Monday, June 26, 2006

A Moment of Silence, Please...

I would request that you bow your heads with me in a brief moment of silence in honor of a dear friend of mine.

My loyal friend, Connie, died early Sunday morning. I knew her for over 10 years, and during that time, I grew quite attached to her. So in her honor...

You were a fine friend. You were loyal.
You saw me through thick, and thin ...
You were there through the long and the short of it.
You never failed me, and you never complained.
Until yesterday, when you passed. Suddenly.
Without much warning. Why? Oh, why?

You left me distraught. You left me upset.
If you had given me some warning, I wouldn't be so crazed.
But instead, you chose to leave quietly. Without pain or suffering.
Which may have been just fine for you, but left me in the lurch.

Now, my friend, I find myself having to rely on another.
One who is not as compassionate or brave as you.
One who is powerless, and just plain annoying.
One that I wish I never laid eyes on.
Although this companion travels with me on occasion, she is not you.

Will I ever find another? One so worthy of my admiration?
Will I ever be at rest? Calm, knowing that she will be as reliable as you?
I hope so, but friend, I can't forgive you for leaving me so abruptly.
How rude. How unkind.
And on a hot, humid and rainy day.
Without you, dear Connie, my hair will never be the same.

In honor of you, dear Connie ... May you rest in peace.

And now the biggest question rests on my shoulders.

Should I get another Connie from WalMarty, or should I get an expensive, $130 version of Connie with a warranty for a huge amount of years from a pro? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Thank you for allowing me to, and for helping me to honor Connie -- my dear hairdryer.


Angie said...

Ok, you had me going for a minute there! You silly girl, you!

I have an el cheapo WalMarty one, only had it 2 years though. But I love it! Just like you loved your Connie! God rest her soul!

kpjara said...

Following my own recent and hauntingly similar loss, I opted for cheap. I don't ever want to grow that attached again and frankly the $15.00 every 3 years doesn't bother me as much as putting out over $100 in one full swoop with the HOPE that it will be lifelong friend. Besides, I'm moody!
My condolences BTW

Susanne said...

Gibee, I'm so sorry! How your heart must be breaking! Go for the walymart. Mine's still great after probably 6 years. I agree with kpjara. $100 bucks in one fell swoop on a hope it'll last? Not me! Just don't walk out the store with it in the stroller! :)

Heather Smith said...

Well, from the girl who normally does the curly thing and just lets my hair dry naturally, I'm not sure about a hair dryer. Personally I'm with the other ladies and I'd say go w/ the Wal-marty kind, but if you want that nice cozy guarantee on the box feeling (sorry Tommy Boy reference there) then go for the other one! Have a good one girl! And thanks again for the PAR-TEE!

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

$130? For a hair dryer? Oh, honey, DEFINITELY go to Wal Mart.

Tess said...

wrong, wrong, wrong.

Chilihead2 said...

Wal-Mart. Or a garage sale. ;) I find it very hard to believe that ANY hair product or tool is really worth more than $10-$20. Have you seen how much they want for a straightening iron? Puh-leeze. That's why I have a perm.

org junkie said...

I loved this post! I cannot live without my blowdryer. Not sure what I would ever do without it. Most people don't understand my obsession. My hair is a disaster if left to dry naturally. Go for the Walmart cheapy because personally I like to buy the latest and greatest every couple of years (okay who am I kidding, every year) and this way I don't have to feel quilty about it. Good luck....I feel your pain!

Mama D said...

Crap. I felt really bad there for a minute. I recommend the more expensive version. When recommending flat irons to my clients I always suggest they buy the more expensive version. That way they'll never have to worry about getting another for many, many years. That is my professional opinion.

aggiejenn said...

Seriously I was about to start praying for you when I realized you were grieving the loss of your hairdryer. I'm with Tess...that's just wrong! :-) I got mine at Wal-Mart several years ago and it works great. It's a Remington Pro Air and I love it. (My sister, who will spend a lot of money on a straightening iron, also has the same hairdryer.)

aggiejenn said...

And, by the way, my Bloglines are BROKEN and I missed your postings this weekend. Boohoohoohoo.

Jeana said...

Dadgum you! I was all sad and feeling bad for you, and wondering how Connie died and thinking of the sympathetic comment I was going to leave. That was sneaky!

Dionna Sanchez said...

You are such a stitch!

I'd love to have you on hand as a mom mentor! I need Christian moms who would be willing to mentor other moms via email. Interested? Email me at :)

Lauren said...

Okay, did Dionne call you what I think she called you? Wow.

I thought it was funny, I got that something ain't right with this post feeling on the second sentence and scrolled down right then so I guess because I wasn't crying yet, I laughed.

Cheap one, cheap one, cheap one. How much longer than ten years do you expect a blowdryer to live? Do you want to be holding a heavy, bulky twenty year old $130 blow dryer, when everyone else has got the latest 2oz., invisable one in 2026?

Morning Glory said...

What a tragedy!! Life cannot go ON without the hair dryer! But, I say quick and cheap for the replacement. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Personally, I like the $10 little ones.

Midlife Moments said...

I read that, wondering how you could be so "together" while typing.... and then got to the end and seriously burst out laughing (my family stopped and looked!)

Id opt for the expensive one, but only because it sounds as if you cant handle another loss such as the one with Connie ;)

Have a wonderfully Blessed day!

Stacey said...

I seriously thought someone died... You're a nut!!

I always but whatever I can find at Walmart or Target but I've heard the more expensive ones can be nice.

Carol said...

Good grief! You had me going there for a while, girl. Don't do that to me - I'm like starting to tear up at the poem and then...gah!

Save yourself some money, electricity and a few split ends - air dry like I do.


GiBee said...

You are all a HOOT! I did have fun typing this post, but seriously, I did receive some horrible, and REAL news today. I will share more tomorrow. In fact, I feel rather silly having posted this now in the light of what has happened.

But, thank you all for playing along, and tomorrow, you can really help mend my broken heart.

Peach said...

Silly, silly girl . . . you had me goin' too! I agree with all the bargain hunters out there that encourage cheap. I've got a newer "Connie" that I paid 13.95 for at WM, and she's going strong after 5+ years.

Praying for you for the real thing already. Comin' back tomorrow to check on you, friend.

BooMama said...

I had a hairdryer that could take the paint off of a wall - it lasted for about 10 years - and I haven't found one as good since (cheap or expensive). So now I just do the WalMart thang.

But you have to accept that it'll never be the same. So sorry for your loss.


missmellifluous said...

My hairdryer went up in flames this week, too! It is completely tragic.

Old reliable hairdryers are like old friends. There is so much doubt about getting a new one...Will this new hairdryer know how I like my hair? Will it suit my needs? Will it be reliable? Can I trust it not to make me fluffy and fuzzy? Should I invest more $ to make sure I get quality?

I just have to make sure my hair dryers have at least two heat settings, two power settings a cold setting and a cool blast button. Then it's fine.

HolyMama! said...

GiBee, you are such a nut!

You know who always had the BEST hairdryers that work really fast? hotels. ever noticed that? next time i need one, i'll see what the hotels are using first!

Stephanie said...

I totally bought it...hook, line and sinker! You are good!!!;)