Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday Toss-up

Good morning, beautiful friends!!! I'm coming to you live from the cold, rainy East Coast... Err, sorry. I got a little carried away.

Once again, it's Tuesday Toss-up ... and it's a fun one! No thinking ... no analyzing ... no deciphering ... just plain, enjoying music.

Today, I'm going to point you in the direction of the new video from Mercy Me called "So Long to Self." Once you click on the link below, and are at Mercy Me's website, click on the VIDEO button on the left. You'll notice on the right hand side a couple video options pop up (the colors make it hard to see). Click on the first video by choosing either Quicktime or Windows Media (I'm not as fancy shcmancy as some of you, and don't know how to download it onto my blog for you to view ... sorry!). Let me know if you have any problems getting there!

I hope you enjoy the video ... it's fun, upbeat, and refers to their "alter-egos!" Very funny!

Don't forget to come back and let me know what you thought of it in the comments!!!


Heather Smith said...

I love this song. Have since the first time I heard it. It's so true. I mean, we all struggle with the old man. That's why we are to die daily, as Paul tells us. Thanks GiBee. I needed this reminder today!!!

Heth said...

I sort my M&M's by color too.

Fun video, their alter ego's were so Matrix.

kpjara said...

First of all I love the video.

It reminded me that my flesh has been "fired"...and I was also reminded that my life is not my own. In my "FREEDOM" I have chosen to be a servant of Jesus.

I wish there were body guards to keep fleshly Kim from God's Kim!

Shalee said...

I love that song! And what a great representation of the separation needed to keep the "old self" from the "new self", the self that is to be transformed in the love and grace of God.

What really caught my eye was the fact that the old selves kept fighting to get out. They didn't just passively walk away, but rather struggled to get back into "center stage", vying for the glory, for the recognition. They actually had to be forcefully removed from the area. That's what I need to do when the selfish me wants to take the lead. Just pick her up and drop kick her far away.

But the wonderful thing to remember is that I can do that if I have faith that God can change me and give that work over to Him. And He really knows how to drop kick through the upright.

aggiejenn said...

I love the part that says, "life is not apparently about me anyways..." I have to learn that lesson over and over. In a culture all about "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps" (I'm from Texas!) and climbing the ladder of success, this is a very timely reminder. I heard them sing this song on "Good Morning, America" the other day. I was impressed and glad to see that they are really striving to reach a wide audience, especially those that are not yet Christians. Thanks for sharing this today!

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, I tried to access the video but no luck. It could be my internet connection. Oh well. :)

I'll try it from home later.

Faith said...

I love the song. It shows how good it feels to let go of "yourself" and be a woman/man of God!

Tänia said...

I had not heard this song yet and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing the link! What a wonderful reminder of our transformation in Christ!

Carol said...

Well, how much fun was THAT!?!? Loved it!

Stacey said...

Can't believe I missed the Tuesday Toss-up! I'll have to come back next week : )