Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a little bit of snow!

So we've been just a little bit busy these past few days. Well, since last Friday, really. Can you say... "Snow, snow, snow"???????

This first picture was a "little" snow from last week... they were predicting one inch. We got seven. What a surprise.

The second picture was this past Friday and Saturday ... when we got 29 inches of snow. YES. TWENTY NINE. I measured it with a yard stick.

Then we helped all our neighbors, including digging out the sheriff's car. The last picture is today... in which we are under blizzard conditions and are set to accumulate another 20 inches of snow. It's been snowing since last night, but the wind is howling so hard that it was blowing snow in our front door through the cracks. Lovely.

So as we hunker down and stay warm, we are finding that Wii can be boring after 4 hours straight... there isn't much on TV during the day, and I'm getting pretty tired of the food we have on hand.

And you can bet we're not going out until the wind stops blowing and howling.

Why is it that children LOVE SNOW SO MUCH? I mean... I do love snow ... but I DONT like being wet and cold. Kids DO! Weird.

Can anyone say... Pina Colada???


Susanne said...

Yeah, kids and snow. The two were made for each other. Try to stay warm and dry!

Anonymous said...

Hey G,

Adorable pictures. We feel your pain. We are very tired of the snow and the blowing blizzard. Something tells me we will be dealing with it for a week or more to come.

Stop by the Kingans blog sometime.

Hugs to all,
Richard and Gretchen K

Sandy said...

That is a LOT of snow!

Hunter is sure getting big! :)

Lovely Rita said...

It almost became the new "S" word :) I'm ready for the big thaw and spring rains and mud slides... okay maybe not the last one. But how about crocus' purple and yellow, crimson tulips, and sunny, happy daffodils. Sigh. Come soon, dear Spring.