Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday Toss-up

Tuesday's Toss-up is here again! It's YOUR turn to comment on my blog, and I can't wait to read your profound, funny, and at times, life changing thoughts!Here's how it works... Read the quote, process it a bit, and comment on what the quote means to you.

Oh, and don't worry about the length or theology behind your comment ... it can be short & sweet, or long and detailed... just GO FOR IT!!

"The life of a Christian is an education for higher service. No athlete complains when the training is hard. He thinks of the game, or the race."
Corrie Ten Boom

Remember -- no Googling ... original "first thoughts" from YOUR heart and mind only!!! AND -- check back through out the day to see what others have shared!!!


kpjara said...

My life, as a Christian, is a learning, growing process. It is not in observation that I live...it is in active participation.

Additionally, the tougher it gets, the more I grow and am effective in the role before me. If I back down and give in to weakness, I will never see fulfillment on this side of heaven as God so desires for me.

You gotta love Corrie Ten Boom...truly a servant's heart!

Heather Smith said...

I think this is why Christians are often seen as weak. We back down too easily. When the going gets tough, we quit. If one person criticizes us for standing for Christ, we cower in the corner. It's time we stood up. It's time we fought back. It's time we learn to endure a little hardship for Christ. He didn't promise an easy road here on earth. He just promised He'd be with us.
Every pro athlete out there has fallen flat on his face, or missed a fly ball, or thrown an air ball. They didn't start out as professionals. They had to build up their skills along their way. Imagine if Michael Jordan had quit trying at basketball when someone laughed at him for throwing an air ball. A legendary career would never have been.
Christian lives are the same way. What if Paul had quit that first time they tried to kill him for preaching right after he was converted? How many lives would have been changed?
I'm by no means an apostle Paul. But just as Paul said that Christ was working on him, I believe Christ is working on me. He has a plan for my life, and if I sit down and quit at the first sign of hardship I'll miss out on something great.

Morning Glory said...

I need to keep setting my own standards higher than the previous one. It's kind of like a pole vaulter raising the bar he has to jump over to reach the goal. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes not, but the goal is still out there to work toward. Learning what's required next is such an education in life.

Sandra said...

This is great Gibee, just on sunday I heard a message about this topic.

See I believe that God has already chosen us to follow him, but once that happens the hard work begins. It's almost like I have to prove myself to him, I have to show him that I'm worthy of his love.

If you don't work hard for something you never truly appreciate it, and if everything is handed to you, you become a weak person, at least in my eyes.
Once you give your life to God the REAL work begins. It's almost like being selected for a class or course and then you study and you work for it, you don't just get accepted and that's it. It would be so much easier if it was that way, but what would we learn?

We may not know what our purpose in life is at this moment, but we are all working towards it. The harder something is for me, and the more obstacles I have in my way, the more determined I become to succeed.

I thinks that quote by Corrie Ten Boom (who I absolutely love), just goes to say that you can't just say you're a Christian and then wait to be saved or do nothing. You have a job and you have a part to play in yours and everybody else's life, so DO IT.

Overwhelmed! said...

This quote reminds me of the prayer I silently prayed at church last Sunday. I prayed that I could do a better job as a Christian. It's a struggle at times and I disappoint myself. I've got all the tools I need to be a better Christian, I just need to use them more effective and strengthen my resolve.

I want to set a good example for my son, as my grandmothers did for me.

Shalee said...

This education is not something that can be learned in school, from an instructor, from another source. It can only be earned through living the life. There will be many tests; some true or false, some multiple choices, some pass/fail. Your goal in this education is to seek a degree in unconditional love. You will never know if you studied your hardest or if you have passed until "Graduation Day". The good thing about this education is that all who seek the will of the Father will pass, even if it seems like you failed the examination.

It is a hard test and the study sheet is long. There will be no cheating on this test. You must do it on your own, although studying with others is encouraged. Come test time, you will be allowed to look at only one person's paper to help you - Jesus'. He has all the right answers and He will help you when you don't know the answer. If you look at any others', you won't find the right answers. Don't hope for a curve because Jesus has already blown it for you. It is, however, an open book test. It is encouraged for you to seek your answers in there, too.

Oh, and this test will be written in blood, sweat and tears. The more you put in, the better your grade will be. Fortunately, the Master is always available for special instructions. His office door is always open for a willing student.

Heather Smith said...

I know I wrote a book earlier. For some reason your e-mail link won't work for me. Email me at heathersmith1982@yahoo.com and I'll tell you all about our family group!

GiBee said...

Overwhelmed with Joy -- welcome to Kisses of Sunshine! I'm so glad you commented.

I know it's a struggle, but it can be easier if we look at it from the perspective that Jesus is our Father, and we have a relationship with him ... and we can interact with him like you would with your child. He loves us no matter what!

Thanks for sharing your heart!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

I love that. It's so true. If we don't learn to love the things that God loves in this life, how will we ever want to keep doing his work in Heaven?

Maria said...

that is a tough one -- not so much to understand but becasue it hits so close to home. We are called to be so much more than we can be alone. We must learn through our experiences and grow or we can't and won't live the life called of us. Of course part of that learning experience must be allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us, mold us and make us into that being we are called to be.

Nicole said...

Hebrews 12:1 says, "let us run with perservance the race marked out for us" and it goes on to say for us to fix our eyes on Jesus. I think it goes back to us as Christians being in this world but not of this world. Our life has a higher purpose. We are constantly training and growing for the positions God has for us. Sometimes that growing is umcomfortable or all together painful but that why we must fix our eyes on Jesus. Verse 3 of Hebrews 12 goes on to say "Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart." It's like telling an athlete to keep their eye on the prize or the goal. Ultimately, eternal life with out Lord and Savior is our finish line.

Sheri said...

I am not going to read any comments or I may be swayed. (And I know, day late, dollar short, sorry about that).

My first thought was "WOW! How very true!"

One of my most difficult things as a Christian is finding a balance. Believe it or not, I am a very non judgemental, live-life-as-you-choose type of person. A few years ago I was convicted that my belief was wrong (My belief being: It's your life). The problem is I really dislike confrontations, so I tend to back down, or not say anything, I tend to think "Is this going to get me anywhere? Is the person going to listen? Or just scoff or worse YELL at me?" So I hold what I think in and then go home and gripe about it. When in fact, I could have shared my beliefs with that person in a non-confrontational manner and perhaps, just perhaps, a small grain would have gotten into their brain and MAYBE that grain, with a million other tiny little grains would have brought them to Christ.

Did I stray off topic? I guess to bring it back around, what I am saying, is "When the going gets tough...Sheri get's going"

janna said...

I like this quote. My first thought, was "so true". As Christians we are in training for eternity future. However, by thier actions, either most professing Christians either don't want to have a strong faith, or don't love God or His word because of their lack of spiritual discipline in these areas. They allow too many other things in their lives take precedence over the eternal training.

Just some thoughts. We are all guilty from time to time.

see-through faith said...

new here, but stopped at this quote. The fact that it was Corrie Ten Boom who wrote /said it made me pause for a long time.

Christianity is a lifelong education. We learn. We learn from our time with God,and also (the hard way) from our time away from Him. What we learn should flow naturally out of our lives -and impact others for good. Too often that's where we as Christians get stuck I think.

And knowledge - it has to be heart knowledge, that's what we should press in for - but not strive. Striving robs us of joy even if it's striving after God. I want to learn to appreciate THIS moment with God, not always looking back in Egypt or forward tothe Promised Land. Moses had it - and he pressed in for more.

I love your blog and rejoice about the baby after waiting all those years. Be blessed.