Monday, March 27, 2006

Worship Guy!

Can I just say ... I am so impressed with Kim's sculpting ability (you know... KPJara from Can You Hear Me Now?). She is a bit more critical on herself... and I guess we all go there on occasion ... but really now... this is just awesome!

Take a few minutes and look at this magnificent sculpture she has created called, Worship Guy -- it really ROCKS! (Did you notice that??? SHE CREATED THE SCULPTURE... From her own hands)

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Now go... go, go, go!


Faith said...

I went and loooved it. Left her a comment too - no lurking from me. ;D

Heather Smith said...

That is cool!

kpjara said...

I am SOOOOO humbled and a bit embarrassed in my artistic/shy mode

...thank you to ALL my fans...I will remember you when I'm rich and famous beyond words. Maybe we could use "WOrship Guy" as the statue for Christian Oscars...what do you think?

GiBee said...

Kim -- I Soooooooo Agree... And you should get the first award!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

THANK YOU for sharing that. What an amazing talent that lady has. Neat thing to see this morning.