Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday's Toss-up

Tuesday's Toss-up is here, and it's one of my favorite days, because it's YOUR turn to comment on my blog!!! I love reading all the profound, funny, and at times, life changing things you, my friends, have to say! And, oh, my! While this is just a simple, and to some, silly quote, the more I thought about it... the more it convicted me!!!

Here's how it works... Read the quote, process it a bit, and comment on how you (or we) can apply this to your (or our) lives ... It can have many different meanings, so after you comment, make sure you read the article this quote came from to see Melody's very interesting interpretation. I'll have the link in the comments section! Oh, and don't worry about the length or theology behind your comment ... it can be short & sweet, or long and detailed... just GO FOR IT!!

“Jesus told us that we are the salt of the earth. Simple enough. We all know that salt only works by direct contact. It doesn't matter how close I hold my salt shaker to my potatoes - until I shake some crystals out onto my fries there will be no effect."

by: Melody Green

Once you've commented, please click on the link for Melody Green and have a look-see around her amazing site. She is the wife of the late Keith Green, and her bio is so, SO good! She has gone on to do amazing work... After Keith went to be with Jesus with two of their young children in 1982, Melody began to direct the ministry of LDM. She also went on to become what many call "their favorite writer"... she has preached around the world, visiting over 30 countries, and spearheaded LDM's pro-life and missionary efforts. Melody has met two Presidents and has written songs that are sung around the world today. Ya just can't beat that!

Remember -- no Googling ... original "first thoughts" from YOUR heart and mind only!!!AND -- check back through out the day to see what others have shared!!!


GiBee said...

Make sure you read Melody's Article!

aggiejenn said...

This quote makes me think of an experience I had once in a leper colony in Thailand. The people who lived there were outcasts from society for fear they might infect everyone and had lived their most of their lives. Touch meant everything to them because so few would even think of touching such an "untouchable." Truly, salt does not have any effect unless it comes into contact with something. We must touch the seemingly "untouchables" in this world to truly be like Jesus, who did the same.

kpjara said...

According to Scripture, Christians are the "salt of the earth". I know salt adds flavor, IF it is sprinkled onto something.

If I just live as salt in a shaker, but unshaken, I am useless! But when I allow the salt to be used it does (at least) 2 things.

1-Spices up the World.
2-Causes thirst of living water.

Maria said...

Salt does no good if it just lays there. Just as we do no good if we just sit still and let the world go on around us. We must stand up and love the world as Jesus loved it, be active in it, care for those in it, and stand up for Truth, most of all stand up and speak out for Truth.

Stacey said...

I'm thinking our comfort zone is probably the salt shaker. We need God to shake us out of our comfort zone so we make a difference and touch others in this world!

Did that make sense??

Susanne said...

Stacey's comment really hit me! Good thought!

When I read the quote my first thought was I have an active roll in getting that salt out. I sort of saw the salt as the giftings & callings God has placed in each of us and if I did not "shake" them out & apply them they would just sit within me useless, not flavoring or preserving anything around me.

Sandra said...

My first thought is, faith. It's like salt in my opinion, because if I just say I have faith but don't really use it or feed it, it will just stay there. What's the point of saying that you love God if you don't make it known???
The salt shaker is our lives, it's full of love, full of the holy spirit and God's Love, but in order to see it around us we need to get in there and shake it out (so to speak). We become too comfortable with just BEING that we stop LIVING!!! Once in a while God gives us the "shake" to remind us that he's still here and all we need to do is make the move!
I don't even know if this makes sense to anyone else, but that's how I interpreted it. LOL

Shalee said...

First of all, it makes me want some McDonald's fries... Definitely going out for lunch today.

But on a more spiritual note, if I am the salt, then I am to be out there actually touching others' lives. I don't mean that just in a "go-to-church-be-benevolent" type of way. It means that I am to be out there, among others physically, emotionally and spiritually touching others. Skin on skin, hand in hand time with others. Sometimes it takes a lot of salt to make a difference in a dish.

If my shaker is clogged, I need to let God open it again. The salt can't fix its container; only the shaker can. And I am not the shaker!!!

