Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Musings

Whewwww! This has been one busy weekend ... and Monday, too! It has just been NON STOP. And I'm ready to drop in bed.

But I just wanted to share a few things with you:

1) Narnia -- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is an awesome movie. A few scary parts for young kids to watch alone, but as close to the book as I remember! Loved it!

2) Pie and Cake auction -- We had one at church yesterday. Ugh! We got one devils food cake with 7-minute frosting (yum), and one strawberry cheesecake. How much did we pay? Why, thank you for asking ... we paid a nice sum of $45! And, I made two cakes for the auction too. It was a very, VERY good fund raiser, in case your youth are looking for one. They served soup and salad (nothing fancy, just pre-packaged salad mix, some canned soup, canned chili, lemonade ... and voila! Fundraiser extraordinare! The cake I really wanted was purchased by the creator of said cake (my hilarious and very hip friend from church) ... YES... I do have friends outside of the internet... close your mouth before you catch flies! Anyway ... I didn't bid on it because she said her family wanted it (she makes awesome home-made cakes with the most incredible chocolate frosting). So she donated it, let people bid on it, and paid $20 or $25 for it ... can't remember exactly how much. One cake ... a beautiful Red Velvet cake with the most gorgeous fluffy 7-minute frosting went for $80!!! (My Pastor-man made it) So, all-in-all, Sunday was a long, but fruitful day. The youth made around $675!!!

3) Work has been crazy on-and-off ... and today ... it was ON ON ON. I need a vacation!

4) It's funny how a person can feel so sick after having a big piece of devils food cake and a tall glass of iced-milk. UGH! I'm glad I gave half of that cake away.

5) Anyone want to have lunch with me tomorrow?

Well, since my brain is obviously fried, and I have nothing exciting, profound, or even interesting to talk about, I think I'll head off to bed. I know, I know ... you're probably thinking ... "Geesh! And I wasted all this time reading this post, and got nada ... zip ... zilch!"

All I can say is ... sorry! But, don't forget ... tomorow is Tuesday Toss-up, so we'll see what YOU have to say!


kpjara said...

Hello! The adoring audience is waiting....slacker!!!!!!!!! It better be good tomorrow!

Rest my friend...and lay off the chocolate for crying out loud, especially just prior to writing!

Heth said...

I would TOTALLY pay $80 for a good Red velvet cake. *drooling*

someone else said...

I know I can at least always count on humor. That's good medicine....even when you've eaten cake and milk. Oooo, yum!

Anonymous said...

Lunch tomorrow? I'll be there to pick you up around noonish? ;) We can only wish...

Heather Smith said...

Hmmmm...lunch. Well even if I left now, I'd never make it by lunch, unless you go mid-afternoon. Of course my boss may not like it much if I said I was leaving for lunch just after coming into work and then I didn't return until tomorrow! I'll think of you at lunch, how's that! And who knows, maybe we'll eat lunch together some Sunday not too far down the road!!

GiBee said...

KPJara -- LAY OFF THE CHOCOLATE??? Perish the thought!!!

Heth -- I've heard rumors that it was worth every penny!!!

Morning Glory -- if I could squeeze the cake through the internet to share with you, I would!!!

Shannon -- I'll be waiting for you!

Heather -- I can have a little "talk" with your boss ... I've got deep, DEEP italian roots, if you know what I mean! And ... I have an uncle that worked in the black market in latin america. I've got connections, babe!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

good to see you back - missed you all weekend!

lunch would be so fun - too bad about the plane trip that prohibits it!