Friday, June 02, 2006


It is simply Un-Bee-lievable!
The BUZZ around town is that
Momrn2's daughter is going home! TODAY!
Welcome home, sweetie! We are all rejoicing with you!

It wasn't too long ago that Momrn2 posted a plea for prayer for her gravely ill daughter. Okay. Maybe it was. But God was faithful in answering prayer! And now, we are all doing the slap-happy silly-willy dance for her dear and precious daughter's return home!

So ... in honor of this big event ... She Lives has graciously offered to host a very special event ... the largest blog welcome-home event ever!!! She even has an auto linky thing that you can go to and visit all the special welcome home wishes to our special little friend! And you can join in by posting a special welcome home message on your blog and boot-scoot on over to Carol's place and register your name on the list...

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