Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Musings ... and a Meme!

[Edited to add: Well, look at that! I was tagged by KPJARA for the same Meme! Sorry, K -- maybe next time?!?!]

First and foremost ... I am soooo enjoying my new blog dress ... thanks, Susie! Tell me something ... do y'all see some stripes with dots off to the right? 'Cause I don't see it on my computer. Just wondering.

Next ... tomorrow is Tuesday's Toss Up. Also, on Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be posting two installments of what I shared at the women's retreat.

So ... great news all ... my tests came back just fine. Praise the Lord, and thanks for all your prayers. The nurse that called me with the results said that I might have had a miscarriage, or I might have a small cyst on my ovary (my betas (on the pregnancy test) could have been either so low that they didn't register or it was too late). I still don't know what happened ... The story of my life ... but at least I'm feeling greeeaaat today.

Even BETTER news ... Hunter's first tooth broke through ... so cute ... rigid, white, and adorable! I'm so proud of him... He's going to be a dentist. I just know it!

Anyway ... my exciting life at work continues ... last week was bring your child (political correctness) to work day, and there were a bazillion kids running around ... well, the girls were busy with important things like shredding paper, separating files, creating files, refilling files... while the boys were running around "gang-like" holding their fingers in the air like guns, shimmying themselves along walls, crawling on floors, making machine gun noises, and in general ... being boys. In fact, I went into one person's office to ask a question, and he and his son were busy surfing the internet ... and let me just say ... it smelled like, well -- like BOY in that room. I held my breath while he answered my question, exhaled long enough to say thanks, and left ... running for the safety of my work area. Phew!

And, as if having kids in the work area isn't joy enough, I have a new neighbor ... he's an older man (late 50's?) that looks like an overweight Larry from the Three Stooges, and evidently has had military background of some kind, because he is constantly saying... 'Hooo Ahhh.' His phone rings ... 'Hooo Ahhh.' His email chimes ... 'Hooo Ahhh.' Someone steps into his cube ... 'Hooo Ahhh.' He finishes a task ... 'Hooo Ahhh.' I tell ya ... I'm gonna have to put a plug in his 'Hooo Ahhh' if he doesn't stop saying that!!!

Finally -- I was tagged by Sandra with this Meme -- Hope you enjoy it!

I AM: praying that God will bless us financially somehow so I can be a SAHM. Any financial sponsors out there? Just checking.

I WANT: my son to grow up with a passionate love for Christ.

I WISH: I could loose 5,000 pounds ... somehow ... anyhow.

I HATE: Contentious people.

I MISS: My parents -- they live 6 hours away ;-(

I HEAR: Tom Cruise joked about wanting to eat the placenta and umbilical cord after fiance Katie Holmes had their baby -- there is something seriously wrong with this man.

I WONDER: How many children God will bless us with.

I REGRET: Getting such a big house and being strapped to a mortgage that requires two incomes. Ugh!

I AM NOT: as organized as some people think I am. Especially not after my son was born (you should see my house today ... chaos!)

I DANCE: to 80's and latin music ... fun stuff!

I SING: Christian contemporary and praise and worship music.

I CRY: for the children that are starving and dying around the world.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: able to trust that God will provide and/or make a way. (type A personality -- control freak extraordinare)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: anything that doesn't require extensive knowledge of using a sewing machine or power tools.

I WRITE: on my blog, your blog, their blog ... everywhere ... oh yeah, and my prayer journal.

I CONFUSE: Peacemaking with Peacekeeping.

I NEED: a good highlight job. And a brain transplant. Any donors interested?

I SHOULD: start walking more.

I START: to diet and end up eating chocolate.

I FINISH: anything chocolate. Anything.

I TAG: Faithful Mommy, Just Peachy, Momrn2, Sermon From The Mount [of laundry] (because she's bored), and The Tales of Mama D

GiBee, signing out... Hooo Ahhh


shannon from rocks in my dryer said...

Hoo-ah, friend. Yes, I can see the stripes and dots, and they look wonderful.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

That is boys alright. My son is constantly running around fighting - anything - air will do! he has his fingers in gun postion and all. Drives me nuts.

SOOOOOO happy about the test results. Hoo ahh!

And yes your stripes are stripey and wonderful. You probably can't see them cause of your screen resolution. Try changing your res and you will fit more on your screen and then you will see it. (Just an idea - other than that - I have no idea!)

kpjara said...

NO DOTS, NO STRIPES HERE...and I'm going to whine if I don't get to see them. I'm on IE, BTW.

You got off easy on that "missed" tag. I'll get you next time my little pretty....I am now cackling like the wicked witch of the west>...