It also means that my world will often be turned upside down. But it is all for good because that is the only way to get the salt out of its shaker. It is only through the shaking up of my spirit that I can be released from my own container.

Faith said...

Reach out and touch someone or you'll never be useful.

How's that for profound????

Heth said...

My thoughts are that we can be around people and be kind and nice whatever, but at some point we are going to need to open our mouths and talk about Jesus.

I am such witnessing chicken. God is working on me.

Lauren said...

First thought... the obvious we need to be out there in contact, touching those in the world. We do no good hiding ourselves away, filling up on His Word and never putting it into practice. Second thought... salt enhances my eating experience, it makes the mundane pleasurable, which means I need to be more like GiBee. :)

Morning Glory said...

Unless I get out there and mix it up a bit, I can't have any effect on anyone else. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop shaking the salt shaker and just let my "flavor" blend in. Sometimes I just don't want to be shaken out, but if I'm going to be Jesus in the world around me, I need to let the shaking begin.

Not very profound, but there you have my first thoughts on it.

Darlene said...

My first time here. Every time I add salt to water, I think of that verse. Salt lowers the boiling point, but how does that apply to my walk? Hopefully I'm not making people so angry that they boil at the site of me, but perhaps I can help melt the ice on a heart or two for Jesus.

Chaotic Mom said...

Okay, I'm late on this. But my first thought was, "Salt dissolves. Then what?"

But when the salt DOES dissolve, it becomes so much more powerful and useful!

I can't think much deeper than that for now, but I'm looking forward to checking out that site. Keith Green was one of my favorite musical influences, early in my Christian walk. Sounds interesting!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

This made me think of how we need to be "in the world and not of the world."

How are we to witness to people unless we are in direct contact with them, rubbing shoulders and sharing our days?

It can be so tempting to stay in our Christian communities and not get close with non-Christians (or Pre-Christians as one of my Dad's friend used to say.) But then how will we minister to them? How will we share Christ with them?

Christ lived amongst the sinners and yet maintained his integerity and remained sinless. It is difficult and full of temptation to live amongst "sinners" but we need to, or else we can never be salt to them.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Just went and read Melody's article - and I LOVED IT!!! I soooooo agree with what she is saying. It is a point that I have argued and felt strongly about for decades.

Thanks for the sending us there!!

I am going to include a link to this post of yours on my blog today. (Since you don't have trackback, I am giving you the heads up here.)

And just want to mention how much I love your blog. It is fun, insightful and always well worth the read! I just love ya girl. Now I am off to read your previous post - it caught my eye...

flipflop said...

okay, I'm late on this, but my first gut reaction besides that we are the salt of the earth is that we can show people that it is fun to be a Christian. Give them a little jig in their step and a full feeling in their belly. Full? Full of the Holy Spirit.

This also reminds me of Act 1:11 where two men in white asked the disciples why they were staring into the heavens.

Don't just stand there waiting for His return gazing into the sky. WORK till He comes again.

Peach said...

Love what every body has said, esp. flip flop. Salty is tasty, so let me be salty for the world so that others may know I am having the time of my life following Jesus!!

Addie said...

OK, It's Wednesday morning and you are probably working on the response so I'm too late. So I'll just respond real quick.

You know how salt get's all hard in the shaker when the shaker hasn't been used in awhile.


I think we're the same way. :)

GiBee said...

To all of my friends that commented... Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! I'll be working on my wrap up on this, so if you're just now reading this post, please... comment away!

Aggiejenn -- thanks for commenting on my blog! Welcome to my corner of sunshine!

Darlene -- Welcome to Kisses of Sunshine! I'm not sure how our paths crossed, but I'm so glad they did!

great2beme said...

My thought is just like the salt grains that fall from a shaker they can not choose where they fall, they land exactly where they fall. We can try it direct the holes and make it fall in the right place but ultimately it has to do a job where it is. My prayer is that I will be the salt grain that God wants to use and that I will give a good flavor to whatever and whomever God sends me to fall onto. Be it with words, actions, prayers or whatever he has planned let no other spice hide me and let that flavor be perfect!