Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Call me crazy, but ... I'm looking for some baby advice

One thing I'm finding about being a new mom is that it's tough knowing what the best thing is to do for your little one. American Academy of Pediatrics says one thing. Doctors say another. And moms say yet another thing! It makes it difficult to figure out what to do!

So here I am ... getting ready to ask all of Hunter's "internet Aunties" for advice ... because I just can't get enough from other sources ... There are a few "questions" I have, and I don't know what to do... so I was wondering if you could share your opinions, or what you have done or currently do with regards to those particular issues! It doesn't matter how old your kids are now ... any opinions are welcome. Now, they aren't "major" or "serious" things ... just something I need a bit of guidance on. I would be eternally grateful!

Background: Hunter is 7 months old, he weighs close to 20 pounds, and is about 28 or 29 inches long ... and he's in a size 12 month now ... big boy!!!

Question #1: When we put Hunter to sleep, it can be a bit cool in his room. We put a blanket over him (cotton with satin trim), and he also has his "silky" blanket (chenille with satin trim on one side, all satin on the other side), which he adores and cuddles. We've also tried the small "security" blankets with the stuffed animal in the middle, and the same sized "security" blanket without the animal (satin on one side, chenille on the other). Unfortunately, he insists on pulling any and all blankets over his face, and that seems to be the way he puts himself to sleep. He also does it throughout the night, and I have this gut wrenching feeling that he's going to suffocate himself, or die from SIDS. I know, I know ... you're probably thinking I'm being a bit dramatic ... and maybe I am. But what I need advice on, is ... is it common for infants to sleep with blankets over their face? Is it okay? Or should I take all the blankets out of his crib? And if I do that, what will he comfort himself and cuddle with or how will he keep warm? (He has long outgrown the "wearable blankets") How long did y'all continue having your baby sleep on a wedge? I took his wedge out of his crib this past weekend, because he kept pushing himself way above the wedge, and then was falling asleep in a weird angle (half on, half off). He rolls all around, and ends up sideways some times. This also causes him to get "wrapped up" in his blanket. Is it okay to have him sleeping flat in his crib at 7 months?

Question #2: Hunter has been eating solids since he was 4&1/2 months old (based on his doctor's direction). He started on rice cereal in his bottle when he was a newborn (because he had issues with acid reflux and projectile vomiting), and moved to one thick rice & formula bottle at night (between whole milk and milk shake consistency) around 2 or 3 months old, then on to vegetables and fruit by 4&1/2 months old. Now he eats 8 ounces of formula at 6:30 am, cereal and fruit mix for breakfast (between 1/2 jar and 1 full jar) around 8:30 am, 4 ounces of formula around 10:30 am, a vegetable for lunch around noon (again, between 1/2 jar and 1 full jar), 8 ounces of formula at around 2:00 pm, at dinner time (between 5 and 6 p,) he eats 1 full jar of meat with fruit or veggie combo (i.e. chicken and pears or turkey and sweet potatoes) 1/2 jar of veggies and 1/2 jar of fruit, and then at 8:00 pm, he gets his last bottle (he drinks between 6-8 oz) before bed time. My question is... is he getting enough food, or too much food during the day, and does he still need his last bottle of formula? Am I giving the child too much food? He also gets about 2-4 ounces of very watered down juice in the afternoon.

Question #3: Has anyone ever actually used one of these inflatable tubs? Hunter has outgrown his infant tub (even if he sits on the toddler side), but he's still too instable to sit him in the big bathtub. Any suggestions on what to do next?

Okay -- that's my laundry list of questions. Again, they aren't really critical, just something I need some guidance or advice on... so, have at it!


Jeana said...

The sleeping thing--I thing as long as the blanket is small and not big enough to get wrapped around his neck where he can't get out, it's fine.

The wedge--chunk it. I will admit that I let me kids sleep on their tummies, defying "common knowledge" even though they were saying then not to do it--but they never gave a good reason, just statistics and I could see other reason why those statistics might be the way they were. but that's another topic.
On the other hand, I did read just recently that if they are old enough to roll over themselves, you can stop worrying about trying to make them stay on their backs, or wedge, or whatever.
Food--your pediatrician would be a better person to ask--I think 6-12 months they need 24-32 oz of formula a day, so what you said looks good. If he's yakking several times a day or if he's big enough to give you a piggy-back ride you are probably feeding him too much.

