Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Woman of her Word

So, you may have noticed by now that I'm not very good with "sayings" -- like the one in my title. I can't remember if that's how it goes, but hey ... it's my blog, and that's how I want it to go (and I assure you, my church friends and family that read this are probably shaking there heads in an "up and down" fashion, saying, "oh, you just don't know how true that is!" -- just don't laugh at me too hard, 'kay?)

Of course, that paragraph has nothing to do what-so-ever with my post for today. I just had to get it off my chest. But, I really do want to be know as a woman of her word, and if I say I'm going to do something, you can trust that I will. And I was tagged to do a Meme, and by golly, I'm gonna do it! No matter how late I am!!!

Having said all that ... I now present you with an awesome, NEW Meme, created by the adorable and God fearing young woman known as Heather from not one, but TWO blogs ... The Rollercoaster Ride of My Life and Heather's Funny Thoughts. So, why do I always talk so highly about this little girl called Heather? Well, she is funny, young, thoughtful, young, single, young, wildly talented, young, and has a firmly rooted faith in Christ Jesus. Have I mentioned she's young? In fact, they're best buds. He's seen her through a lot, and she is NOT AFRAID to give him all the praise and glory! Girlfriend's got it going on with the Lord!

So, she, all on her lonesome, has created a very awesome, and spiritual Meme. And, I'm so excited about sharing this with you, because ... it's got a spot where I can share a bit of my testimony with y'all! How awesome is that? You will be riveted to the screen for three whole hours while you read this Meme, because, well ... that's how long I need to share my testimony. Abbreviated version, too!

Just kidding. But you knew that, didn't you? So... without further ado, or however you spell that word, I present to you ... Heather's Spiritual Meme.

1) What is your life verse: Well, I'm glad you asked. I absolutely love Philippians 4:13 - "I can do anything & "Bee" anything through Christ who gives me strength."

2) Give a bit of your testimony: Now, most of you don't know this little tidbit about me. When I was 6-ish and my sister 4-ish, my parents divorced. My father, who at the time was a recovering alcoholic for 4 years, still had alcoholic attitudes and behaviors. And I guess my mom had all she could take (background: my dad was raised Episcopalian/Catholic ... weird combo... and my mom was raised Catholic. So was I). Anyhoo... Somewhere along the line, my dad received Christ as his Savior while attending an AA meeting. Then, he started going to a Charismatictic prayer meeting on Wednesday eves. He would come to pick us up on the weekends, witness to my mom, and she would promptly slap him across the face and ban him from leaving his car. But one night, my mom was watching a Billy Graham crusade, and praise God, she gave her life to the Lord. And a year later, she and my dad, who at that point had been divorced for 4 years, re-married out of obedience to the Lord and the covenant they made before Him years earlier. Through all this, I began attending first a Messianic Jewish School for 8th and 9th grade, and then a Christian school until I graduated. I was saved back in 1970-something. Late 70's (stop doing the math... I've already said I'm almost 39). Life has not always been easy, but we were never promised a smooth road, were we? I've certainly had my fair share of bumps along the way. But I serve a faithful and loving God. He has redeemed me, continues to forgive me, loves and adores me, and calls me Beloved. What more could a girl want from a relationship with her Savior?

3) Do you have a favorite preacher? Well, I don't know if you'd call them "preachers" but I love to hear the Women of Faith ladies talk. Especially Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, and Luci Swindoll (Chuck Swindoll's sister). These women can crack me up, make me cry, and lift me up on a spiritual high all in one foul sweep. If you've never gone to a Women of Faith retreat, YOU MUST. They are awesome.

4) What's the best Bible Study you've ever done? Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it a "Bible Study" but I absolutely loved reading Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs. Oh, MY WORD. This woman can write! And, I did turn it into a study for the girls in my youth group, so does that count as an answer?

5) What do you feel God's calling is on your life? Oh, so easy ... a Godly wife and mommy. Final answer. Do I win a million dollars?

So, there you have it! A Spiritual meme written by a 23 year old that constantly manages to blow my socks off.

And now ... I tag ... [drum roll please] ... Peach, because she's been through a rough time these past few days, and I want to lift her spirits; Aggiejenn, because she has a son so close to age as mine, and I want to learn more about her (she also has a second blog); and Carol, Lauren and Shannon because they were my first few Christian blogging buddies, and basically, I wanna know what makes them tick!

And, hey ... if you feel like doing it, and I didn't tag you, then, by all means ... go for it. Just let me know in my comments so I can hop on over and read up on your spiritual side! (hmmm ... some of the one's I tagged might tag you, too!)

Ready, set... go ... have a great day for the Lord! GO, GO, GO!!!


Heather Smith said...

Thanks for doing this GiBee! I never doubted you! I know you keep your word! I loved your testimony! Being that I'm fairly new to reading your blog I hadn't heard it before! Just beautiful!! Have a good day girl! TTYL!

Shalee said...

Loved this meme. Way to go Heather for being the creator. Thanks for being so open with us once again GiBee. I love to learn more about you!

Everyday Mommy said...


And, I would love to do this meme...may I?

Kristen said...

I love Women of Faith! I think I've been to 3 or 4. They are such inspiring women!

kpjara said...

I'm doing this MEME tomorrow. IT's one of my favorites

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Ooooo, thanks for the tag! I'll save this for next week, would you mind?

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

So great to hear a bit about your testimony!!

No worries about not having enough time to do Tackle It Tuesday with us - I know you are so busy. I thought you might be too busy, butI wanted to tag you anyway cause I love ya gal!

Talk soon!

Maria said...

humm wonderful meme! I loved it. I may just steal it myself. in my freetime......

sarahgrace said...

Yes- awesome meme! Thanks for sharing!

GiBee said...

Heather ... I really enjoyed this Meme! Thanks for creating it!

Shalee ... I thought y'all knew ... my life is an open book!!

Everyday Mommy ... I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. TOO... !!! And please ... meme away!

Kristen ... wouldn't you agree that it is totally worth the money spent to go to a women of faith conference???

Kim ... it is one of my favorites, too!

Shannon ... next week's just fine!

Janice ... I'm sorry, girl! Love ya too!

Maria ... Steal away! And have fun with it!

Saragrace ... as always, You're welcome! hehehe!

Susanne said...

Love learning more about you. Loved the testimony part. Jewish school? That's interesting history. P.S. If I wasn't excited before the more you mention the Ladies of Faith conferences the more I can hardly wait to go to my first one in July!

Carol said...

Okay, mine will finally be up tomorrow. This was a good one, GiBee. Thanks for the tag!

Sheri said...

What a sweet testimony. I need to stop by Heather's place, haven't been there in a few weeks.

Angie said...

I so enjoyed this! This is a really good one. I read Carol's too. I may have to do this one too. But I really think that the testimony part will be a couple of hours long. Oh well!
Thanks for the intrigue once again!
I love your is so refreshing and your sense of humor...LOVE IT!
I will let you know if I do this MeMe.

Lauren said...

I finally did this GiBee, sorry it took so long.

Love your testimony, and the fact that your parents remarried just warms the cockles(sp? and meaning?) of my heart.

Love you!