Monday, March 20, 2006

Catching Up

Revised this post to add: I have read all your comments over the past few days, but have only commented on my last post answering all your questions (I think) and thanking you. Can we start fresh from here on out? I'm so totally behind, I'm feeling left out! Thanks!

I have to say ... I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO ... SO ... MUCH! Sigh. I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world. You're all mine -- and -- I'M NOT SHARING WITH ANYONE! (hee hee hee!) I can see I have some new friends to introduce myself to, and to go and read their blogs... which I'll do this week. THANKS for delurking during this tough time for me! And Carol, trust me when I say, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU OR YOUR FAMILY -- not one second, friend!

And, thank you all for your well wishes, your prayers, your encouragement, and your humor. I love humor... even when the situation doesn't call for humor. In fact... sometimes... in can get me in trouble (no, really?). Actually, it can get my dear sister in law in mooooore trouble, because she has one of those..."girl -- you just crack me UP!" sense of humor ... or better yet ... "SHUT IT NOW! You're KILLING me!" sense of humor. Timing is everything, though... and sometimes... we both lack it.

In fact, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me when I reflect on some of the thoughts that ramble through my head... and randomly pop out of my mouth. But I'm sure that more than one of you can relate. Otherwise, you wouldn't be my bestest friends.

So ... I just need to get this weekend off my chest... so, if you don't care to discuss death, rotovirus, or other stuff like that with a twisted sense of humor, then again, I must say -- move along and check back tomorrow.

First of all ... about my husband's Aunt and Uncle who lost their son... they have mourned deeply the sudden loss of their son. It has broken my heart, and I love them dearly, so, please... don't think I'm being disrespectful to them at all ... because I'd never say this to them just you, because -- we're close like that... any way... despite the fact that your child is gone ... and despite the fact that you'll never see him again on earth looking the way he did before he took his life ... you really have to wonder what people are thinking when they make rash decisions... like ... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY MADE THE VIEWING (of a suicide victim with a shotgun wound to the head) AN OPEN CASKET?!?!? I mean, seriously! I love them, really I do, but at this point, I really think that was a decision made in grief, and should have been questioned seriously by their Pastor, or someone! People! It's NOT HIM anymore. Why hang on to every last piece of flesh... literally! (And let me say, that the mortician, or seamstress, or whoever did a great job with what they had to work with, and with what little time they had -- bravo to them! Even though I could have done.with.out.)

Okay ... enough insensitivity. It was a tough weekend. My in-laws dropped my son off on their way to church Sunday, then they went to the 2-4 viewing, came back to our house, and watched our son while we went to the 6-8 viewing. Let me just say that this is one of the BIGGEST funerals, if not THE biggest funeral, I've ever been to. There was a two hour waiting line wrapped around the outside of the funeral home to get in to pay respects. Then... the funeral was so packed that there were people overflowing into other rooms, and standing four and five people deep. It was estimated that between 500 - 800 people came to the viewing, and as many as 500 to the funeral. Wow. I was blown away, as were the parents, wife and sisters.

I totally lost it when they played the song "I Can Only Imagine" -- and the song it self was almost overpowered by the amount of people in the funeral that were singing and worshiping along with it. Including all of the family. It was tough. Also, I have never seen so many police cars zooming around, closing off main roads, off ramps, exits and highways to allow the processional to continue un-interrupted. One of our cousin's sisters is married to a sheriff, so ... yea to him. He did a great job getting his friends to help out.

For some reason, we had agreed to ride to the funeral and then to our relatives home after the funeral with our in-laws. Usually, we go on our own, especially with an infant... but... well ... I don't know what happened this time. And it all worked out pretty well... until about 2:30 -- when we were on our way home. And... my very loving and good hearted mother-in-law began to not feel good... and got worse, and worse, and worse... and we had to stop for a bathroom break... and then I fished out of my diaper bag a gallon-sized zip loc bag for her... just in case... and sure enough... she got sick and threw up right as we pulled up to our driveway -- she hardly got the door open, and she was very sick -- so sick that her false teeth came out. Top and bottom. Man, I hate it when that happens! And all this happened ON OUR WAY HOME, and not during the funeral, or the gathering afterwards, or while she was lovingly caring for my son! God is so good when it comes to timing. See? Even HE has a sense of humor! Of course, my husband and I feel horrible that we exposed our in-laws sick to this mess. But then again, my husband did have to hose the driveway off, and he did run in and get her a wet towel to wipe her forehead with, and I did send them home with a glass of ice water, a whole bottle of gingerale and my prescription anti-nausea pills (shhh... don't let any one know I'm sharing) that my doctor prescribed while I was on my death bed (umm... my mother-in-law went and picked them up for me) so... maybe we're even? Uh, no... I doubt we'll ever be even for all their gracious and self-less help they give us. I just hope we didn't get re-exposed. I can't handle getting that sick again... even if my jeans fit better because of it.

Ummm ... did I mention there were a gazillion people at the funeral home? Yeah... well, maybe we exposed more than a few people other than my in-laws to this rotovirus! Whaaaat?!? You do what you gotta do for the sake of family. They don't have to know where it came from! (insert evil laugh) (now take evil laugh out, because it scared me).