Stacey said...

I think the blanket thing is fine. My youngest used to do the same thing. I think as long as it's not a big heavy blanket, he's okay.

As far as the wedge, I got that out of the crib around 3 1/2 months.

The food thing seems fine to me. I always felt like they should eat when they were hungry. You might want to just let him tell you when he wants to eat. Don't feed him just because it's time. Does that make sense?

Never used a blow up tub. I did use one of those cool bath seats. It helps little ones sit up but still be able to play. Also easy to still wash the kids.

I love it, Blogging Aunties : )

Morning Glory said...

I don't have suggestions for the first two questions, but the third -- there is a tub ring type thing/seat that you can put your baby in and he can play in the water and still be sitting up. Those weren't available when my kids were babies, but I wish they had been.

I'm too old to be the "internet auntie". How about "internet granny"?

aggiejenn said...

Ok, you know I'm not an expert because Caleb and Hunter are the same I'll just tell you what we do so you can have another perspective. Caleb has never slept with a blanket, but it's probably fine that Hunter does. Like Jeana said, as long as it's not too big. I never used a wedge with Caleb. (He slept in his swing from 2-4 months because refused to sleep anywhere else!) He slept on his back from 4-6 months and then when he learned to roll over, he started sleeping on his tummy. I can't make him not sleep on his tummy anymore since he can move out of a sleep positioner or just roll over anytime I put him on his back. It seems like you are feeding him the right amount. They say at this age they should have 4-5 bottles a day. I don't know how many ounces Caleb eats because he's breastfed, but he nurses 5 times a day (4am, 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm). He gets oatmeal cereal only (b/c the others stop him up)...3-4TBS with apple juice mixed in for breakfast, 2TBS cereal + 1/2 veggies + 1/2 jar fruit for lunch, 2TBS cereal + 1/2 veggies + 1/2 jar fruit for dinner. He goes to bed around 7pm (his choice!). I haven't started him on meat yet, but am going to this week. Caleb used to eat solids then nurse immediately, but last week he stopped wanting to nurse after eating, so now I wait 30 min-1 hour. I feed him what I think is enough and he usually will start to act disinterested when he's full.
Sorry this is SO long! Hope it helps. You're doing a GREAT's hard this motherhood business!!

Addie said...

My oldest did the blankie thing. She actually did it up until she was 3 or 4 even. Like everyone said, a light blanket.

Wedge pitch it...he's fine. (Like Jeanna, I do the tummy thing.)

I'd go with the seat. It's not really a matter of stability in the tub. Once he sits well and then can pull himself up, you'll want him confined a bit. My 11 mo. old is still bathing in the sink. I can control her and she doesn't try to stand up in there.

That's all I got! :D

Maria said...

My oldest always had to have something cover her eyes and both of my boys sleep with blankets and have since birth. As long as it light enough I wouldn't worry.

Mine never slept with a wedge at all. In fact the only way my youngest would sleep is on his belly. So I put him to sleep on his belly almost from day one.

The tub thing. They now have those seat things that you can put in the big tub or sink to support them as they sit. I haven't used one. But you might look into it.

Sandra said...

My oldest did the blanket thingy and I used to get so worried about her suffocating that finally I took the blanket out and let her sleep without one, I just made sure that she wore something that would keep her warm at night but not overheat her.

With my youngestI left the blanket on but made sure it wasn't heavy, it was a light blanket so if he did get it over his face it wouldn't suffocate him. No matter what we did he always ended up pushing it over his head.

I never used the wedge, I let them sleep on their backs or I would turn them on their sides and put a rolled blanket next to them to keep them from rolling on their stomachs.

As for the eating, I fed them at breakfast, then a small snack, lunch, small snack, dinner, bottle at night etc. I noticed with mine they ate really well around Hunter's age, but once they got more mobile it all stopped, but they still loved their milk.

