Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Musings ...

1.) Monday, Monday ... la, la, lalalala... Well, you get the picture... I'm soooo happy, happy, HAPPY to be back at work. I always thought I would want to be a stay at home mom, and honestly, maybe being a part-time stay at home mom might not be too bad... but a FULL TIME stay at home mom? No way. Uh Uh. Not in a million years. How do you ladies do it??? Seriously? This is what a typical day for me was like...

7:15 - wake up with baby - feed baby, hold baby, play with baby, change baby (not exactly in that order...)
9:15 - put baby down for nap, jump in shower, dry hair, put on velour lounge pants and skanky top, throw a load of wash in washer.
10:45 - get baby from crib, change baby, hold baby, play with baby, feed baby, play some more with baby.
12:30 - put baby down for nap, fix lunch, transfer clothes into dryer and add another load in washer. Sit down for one minute to eat lunch.
2:00 - get baby from crib, change baby, hold baby, play with baby, feed baby, play some more with baby.
3:30 - Dad comes home ... yeah! Adult time!!!
3:45 - Dad lays down for a nap... what's up with that? Mom wants a nap too! But son doesn't want a nap... he wants to be held, and wants to play, and wants mom to pay attention to him... now!!! Transfer clothes from dryer onto guest bed. Transfer clothes from washer into dryer and add another load of clothes in washer. FOLD clothes on bed? Who has time for that???
5:30 - Try to feed son solids for dinner. Dad wakes up and wants to know what's for dinner. DINNER? I had to fix DINNER TOO? Yeah, right, buster... you better be kidding, cause mom's not a happy girl right now, and if Mom's not happy, NOBODY's happy.
5:35 - Dad scrambles to find something to fix for dinner while mom tries to navigate spoon full of sweet potatoes into screaming baby's mouth...
6:15 - Try to eat my own dinner that Dad made (not sure what it is) while baby demands attention.
7:00 - Give baby a bath. Dad helps with this and it goes very smoothly. Thank you, Dad!
7:45 - feed baby last bottle, put oragel on gums, feed Hyland Homeopathic teething tablets to baby, give baby motrin, and now fight against a temper tantrum that the six month old is holding the entire home hostage with, because his gums hurt, and he doesn't know how to deal with the pain.
8:00 - go back downstairs with unhappy and crying baby and wait for him to cry himself to sleep.
8:30 - take half-dead tired baby back up to crib and hope for best. Shhh ... close door ... sneak out... turn monitor on... listen, listen, breath, sigh. All is well. Baby asleep. Remove makeup, brush teeth, take 5,000 vitamins and miscellaneous pills, read book for 10 minutes and turn light off by 9:30.

Turn light back on... get clothing out of dryer and add to pile on guest bed, transfer now stinky clothes out of washer and into dryer... creep back into bed, turn light off, go to sleep.

2.) Now... it seems that when I work a full time job, I have more TIME to do the things I need to do than when I'm home all day long. Why is that? Is it because I can multi-task? Is it because I'm more organized? Is it because I know I have a small window to get stuff done in, and I just DO IT? Good grief --- I felt like I didn't get ANYTHING done the entire day I was home. And to top it all off, my good, quiet, loving, easy natured baby has changed into a screaming, temper tantrum throwing, body-bucking wild child... Maybe it's because he's getting about 3 or 4 teeth on the bottom, and a couple on top ... all at the same time ... and he's just in pain overload ... but let me just say that Mom is NOT amused by this turn of events. At all. And... it better be temporary, 'cause temper tantrums won't fly in my house!

3.) For those that are interested ... the Baby Safe Feeders (I had the name wrong) can be found at for $13.50 -- they are so easy to use... much easier than the one made by Sassy. The original Baby Safe Feeder was invented by a father who almost lost his child to a choking incident. Very scary, indeed! In fact, I tried giving Hunter one of those melt-away things Gerber makes --- and guess what? They don't really melt away. FREAKED ME OUT. Guess I need to wait on that for a while!

4.) Finally ... I really did have a good weekend, but I'm looking forward to digging in to all of your wonderful, wonderful blogs... so if you see comments from me, like ... "I love you!" or... "You're so awesome!" or... "I missed you a ton!" -- don't think I've flipped my noodle... I just missed you all sooooo much and I'm so happy to be back... at work... where I can give you my undivided attention for a couple hours each day.

And... don't forget to dust off your thinking caps for Tueday's Toss-up ... I've got a good one planned! It's 4 words I'll ask you to comment on, and it's an awesome subject ... Well, at least it's a subject I absolutely love... Worship! Have a blessed day in the Lord!


Stacey said...

Sounds like you're glad to be back at work. It doesn't matter if you stay-home or go to work... Mom's make the world go round!!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

See, you weren't doing the fun kind of stay-at-homing. You have to read lots of books and watch lots of Gilmore Girls, while the laundry sits on the floor. That's much more exciting.

Shalee said...

I am thrilled you world is returning back to normal. Now just to make up for Dad napping, you take one when he gets home tonight!!!

Work is much more enjoyable because you can see the the fruition of tasks plus goof off a little bit and still get paid for it. Bonus in my book, pocketbook that is.

shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

How do you clean those Baby Safe food thingies? I had one with baby #3 and never could get all the ick out of it.

I missed you, GiBee!

GiBee said...

How do you clean those bags??? Well, I toss it in a bowl full of warm soapy water... and I use my vegetable brush to clean them -- inside out. They don't come out sparkling white ... but they do come out clean. I have often thought of putting them in the dishwasher to see if the bleach in the dishwasher detergent will make them white again... or heck, how about straight bleach? Who knows.

Shannon -- missed you too, babe! (sunburned babe)

Lauren said...

Is it against the law to comment on a Monday's Musings post on Wednesday. Let me know?