!!

Me: That was awesome, Hunter! What does Mr. Fredrickson say all the time? (grouchy old man that just lost his beloved wife, Ellie)

Hunter: All the time he says "Baah!"

Me: (laughing) What does Doug the dog say? (a dog who wears a translator collar)

Hunter: My master is very intelligent. My master is good and smart. I have just met you and I love you! SQUIRREL!!

Me: Wow! You remember all that in a scary kind of way! Does Kevin say anything else?

Hunter: Yes, KAW!

He's so much like his daddy. He'll remember at least one quote from any movie he's ever seen. I think we have a prodigy on our hands, because Hunter remembers WAY MORE than ONE line! And he's only four!

We're ever so proud!


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Susanne said...

LOL. How do they do that? My oldest was the same way.

Hope you are staying warm and dry!