For the bath, I didn't do the inflatable, that scared me. I just used one of these Bath rings (, they loved it.
Hope that helps a bit :)

shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

Well, I'm a wicked mama who let all her babies sleep on their tummies! As for the blankets--when Corrie was about that age and outgrew her zip-up blanket sleeper, I made her a new one that was toddler sized. Very easy--just used the baby-sized one as a pattern and basically made it a little wider and a LOT longer (out of fleece). Didn't worry about the sleeves; the top is like a tank top. At 18 months she still sleeps in it--very handy, since we keep our house icy cold at night.
I definitely would pitch the wedge.

As for the food, if he seems satisfied, then he's getting enough. I know chubby babies who eat next nothing, and skinny babies who eat constantly--so really, I think that being satisfied is the only thing you can go by.

For bathing, we got this:
and it was a huge hit. Because it hangs on the side of the tub it can't flip over. And I wouldn't hesitate to use it even if he's still a little "unstable" in his will be good practice for him!

flipflop said...

#1 - This is my biggest concern when my babies were little. I kept nothing but a small security blanket in my babies cribs. No bumper pads, nada. Ditch the wedge since he's rolling so much he doesn't need it anyway. Again, if the blanket is small then he should be okay.

#2 - All sounds fine to me.

#3 - Sink. Wash him in the sink till he gets more steady.

#4 - You dont remember #4?? It's there go back and read. Give Hunter a big squishy hug from Auntie K.

flipflop said...

If the sink is not an option, get a bath ring, but you won't need one too long.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

#1 - I am soooooooo careful about SIDS and I never had anything in my son's crib. NOTHING! Since Hunter is now so old, he is not at as much risk now I think, but I shuddered when I saw my friend's baby do that with his blanket. I wouldn't use it if he is putting it on his face. (I know so many of the other aunties said there's did the same thing - but I am a bit OCD about sids.) Sue's daughter has a sleep sack that is really long and leaves lots of room. It is that tank top kind that zips up the side. (making one like Shannon suggested is a good idea. if you don't sew - let me know and I will ask sue what brand hers is) But I never used anything. I just had him in warm jammies. When he was a toddler, he always kicked his blanket off anyway, so i just always dress him according to the weather. (since it is warm now - you might be fine with just good jammies.)

#2 - I have no idea - this always stressed me out when Jackson was little. He two was a big eater adn very big for his age.

#3 - bath seat all the way girl! they are totally inexpensive - well worth it.

#4 - you are doing a great job!! and i love the "internet aunties" name.

PS Gosh we mothers just love giving advice don't we?!?! LOL

Lauren said...

This "internet Auntie" just wants a big ol' hug and smooch from Hunter and his mother too. No advice sorry. My kids are too old and I don't even remember what I had for lunch.

Heather Smith said...

Well, I'm truly an auntie. I have no kids of my own, and I can just dote on others. I have no wisdom to offer in this stuff, but I will let you know that I pray for you everyday, so I just know that God is gonna give you the wisdom you need in this and everything else! Hugs girl!

Carol said...

I'm with Lauren. Give that baby a big ol' kiss and be thankful he sleeps. That's my only advice.

HolyMama! said...

hi Gibee! My littlest one is the same age/size! (BIG)

here's what we do, but hey - you're doing great.

sleep: he kicks off blankets, as do all my kids. I just dress him warm and forget about it. no positioner.

food: i take my cue from him. he tells me when he doesn't want anymore. he eats a lot, but he does stop whenever he's done. i trust that.

bath: interim period before sitting bath seat? towel placed in tub, just like when we go to hotels

Hunter's blessed to have such a conscientious mama!

Becky said...

Hi! I just sent an email to your yahoo address!

I spent many sleepless nights making sure my first slept on his back. The second always rolled to his side or tummy and after awhile, I let him.

I'm not sure about the food though. It's only been about three years since I did baby food - you would think I would remember!

Heth said...

Not much to add. My babies all slept better on their tummies. He should be fine without the wedge. We use one of these with our kids.

Gemma still uses hers and she is almost one.

zoe said...