Okay ... I'm off to get into bed. I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Yuck. But ... I will be able to read all your blogs during my free time! Yea!!! I don't care what you say ... That's going to be a Kiss of Sunshine right there!

Tomorrow, I may skip Tuesday's Toss-up, because I have other things I want to post about... we'll see. But for now -- Nighty Night.


Peach said...

Still giggling so hard I almost wet my pants!!! This sounds like movie fodder to me. No irreverence intended. Still praying for the family and all those who went to the unfortunate viewing. Oh My!!!

Think you ought to do a hiatus on the "Tuesday Toss Up" too. Just a little too close to the rotovirus thing, ya' know!! Can't really separate the "tossin'" if you know what I mean.

Here's to a toss-free Tuesday for all concerned. Wiping tears from my eyes! Hugs to you, GiBee!

Lauren said...

I'm happy to hear that you're just about back to your old self. I look forward to things getting back to normal here. And yes, you made me laugh, you're slightly unhinged. ;-)

Sheri said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for you.

kpjara said...

God, it's good to have you back! You truly are a "kiss of sunshine" and are so dearly missed when you're not around in this the 'blogdom'.

I loved the evil laugh and I too, would have immediately edited it out because that's the stuff judgment is made of...

I wonder how many of the 500-800 (from the funeral) are off hugging toilets somewhere...hopefully none of the 'frequenters' out here in the blogdom or we'll all be doomed! Oh wait...we can't catch it by reading about it, can we...

Have an awesome Tuesday and welcome back friend!

flipflop said...

God does have a sense of humor. That was funny (and now I feel bad for laughing). Continued prayers.

I have to type in ipitu as the word verifcation and it's making me LOL!

Shalee said...

GiBee, this post is exactly why I feel like you would be my best friend if we lived anywhere close to each other and why I love reading your blog. It is down right scary the way that we think alike.

Do you want to be BFF? Check one:
( ) yes I'm so happy to find a kindred spirit.
( ) no (freak)
( ) maybe... will there be any chocolate involved in this relationship?

I'm glad the jeans fit better. Just think of all those funeral goers who will, eventually I think, be thanking you for their miracle weight loss program too.

Prayers still being offered for you and your family (especially now that you have announced to the WHOLE WORLD who they will have to thank for all those wonderful moments of bowing before a porcelain throne!)

Heth said...

I love your sense of humor. Life would be unbearable without a good laugh, even in the middle of horrible circumstances. Hope you don't re-catch the roto......

Morning Glory said...

Well, first of all, welcome back. I stopped in every day, and when you weren't there, it was lonely. Second of all, thanks for the great laugh even though it was an awful situation. I'm still laughing. Then along come the comments from readers, and I'm laughing all over again! Your sense of humor is so refreshing and you've been in my prayers. Glad you're feeling better.

sarahgrace said...

What a weekend for you, huh? What else can I say? I'm just amazed at the amount of poo people seem to go through all at the same time, but glad that you are retaining your sense of humor. ; )

Kristen said...

What a horrendous week or so for all of you. So so sorry about the rotovirus. My little Fiesty had it a few weeks ago, and somehow (only by the grace of God I believe) the rest of the family managed to escape it. But it was pretty horrendous for her.

Still keeping you in my prayers very often. I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

BTW...laughter is the best medicine.

Chilihead2 said...

Since I haven't been around lately to post, I want you to know I'm so sorry for your loss. As was said in Steel Magnolias: the best laughter is through tears (or something like that). You are one funny lady. You can come sit by me anytime.

GiBee said...

Peach, honey ... NO WETTING PANTS allowed. Diapers are scarce around here!

Lauren -- nausea hit again today. It seems it could run it's course for 10 to 14 days. Hunter has the big "D" again, too. Sigh. I guess you take the good, bad and ugly with being a mom!

Sheri - Thanks! Your prayers have truly been felt.

KPJara -- oh, you read my mind! I was also wondering how many people were wondering why they are hugging the john like it's their best friend!

Kris -- ah, yes... the whole word verification... it's a blog in it's self!

Shalee -- I agree -- with the following modification to the BFF list... Yes, I'm so happy to find a kindred spirit that is a freak, and may possibly share the chocolate. POSSIBLY. And, don't you know... I feel terrible for introducing people to a false god ... of the porcelain (sp?) kind!

Heath -- I'm not sure if you can re-catch roto or not, but evidently... it's not out of the system yet. But ... the worse part is over, hopefully.

Morning Glory -- you are so sweet! I can feel your love as I read your comments. Thank you so much for your sincerity!

Sarahgrace -- trust me when I say... it's not just poo. And for the record ... I have two mountains of laundry, about 300 feet high (each), all accumulated from this weekend. Ugh. It's NASTY! And Lana the Laundry fairy doesn't make stops at my house. So sad!

Kristen ... unless someone is shinning a light in the bottom of the toilet, it may be a few days before we see it! Thanks for thinking of us, and sorry to hear about little Fiesty! I feel your pain!

Chilihead2 -- awe, shucks, lady! You score brownie points just for mentioning a quote from Steel Magnolias! And, I'll come sit by you anytime... because funny needs to be around funny! I'll bring chocolate.

You guys are all so awesome!