Over and OUT HOO-aH...darn marines!

Susan said...

I can see the stripes and dots. It looks wonderful!!!

I am very happy about the test results. I was praying!

Faith said...

Yippeee!!! Great results from your tests. I'm glad that's over with. You had me worried! Dots and stripes - I see 'em. Most beautiful, indeed! I am on Firefox!
Love you answers to your meme. I will try to make you proud! ;D

Sandra said...

Thanks for doing the meme :) Your answers were just awesome :)

And yes I can see the stripes and the dots, it's one of the first things that caught my eye with your new blog "dress", love it love it :)

I am using Netscape or Firefox to browse the internet, wonder if that makes any difference.

Maria said...

I see the dots and stripes in both Firefox and IE. I checked IE just to be sure, I ususally use Firefox.

loved your meme.

Heather Smith said...

I see the dots and stripes. So pretty! Looking forward to your posts this week! Cute meme!

Everyday Mommy said...

You've got stripes and dots, Girl! It looks so nice!

Try downloading Firefox...a much better browser than IE. And, it's free! You can find it at

Chilihead2 said...

Not only do I see the dots/stripes, I LOVE the dots/stripes.

So happy to hear the tests were OK.

Susanne said...

At first I was panicking trying to find dots/stripes. I didn't see them!! Then it dawned on me to click off my favorites list from the left hand side thereby making the screen bigger. And what do you know? There's the pretty stripes/dots. Silly me! Cool meme!

So glad and thanking the Lord for your good test results!! He's so good.

Morning Glory said...

No stripes and dots here. Waaaaa. But I am thrilled with your good test results and thank you very much for my Monday chuckle. I always know my mood will improve at your blog, although my mood today is just fine!

Sheri said...

No dots.
No stripes.
But a MUY cool new dress. (I'm lovin' it)
As for boys: Yeah...they stink. If you'd like proof I welcome you to come take a whiff of the room shared by my three sons. I seriously hold my breath when I walk past it.
And YAY about the test results!! Praise him from whom all blessing flow (Or is that through whom...whatever you KNOW of whom I speak).
And in closing: HooAaah!!!

sarahgrace said...

I can see the dots and stripes! New dress looks fab by the way! Thanks for tagging me...Hopefully I'll get around to posting that soon....

Heth said...

Dots and stripes are there, and I love them.

Great meme. That was a fun one to read.

Mama D said...

Your site looks AMAZING!!! Wow! For real. So nice! Glad your tests came out happily. I shall do the meme but after reading yours I'm intimidated! I heard about the eating placenta thing too. I thought I was sick just to want to see it, but I have to admit it was really cool. I heard Tommy C said of the placenta "It's really big." Dummy. Did he think the sac that was holding and nourishing his child was going to be the size of a nice steak?

aggiejenn said...

I see beautiful dots and stripes! Great news on your test results. And you new work neighbor...seriously needs to stop doing that. I applaud his military service, but really, stop saying that when your email chimes! It's not a Hooo Ahhh moment when the phone rings, either. Glad you're doing great today!

eija said...

You definitely made me smile - again :D

A suggestion (ok, this might be taken as nasty, but...)

Make a poster on your office wall. With a huge headline: "Today's Whoo-ahh's" and each time your neighbour says that, you draw a line in that poster. At the end of the day count the total and mark it on the poster *grin*

Oh, and you can enhance the effect by enthusiastically shouting each time he says that "Yesh! another one! Going for a record!"

I know. I'm bad. Yes, I'm ashamed (almost).

GiBee said...

Maria -- Welcome to Kisses of Sunshine ... I tried to go to your blog/webpage, but couldn't ... do you have an address for it that you can share???

All -- thanks for your comments!!!

GiBee said...

Eija ... that is so funny!!! If I didn't think he'd take it the wrong way, I'd do it!!!

Stacey said...

You are just too funny these days!!

Peach said...

No stripes, no dots, and I'm on Firefox, too, but I have a smaller screen. I did go to Susie's site and saw them there. Beautiful!!

I'm glad your tests came out ok, too. Glad you're feeling better, friend!

Did your meme . . . it's up at my site!

Kate said...

so cute so cute! i loved this! faith tagged me and i saw she was tagged by you so i just had to come check this out. your's was so much fun. but i did hear today that ton cruise was just joking when he said that... hmmm.... why would anyone joke about that?!!!
love your blog colors - didn't see it until just now but it's so cheery!

HolyMama! said...

what a fun meme! i love your answers, particularly the chocolate-y ones!