We had a thing for in the adult bath, a ring with 4 legs, that has suckers on the bottom, to attach it to the bath, and you sit them inside that, wiht their legs out under the ring. He might still be too unstable for even that, but it might be worth a try.

sarahgrace said...

Ok- I feel funny commenting after so many have already commented..but here goes

#1-I know exactly how you feel about the whole SIDS thing. I was terrified of it happening to my first one so much that I couldn't sleep the first night he was home. I still check on both of mine periodically to make sure they are still breathing- it's just a mom thing and totally normal! I would let him sleep with just one blanket, and dress him in something warm so he's not cold. And, yes- pitch the wedge!

#2- Sounds like plenty of food. I just wouldn't make him eat any more than he wants to.

#3-I used a bath seat thingy- and really liked it. It's kind of scary when they get a little mobile (esp. with two!), so the bath seat was good for keeping my littlest in place.

And hey, don't forget to have faith in your mothering instincts, they are a God-given gift!
You're doing a good job!

Overwhelmed! said...

Want my two cents worth? Better late than never, right?

1- The SIDS thing scared me to death! I don't know how many times I went and checked on Snuggle Bug in the middle of the night, making sure he was still breathing. The first time he slept through the night (at 7 weeks, don't worry, it was an isolated incident) I woke up that next morning terrified when I realized what time it was! I raced into his nursery and there he was, sleeping peacefully. I don't think we started using a blanket in Snuggle Bug's crib until he could roll over both ways. He was quick to figure out how to roll from back to stomach but it took him a bit longer to learn the other way. Until he could do that, we used sleep sacks (found anywhere, Babies R Us, Target). I loved those! We had one with sleeves and one without. They were fantastic! The sacks even zipped from top to bottom, so the zipper wouldn't irritate his face. We were given a wedge and we never once used it!

#2- Sounds like he's getting enough to eat. Amazingly enough, kids eat/drink just what they need. If you're really worried, talk to your pediatrician.

#3-I can't really help you here. We just take a bath with Snuggle Bug and keep him close. We started that when he was a newborn, after we realized how much we hated the baby bathtub. The results? Snuggle Bug loves bathtime and has a grand time playing with his bath toys. He has no problem getting his face wet or getting dunked (which is helpful now that he's in swim lessons). Eventually he'll be allowed to bath alone, but by then he won't need a bath seat thingy. :)

Hope that helps. It's scary sometimes being a first time mom, isn't it? I asked for a lot of advice from any other mother I knew!

Overwhelmed! said...

P.S. Hunter IS a big boy! Snuggle Bug is 16 months old and he's finally just cleared 20 lbs. (hooray, we were able to turn him forward facing in his car seat)! I think he's about 30" long. He's still wearing 12 month clothes.

Of course, Snuggle Bug has always been in about 5%-10% for weight and 25% for height, so he's a little boy! :)

GiBee said...

Wowza!! I just love all this fantastic advice!!! Thanks to all of Hunter's Blogging Aunties and Granny!!!

I've chucked the wedge... Good advice.

I LOVE the idea of a sleeping sack that is extra spacious. I just never liked the quality of the ones I had seen -- very rough or flimsy. So, I can do one of two things ... ATTEMPT to make one as Shannon suggested (good luck there!), or order one from the website link Heth gave me ... I LOVE THOSE and it's the same material of the blanket Hunter adores so much, so it might help with the "over the face" issue.

As for food, I think you all have affirmed me so well. Thank you for that. I now feel like I'm doing okay with that, and I'm not questioning myself anymore. Although, my husband and I are arguing over whether he needs the 8:00 bottle or not. I think he does. So... really, end of discussion! LOL!

As for the bathing ring ... I think I'll go with that, and I'll comment more about that on tonights post!

And OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! I won an award! Becky -- thank you so much. you are a doll -- so sweet. I'm going to pour over your blog tomorrow (while I should be working!) ... We seem to have A LOT in common!

And welcome to Kisses of Sunshine, Becky and Zoe! Thank you so much for your comments! They really helped. I'll be checking you gals out tomorrow!

Blessings, hugs and KISSES to all of you!