Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Did you know...

EDITED to add:

Tess -- you totally ROCK!!! If BLOGGER would allow me to upload pictures, I'd put your coffee cup right here!
Tess answered one of my questions at the very bottom of this post ... and I tried her suggestion ... and you know what? She was right!!! I feel so smart now. And, I'll pass on the info...

And does anyone know what command I use in html language so that when you click on a link, it automatically opens up another window and keeps the original window open below it?
Answer: you'll have to go to the comments to see her answer, blogger won't let me publish it... POOH!

Of course, I can't put a sample here for you to look at, because it turns into a stinking link (which it's what I want it to do) .

Try it, see if it works, and if it doesn't, BLAME TESS! If it does ... THANK TESS!


Did you know that it has rained so much in the last few days that it made my berry wreath melt all over my door, ruining my door, the wreath, and the ribbon (so sticky and gross)?

Did you know that it is so humid here that you can feel it on your face?

Did you know that it has rained so much here that they found cracks and leaks in a local "earthen" dam near Sunshine's house that threatened to break the dam and prompted urgent evacuation of more than 2,200 residents? (Sunshine and her family were not affected)

Did you know that it has rained so much here that in the county I live in, three people were killed because of flash floods?

Did you know that a 10 pound dog can be so frightened of thunder and lightening that she will crawl to the top of your pillow and pant her stinky breath all over your face, keeping you awake through the duration of the storm(s)?

Did you know that if you put Oxy-Clean in a plastic cup, and add cold water to make a paste for stains, the mixture turns hot? (Just in case you get some mud on your clothes from all the rain.)

Did you know that if you don't feel like typing the long, bohonkus word verification when leaving comments, if you just hit enter, you will usually be given a shorter word to type in?!

Did you know that I would LOVE to attend an East-Coast (Mid-Atlantic) area "Blogging Gal's Get Together" in a central place (like North Carolina) if someone out there wants to help me plan one???

Well, that's all I know right now. My mind is running a gazillion miles a minute with so much going on at work, home, etc.... Why don't you let me know what you know? (And yes, I do know that a human head weighs 8 pounds -- nice try! But did you know the average adult brain only weighs 3-1/2 pounds?)

One more thing ... does anyone know how I can change the color of the black floogle bar under the Family Friendly Blogs? And does anyone know what command I use in html language so that when you click on a link, it automatically opens up another window and keeps the original window open below it? Just wondering.


Heather Smith said...

I know that I live in NC and if you plan a get-together in NC I'll be there. I also know that I'll help you plan it! I also know about the mugginess, and the raininess, though the flooding hasn't been an issue here as much (because we were down like several feet in our water supplies)but I definitely feel you pain about the slap you in the face humidity!I also know that next week this time I will be packing in preparations to leave for Kingsfest where I will see Casting Crowns, Newsboys, Third Day and many others in concert! Yay!! Sorry, I don't know your html stuff either, but I would be glad to here the answer myself if you'll share it with me!

Kristen said...

Now that is a lot of information for me to take in. It's almost 11 a.m. here, however my brain isn't quite all there yet. ;-)

Did you know that it is so dry here that grass, flowers and other plant life are suffocating and forest fires are running rampant?? Send some rain our way! ;-)

Tess said...

to the new window - after you have the < a href="" put a space after the 2nd quote mark, then target="_blank" before your > Text < / a >

Jeana said...

Glad to see bohonkus still alive and kicking. Very blosky of you. I think there are Blogger settings for the second window thing--can't remember where. Go digging!

aggiejenn said...

I know I thought about you when I was watching the news this morning and saw all the crazy flooding.

I know I'm glad you're safe and still able to blog.

I know I would do just about everything in my power to go to a Blogging Gals get together where GiBee would be.

I know I'd like to be going to that concert Heather was talking about, but I also know hubs and I are going to see Newsboys and a bunch of others next month--woohoo, date night! :-)

Mama D said...

Did you know that bees die after they sting someone and wasps do not? It's because bees have barbs on their stingers and wasps do not.

Another reason to dislike wasps.

Did you know that applies to female bees only?

Did you know that I think we need to have a Blogging Gals Get Together in Canada! Come on, you all want to come to Canada.

sarahgrace said...

I'm all for a bloging get together in Colorado! Ha ha. I bet you'll have all 50 states on here today.

Hope all is well in your state- and you don't get water-logged..

Susanne said...

Did you know Mama D is one smart lady. We do need a Canadian one. One step farther. A western Canadian one. And, of course, you all need to come so you can see how lovely it is up here!

Heather Smith said...

I know that if ever there is a blogging get-together in Canada, I will find a way to go because Canada is a place I've always wanted to go, and of course we'd have to go bowling because, well that's a long story, maybe I'll post about it sometime on my funny blog!

Laura- Swank Mom said...

I can help you change that flooble bar. :) Just let me know if you still need some help.


Angie said...

Did you know that I am all about the blogging get together, and did you know that since I am in SC, then NC sounds just fine for me. But did you know that I am on the coast so I would still have to travel quite a bit. So, why don't we all just meet on Hilton Head Island (SC) and we can rent a condo on the beach...ooooo, fun? Just an idea! Anyhoo....

Oh, and did you know that I tried the word verification idea just then and it didn't work? I am gonna try it again...if I don't come back then it worked...OK here goes...

Overwhelmed! said...

Hey GiBee, I'm having my my blog re-designed by Susie. Yours inspired me to contact her. I'm not sure when it will be done, but soon.

great2beme said...

kpjara is my sister and she led me to your site which by the way is adorable. Did you know that rain even in abundance is in ways better then 98% humidity for days and days with no rain? You have the same affects as rain to your body, your hair the world, except you end up living in a fire danger zone because it won't rain it is just do humid you wish it would.

Faith said...

So, rain much lately????
We have a drought here. We can only water our lawns (and portrait gardens) on certain days! Yuck!

I will meet you anywhere, anytime and I will help you in any way I can. I'm not great at that kind of thing though, just to warn you!!!

BTW - I clicked enter 4 times and finally got a shorter verification thingie.

kpjara said...

Did you know you're one of my favorite Washingtonians? Did you know that you can make me laugh even on one of my bluest days? Did you know I thank God for you in my prayers? Did you know if you could harness the power from the rain you could provide power to the entire country for a long, long time?


Carol said...

Did you know we are in such desperate need of rain here in NC Texas that we're not going to get any fireworks for the 4th?

Did you know you can make that floogle bar be any color you want by entering the html color numbers in before you create/save the bar? (email me if you need/want help with this).

momrn2 said...

Did you know I've been thinking about you over in the area of all that rain?

Did you know that I would have to cry, whimper, and almost throw a fit if you have a bloggers luncheon and I couldn't come. (I know someone I would strongly encourage to go though if in NC!! You might know who I am referring to?).

Did you know (totally unrelated to weather)oh wait... I'm going to post this one as a post and link to here...because I really should have known.

Shalee said...

Did you know that I love coming to read your blog and when you don't post for a day or two I start to wonder if everything is okay and whether or not you are having another root canal or just having another fling with another sexy monitor?

I didn't think so.