Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meme Craziness -- now leave me alone for a while!

I was Tagged ... Twice ... AND ... I volunteered for the third! What ... Am I crazy or something?

Yeah, don't answer that. This is gonna be a long one, folks! make sure you check out who I tagged ... it might be you!!! The tags are in two places on this post, and TAG is in RED.

First, the easy memos (2) that I was tagged for ...

I. Six Random Things Meme -- tagged by Morning Glory at Seeds From My Garden --

The meme is to list 6 random things about yourself and then tag 6 people to play along -- Good luck with the six people ... But here it goes ...

1. I love to decorate my home with a Pottery Barn-ey Italian-ey feeling, with wrought iron pieces and a bit of whimsy thrown in ... Go figure that style out!
2. I absolutely LOVE whimsical Bumblebees, Butterflies, dragonflies, flowers ... etc.
3. The first home we ever owned was an historical "bungalow" style home that had German shingles on the outside that were painted mint green and pink, and had a white picket fence ... My mother painted whimsical murals on the inside of the house with Peter Rabbit and his garden in the kitchen, a topiary on the inside door of the powder room (located under the stairs), and on the second floor, a stream with a tree and fat bumblebees, lazy butterflies, and sweet blue birds ... All in washed watercolors style.
4. My current home is totally contemporary in style, see #1 for decorating style.
5. I could get lost reading books!
6. I love spending every single free moment I have with my husband and son!

II. Six Weird Things Meme -- tagged by Lauren at Created for His Glory

Here are the rules of this tag:
1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. About yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people! (Do I even know six people that haven't been tagged with this yet?)
2. Then leave a comment that says "You are tagged" in their comments telling them to read your blog. ENJOY! (Yeah... I'm really gonna enjoy admitting that I'm weird... Shhhh --- don't tell anyone else!)

1. I hate having my feet under covers. HATE IT. And I can't wear socks in bed. And while we're at it... I hate sheets. I have a small down cover I use year round, and that's it. My husband has his own cover he uses -- this prevents fights over covers (especially in a king-size bed)!
2. I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches on soft white bread. If I can't find pickles, green olives will do just fine. Don't knock it until you try it!
3. There are certain things that must be salted properly before cooking ... boiling water for spaghetti or rice, hamburger while/before it's cooking (okay -- all meats), and furthermore, I must have salt on bananas, apples and watermelon.
4. I MUST have ice cubes in my glass of milk. Especially with PB&J, cookies, or cake!
5. I MUST wash my dishes, flatware, glasses, etc. in the dishwasher. I'm a germ-phob and can't stand hand-washed stuff. Don't let me know it didn't go through the dishwasher if I come to your house!
6. I have to polish (really, it's just cleaning) flatware and examine my glass for cleanliness when I go to restaurants. If the items mentioned are NOT UP TO PAR ... they go back. AND ... I hate getting wet plates at a salad bar. I won't eat off of a wet plate. EEEWWWW!

Wow! That was easier than I thought it would be! The following people are tagged to do both the 6 Weird Things Meme and the 6 Random Things Meme!

I tag (for BOTH Memes of 6): 1) SUSAN at 5 Minutes for Mom (this blog is shared by Janice and Susan ... twins. Janice was already tagged. Yay me for being so smart!) 2)Heather at The Roller Coaster Ride of My Life 3) Queen Beth from From Her Majesty's Throne 4) Karen at The Big Trade Off 5) Randi at I Have To Say 6) Heth at From Under The Laundry Pile

Now I see I have a LOT of people I can still tag! Watch out! (If anyone needs ideas on who to tag, just let me know -- insert evil chuckle here!)


III. The Longest Meme of Fours In The Entire World! -- I volunteered for this torture after reading Momrn2's Meme at My Quiet Corner (Private prayer -- Lord: What was I thinking? Why didn't you throw a lightening bolt my way and loudly say: GiBee -- These are not the plans I have for thee!) Well, if anything ... you'll learn a whole lot about me!

REVISED to add: I just found out that Susanne tagged me for this in the comments at Shalee's Thoughts! At the same time she tagged Momrn2! Well now... aren't I just the most observant person in the world?!? Sorry for missing that, Susanne! At least I didn't re-tag Shalee, because I saw that she had already done it!!!

Okay -- here we go:

4 jobs I've had:
1. Assistant Manager at Hickory Farms (highschool, people!)
2. Disbursement Assistant at the World Bank (best job in the world)
3. Church Secretary at our Church (this job was right up there with the best!)
4. Mommy and Wife (okay -- THIS ONE is the best!)

4 Movies I Have Watched Over and Over:
1. Steel Magnolias
2. Love Comes Softly (Hallmark Channel, people!!!)
3. A Walk in the Clouds
4. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (okay... I haven't seen it yet ..But once I do, it will be on this list anyway, so why not put it on now?)

4 Websites I visit Regularly:
1. Oh -- all my friends blogs ... I have 5,239 friends that blog, and I read every single one! Okay, not really ... more like 72 new friends I've met blogging back and forth
2. Google -- "I can't live if livin' is without it!"
3. -- it's my right arm
4. Yahoo mail

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Peruvian Ceviche (oh, my heart be still)
2. Spaghetti and Meatballs with Meat Sauce
3. Steak (okay -- red meat)
4. Mom's potato salad

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. Lancaster, PA
2. Bermuda
3. Main
4. Outerbanks

4 Books I have read Over and Over (other than the Bible):
1. Abram's Daughters Series (5 books) by Beverly Lewis
2. Mark of the Lion Series (3 books) by Francine Rivers (oh, my goodness -- so good!)
3. Any of the O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson (the Chronicle Series have 2 books that contain 3 entire stories in each)
4. The Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

4 Musical Artists that I will never tire of hearing: (Just 4???)
1. Third Day
2. Point of Grace
3. Salvador
4. Casting Crowns

4 Reasons Why I Blog:
1. I can meet wonderful new friends
2. I can share my heart
3. I can encourage and be encouraged
4. I am spiritually challenged, and can in turn, challenge others

Okay ... here are 4 people I tag: 1) Sheri at Shades of Pink, 2) KPJara at Can You Hear Me Now? 3) Mama D at The Tales of Mama D 4) Perri at My Life in Bits and Pieces


Faith said...

