Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who Said That???

So, Friday, I was playing with my son on the floor, just minding my own business while he chattered away, and I looked down upon my beloved son and I just out of the blue said "ma ma" and you know what??? He said it back (of course, with further NO COAXING on my behalf)!!! Woa! Ma ma? Did he just say that? I looked over at my husband and he just shrugged his shoulders in question... so again, I said "ma ma" and know what? He said it again! And one more time for good measure! Oh, my heart was simply soaring. If my husband hadn't been there to witness it, I would have thought I was hallucinating!

I spent all day Saturday saying ma ma to him, and of course... we could not duplicate that joyous moment from Friday night. Until Sunday morning ... on the way to church ... and out of the blue, he starts talking. So again, I said "ma ma" and he repeated me! Numerous times... in fact, enough times that I recorded it on my cell phone! WOOOT!

So, this weekend has been ever so crazy busy, that I haven't had a chance to get to everyone's blogs, and for that, my friends... I apologize. BUT -- I'll catch up with you all tomorrow! Promise.

We had a time of sharing praises at church today, and just to let you know how SLAP HAPPY I am about this study we're doing... I got up and shared how "crazy-silly-giddy-happy and excited I am to be doing this study" -- I SAID THAT? Really? It came out of my mouth like that? YEAH! IT DID. So strike me as a fanatic for the Lord that is "crazy-silly-giddy-happy and excited." Sheesh --- It would be nice if I could make up my mind!

Okay -- gotta go spend time with my man before bed time... and we all need it! See you tomorrow!



Heth said...

Awwww, it melts a mother's heart. Congratulations on such a sweet milestone!

Peach said...

How precious! He's a young talker, too. What wonderful news.

Faith said...

Ma ma! okay! Yippee for you.
Slap Happy - I'll have to tell ya a funny story about those words sometime. Over lunch, maybe?

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

"crazy-silly-giddy-happy and excited."

that is good!

it is so exciting to hear those first sounds eh?

i am so happy for all your joy - you deserve it so much!

Chilihead2 said...

That is the best milestone, isn't it? The others are exciting and all, but when he says ma ma it's the best!

momrn2 said...

How fun. You even got it on your cell phone? Whatever happened to the days of just recording the date in a baby book? WOW.. technology is something else! :-) Yeah... Gibee is now "ma ma" spoken by her very own son!! :-)

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm so excited my Hubby is coming home early. I'm taking my study to a little Chinese place where I can eat and read ALL BY MYSELF.

And after many hours of speech therapy with a couple of my boys, I can wisely comment on how you should cherish those first few words. And remember how cute they sound years later when the kids never stop talking, or use "not-nice words" they've picked up elsewhere. Grrr... ;)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Love those priceless milestones! A lifetime keepsake-memory--no matter how old our children are

Morning Glory said...

What a wonderful sound -- "ma ma". That's just so sweet!

Heather Smith said...

Too cute! My nephew only says "Ma ma" when he's crying. Other than that it's "Da da" My sister proclaims it unfair considering she's the one who went through the pain of labor to bring him into the world! LOL! Oh well, my nephew doesn't seem to care that he should say "Ma ma" more! Hope you're having a good one!!

Shalee said...

Yeah! Finally the words you've been longing to hear are uttered.

Momentous and wonderous indeed.

Just remember this moment when all you here is "Momma this" and "Momma that" and "Momma! Momma! Momma!" and you are wondering why you ever wanted him to speak in the first place!

kpjara said...

Something tells me this will be a boy with many more words...if he's learning from Ma Ma!

Hopefully he'll have your wonderful sense of humor and ability to tell a story!

Yeah for Baby O'GiBee!

GiBee said...

To all -- You are all so gracious and kind ... talking about how it melts a mother's heart, and how precious it is, how exciting, best milestone, how fun, more excitement, priceless milestones, wonderful sound, too cute, momentous and wonderous indeed ... and you know what I think??? None of that, because I can't get past the fact that MY BOY SAID MA MA!!!

Okay, maybe I did have all those thoughts run through my mind, but... MY BOY SAID MA MA!!!

And... kpjara ... OMG!!! I never thought about what you said: "a boy with many more words...if he's learning from Ma Ma" --- GAA! Does that mean I'll have to compete with someone to get a word in edge wise? Did you know my dad (before he was a Christian) used to tell me to SHUT UP AND EAT at the dinner table? Yeah, a real shocker, huh? Wonder if I'll do that to my son? No, I won't, because I'll be too busy talking!

I'll probably say something like... SHUT YOUR BOHONKUS MOUTH.

Stacey said...

Wow, that's so fun!! I bet you were just so tickled to hear him saying it!! Thanks for sharing : )