Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Musings ... and such...

Okay ... first of all ... it is now 3:15 as I sit to type this, and I can NOT believe my entire day has flown by. And what have I been doing? Catching up on all my fellow LBY study partners. Then, I started down my list of favorite blogs, made a few comments there too, and realized... "I haven't done my own post for today!"

So here I am. And one thing that I would really like to comment on is... Potty etiquette in the Business World. Now, I understand that we each have to take care of "stinky business" every now and then (with regularity, I hope) ... and I also understand that at times, it may occur during working hours... and that's normal. BUT ... could you NOT REVEL in the smell of yourself, and give those of us that have dashed in for a quick relief a courtesy flush, please? Because unlike YOU, I do NOT care to smell your smell! Thank you, very much.

Glad I got that off my chest. Because so many coworkers flock to my blog. NOT! Any way, every now and then, I like to toss in something that my very funny PastorMan said, and this is so cute, and yes... the story of my life... You see, he had recently been to the doctor and found out he had elevated... stuff. I'm not sure if it was cholesterol, blood pressure, whatever, but the doctor told him he should "think about loosing weight" (because evidently THAT was elevated). So, he went off to a gym, toured it, and when asked to sign up, he said something like, "well, I'll think about it, because that's what my doctor prescribed." So... just wanted y'all to know... I'm still "thinking" about loosing 15 pounds. Still. Because that's what my PastorMan's doctor prescribed. And if it's good enough for him, than doggone it... it's good enough for me.

So, this was a jam-packed weekend. I took my son to the park Friday evening and he just kept staring up into the trees, breathing in the wind that was blowing. I kept stopping at the different kinds of trees to let him touch them, and he loved that. When we actually got to the park, I put him in the infant swing, and he laughed, and laughed, and BELLY laughed. It was so delightful. When hubby and I were in bed that night, I told him that the best thing about having a baby (other than hearing "ma ma") is that we are discovering the world ALL OVER AGAIN. With him. I just love that!

Saturday evening, we went to dinner to PastorMan's house, and his fine, fine wife. We were there to meet a very young, and fun person who was 'candidating' for an internship at our church to lead worship and the youth. I was so impressed with his spiritual maturity. So impressed, that the next day, I decided to ask him a few questions that could possibly MAKE or BREAK a youth pastor... first question: What are your thoughts on 2-piece swim suits. His answer? "Don't need 'em" (I'm already loving this guy). Next question... What are your thoughts on mid-drift or belly shirts? His answer? "Why bother?" Final Question: What are your thoughts on low-rider pants? His answer? Something like... "I firmly believe in practicing modesty. I don't enjoy being around women or girls that let it all hang out." DING DING DING DING... I like this man already. With the exception of two families (one is PastorMan's and the other is my 10-K / 10-mile girlfriend .. you know who you are...) the girls in our church It bothers me. Because I have a son. And I know what boys think and want. Because I have a husband. Who was a teenager. And dated me. As a teenager. Enough said. So that little 6-month old hottie that was born 8 hours after my son and lives out of town, had better come to church next time they visit wearing a chastity belt, turtle neck, and mumu on top.

Finally, I just wanted to reflect on something ... it's a familiar statement I kept seeing over, and over, and over, and over while visiting the bloggers that are doing the Living Beyond Yourself Bible study... I kept seeing comments like, "I'm nervous about posting" or "I'm not sure what to say" or "I'm intimidated by other posts" ... Well, I just want to share this ... We are all in different stations of life... some of us have the personality of a total exclamation point (mememememe) and some of us are laid back and much more thoughtful and serious and quiet ... some are more mature in their spiritual walk, and some are just starting off... And the one thing I find most awesome about how Lauren has spearheaded this study, is that we can all comment on each other's blogs... Encouraging each other. And the more spiritually mature can take the newer babes under their wings and love them and encourage them. I have found that I have learned a lot from the very ladies that said they didn't know what to post about. Please don't feel like you have to post the most eloquent post of your life... it's just us gals! Just be honest, open, and bare nekkid (as Peach would say).

So, while I haven't run out of stuff to talk about, HEAVEN'S NO... I have come to the time of day in which I leave work, go home, and spend a wee bit of time with my darling boy before rushing madly off for dinner and a Board meeting. Yippeee!!!

So have a blessed evening, and please... encourage someone!


Morning Glory said...

Oh, GiBee, I just know I'll always find humor at your "place". This is so fun!

Heth said...

I love the bit about taking your son to the park, that was so sweet.

kpjara said...

Thank you for reminding everyone that we can write from our hearts and be certain that the most important audience is the one that gave us the words to begin not some book...God, duh!!!!!!!!! I love to read everyone's writing...I just wish I had more time to surf and read!

Faith said...

I just love you. That's all I can say. Well, also that you make me want to kiss your baby's cheeks!!!!!!

Peach said...

Such a good exhortation to those in the LBY study. Didn't realize my "nekkid" post would get so much attention . . . but I understand the correlation and heartily encourage everyone to be vulnerable, too.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

You have encouraged me! Thanks!


GiBee said...

Morning Glory ... sometimes my humor can really get me in trouble!

Heth - it was the first time ever that we've gone... so much fun.

kpjara - Yes ma'am!!! You are so right -- God is our most important audience. Well said! Was that from the heart? Hehehehe.

Faith -- And I haven't even posted pictures of his chipmunk cheeks! That's so sweet! He and Little Man would probably be best buds if they lived next door to each other!

Peach - You go girl! Love your nekkidness!

Praying for your Prodigal -- I am so happy that you have been encouraged...... as Kpjara said... write from the heart. Don't worry about it's great and mighty spiritual lesson! Trust me... even if you wrote a sentence that went something like this: "The Holy Spirit talks to me when I walk my dog." We would all find SOMETHING to comment about it!

kpjara said...

Where the HECK is Tuesday's Toss-up, it's like 9 am here in the center of the world which means it's later've forgotten us haven't you????

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! You BLESS me!

The departure date has been moved forward...this 9:30 a.m. 15 minutes to go! He is on his way over right now. I will post my Tuesday Treasures after he leaves....if my legs work that it!

Thanks again for the blessing!


GiBee said...

KPJara -- HOLD YOUR PANTS ON Chica! I was typing at the same time you were, but it's long winded today! (I know, I know... surprise, surprise!)

Chaotic Mom said...

I have read, and taken note.

You are a wonderful, encouraging person. ;)