Love the same books!
Love the steak and spagetti and meatballs, would probably love Mom's potato salad. Don't ahve any idea about the first one. What on earth?
I have actual wrought iron gates in my house (2) - sounds weird, looks good.
Peter Rabbit- one of my faves.
Books - love 'em.
Love thesame movies, exxcept don't know the Hallmark one - just bought
L W and W.
Biblegateway -A must have

No wonder we get along so well!We have great taste! ;D

Faith said...

How many typos can I have in one comment? Sorry!

Susan said...

I'm with Faith on the food thing, what on earth is the first one?
Totally digging books. Don't know any of the authors you listed though. Maybe send me some info? ( I know how busy you are so if you can't, no biggie, I could you know....look them up myself...

YOU WILL LOVE THE LION, WITCH & the WAREDROBE - if you don't, seek help there is something wrong with you. (Think I am kidding?)

Susanne said...

Oh Gibee so glad that you did the 4's tag so innocently volunteering but I gotta tell ya I tagged you with it on Good Friday on Shalee's site! Surprise!! :D

I can't believe your favorite books are all of my fave Christian Series. Love every one of those! And you love Salvador! Man are you sure your not a long lost twin?

Glad you did all three! Now we really know ya? Any other secrets ya just wanna volunteer to throw out there? :)

GiBee said...

Faith -- good think I read in TYPO language! I understood it all!!!

Susan -- you MUST go to -- best prices on earth (except for Ollies -- if you have an Ollies, then go there).

They are all great Christian books (I think I have Links on each title!)

Susanne -- NO YOU DIDN'T!! How did I miss that??? Good grief ... I did read your comment, but totally missed that you tagged me! I'm getting old. REAL old. Sigh!

As for Ceviche -- it's a cold lemony fish salady kind of dish ... it's so good, I can't even put into words what it's like without turning you off ... anyone else want to try?

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

too smart about taggin Sue!! it was hard to fidn people that hadn't been tagged for that meme.

love all your answeres - and all the layers you are adding as I start to get a good idea of who you are way over there in the good ole USA. so fun.

talk soon

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Since there is already a Susan who visits, I should tell Susan (my twin) to add an intial to her name on blogger...just thinking...

Heather Smith said...

Hey, I did the six weird things two days ago, but I'm planning on doing the six random thoughts tomorrow anyway, so it'll be up, but I think I'm doing it on my funny site, not my devo site!
BTW...are you sure we aren't like related or something. The things we read and listen to and like are all like identical. You could seriously be my sister! Too weird! Good weird though! Have a good one girl, and check out my randomness tomorrow!

kpjara said...

I can't believe you admitted you are spiritually challenged! I'd say CHALLENGING on every level! LOL

What is Ceviche? Sounds a bit like Capiche? Isn't that terminology for Mafia Hitmen?

RANDI said...

Peanut butter and Dill pickle??? I just don't know if I could do that! ;)

I will try to post my answers this weekend!

aggiejenn said...

Apparently you have LOTS of twins (or would that be triplets, quads, I don't know)...because I love the same authors and music as you, also. I guess that's why we all love to read your blog! I absolutely loved the movie Love Comes Softly. I read a lot of those books by Janette Oke in high school. My mom and I just bought the Abram's Daughters series AND the Mark of the Lion series when was having a buy one, get one free sale. I can't wait to read them.

Peach said...

I'm so with you there on just about everything. Same books, same music, same blogging issues (love too many of them)

I just draw the line with the whole peanut butter and pickle thing . . . and olives, oh my goodness . . . ACK!!! Deliver me, please.

When I visit, we'll have chats over O'Malleys and Abram's family while sharing a steak over some whimsically decorated table, definitely with dragonflies and butterflies. Please say there will be no olives present and especially not with peanut butter!!

Thanks for sharing all the goodies, GiBee. I totally enjoyed getting to know you better.

Tanya Nichols said...

Im new to your blog and love and adore your new tinyone, I love you have your hearts desire. Awesome joyful to see that you hung on to Him...

momrn2 said...

Wowwy! You were one busy girl doing 3 meme's all in one! Just getting one done takes me some time! Always GREAT to learn more about you!! :-)

Shalee said...

How is it that I missed this yesterday? I must set work aside and get my priorities straight!

And I loved everyone of your memes. I too enjoy getting to know you better.

Thanks for the reading suggestions. I am rarely without a book, so it will be nice to have some new authors into which I can delve.

And you sound like Kinsey Millhone in Grafton's books. She LOVES PB and Pickle sandwiches! I prefer PB and honey myself.

Stacey said...

Well that's it, I think I know pretty much EVERYTHING about you now!!
Those were fun : )

Perri said...

OK, done.

And BTW - your choice of sandwiches is nasty gross.

Carol said...

Yeah, that sandwich thing...can't go there.

Lots of fun getting to know more about you and your dish-germaphobia, though!

Lotsa meme, eh? Let us know how the retreat turns out.