Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!

Don't give up on us, baby ... we're still worth one more try ... I know we put our last one by .. Just for a rainy evening ... When maybe stars are few ... Don't give up on us, I know ... We can still come through!!! (David Soul song)

Whew! I did NOT stay home today ... I had a client meeting that my BOSS waited until the very lastest latest minute to ask me to put together an 18 page package. HAALLOOOO, Mr. Boss Man!!! It's a good think I likes him!

And, I likes you ... so ... in the words of the once famous, now forgotten David Soul ... don't give up on us, baby! Because I'll be back on over the weekend. We refinanced our home today, so after the client meeting I had to run across town, couldn't find the building, couldn't find a parking spot, looped around the block twice, forgot to put money in the meeter thingy, went to the second floor, only realize the title company was on the first (DUH! -- Suite 115!) got there just in time, went back to the conference room, started reviewing the first page ... FIRST PAGE ... and had to ask the nice title company man to stop so I could go to the bathroom (in a bad ... I've been holding it all day ... kinda way), came back, signed 5 gazillion papers, and went to dinner and then to ... are you ready for this??? BEST BUY to get a wireless router. And by the way ... don't even think I'm running sepell ckhec onn thsi psot.

Uhuh! I think I'm cool! So, if any of you techie people have any tips on how to password protect the wireless router so my neighbors can't bootleg my internet, just leave me a comment. Or email me. Or come knocking on my door! It's all good!

Okay -- gotta fly. Little man is WAY past due for his bed time at this point, and dad's pretty much put out as much patience with me typing away on the computer as he can humanly muster while he's trying to entertain a crabby, teething, sleepy 9 month old (almost).

Love you all, and geez! Look at all the new people commenting! You'd think I'd have to be on my death bed before all you lovely lurkers come out of hiding! Do it more often, woodja?

Kisses to you all. (And NOOOO ... I'm not high on drugs ... just adrenaline from the fast paced day)

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shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

GiBee, you're a doll! Can't wait to see what's up on Sunday. I'll be at Jules' house in KC, so I'll check in from there!

Lauren said...

Hey GiBee, I was wondering where you were. I wonder what you're planning?

Stacey said...

I hate waiting for surprises though so tell me, tell me... pleeeaasse!!

Oh alright, I'll be back on Sunday!!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Since we're quoting famous people the short--but power-packed words of California's governor: "I'll be back! [on Sunday!]"

:) Diane

Heather Smith said...

It'll be late Sunday. I have to sing several hours away that morning, then we have to rush back here because my bro is preaching that night. But I'll get by when I can!
I'm glad the root canal didn't turn you into a crazy person! I was getting worried! LOL!

Faith said...

Are you a whirlwind or what?? Sounds like you had a busy day!

I'll be here Sunday - what time- I don't know - what with no computer and all.

Perri said...

I don't know exactly how to thank you because now I have a David Soul song stuck in my head where I'm sure it will be throughout this entire day.

So don't be suprised when you open up your email some day and out pop the words of a song made famous by the Partridge Family.

Susanne said...

Been missing ya! Thought maybe you were still gassed out in the dentist chair or something! Be back Sunday. But if you want to let me know earlier, well you know my e-mail! :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

so great about the router - but I have no advice. Rob, Sue's hubby, does ALL our tech stuff like that. I know NOTHING - I mean NOTHING!!!

I'll be back tomorrow...

Angie said...

Soooo glad you are back! I guess I am late though, since it is now Sunday. I guess I will go join the party at the previous post now...bye!