Monday, July 03, 2006

Some Gave All -- A Tribute to the Fallen

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A dear friend of mine, Lauren from Created, called me this past Friday. First of all, I loved touching base with her again. It has been a long time since we've talked in real-time. And you know what? She's a normal, hilarious chick! I know, I know ... a complete shocker, huh?

Anyway, she asked me what I thought about putting up a special blog to honor the fallen soldiers that have fought bravely in both Iraq and Afghanistan. To be honest, I was a wee bit distracted by my family at the exact moment she asked me that, and I think I had to ask her to repeat to me a couple times what she just said. I say this just so that Lauren doesn't think I'm slow on the uptake, or anything like that. When it finally sunk in what she was saying, I think I was rendered speechless. Yes, friends ... speechless. It was such a simple, yet fabulous idea. There are over 2500 brave men and women that have given their lives to fight a greater cause than I can even wrap my arms around. They have done it self-LESS-ly. And we want to honor them.

Our Goal: To honor every single person that has sacrificed their life, and to post it between July 4th, and Labor day on Some Gave All.

What we've done: Lauren has birthed this child. Jules has designed the beautiful blog header and button. Suziepie has done her magic in cleaning the blog up. And voila ... Some Gave All was born. The technical part is done.

What YOU can do: You (we) can go to the blog. Select a name. Type up a simple tribute to them, thanking them (and if you wish, their family) for their priceless sacrifice. You can either choose someone from your state, your town, your family, a friend, or a stranger. It doesn't matter if you know them or not. There are several links on Some Gave All that have been provided as tools for gaining information on the person you plan to honor. It can be a paragraph long, or it can be a blovel (blog novel) -- the purpose is just to honor them. That's it.

This project DOES NOT belong to just Jules, Lauren, Susie, or GiBee -- no friends ... it belongs to all of us! Why? Because they are fighting for you and for me.

How it happens: YOU write a post thanking a fallen soldier on your blog. YOU email us the link to your post. WE will like your post on Some Gave All and email you the Some Gave All button to display on your blog.

I'm copying Jules here ... because she said it best: We ask that your blog be free of profanity, and that it be family-friendly, as this tribute is designed to honor the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families. We respectfully ask that your tribute be courteous, respectful and free from any political views. Propoganda will not be allowed.

A tribute may look something like this:

"As an American citizen I thank you, (soldier's name here), for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt."

You may contact us for more details at

Please visit at ... Some Gave All.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

P.S. -- two more things: 1) I'll be posting a tribute to my friend Justin Davis on July 4th. Come back and check it out! 2) Please --- check out the Operation Helmet and Operation AC (Care Boxes) Links on Some Gave All.

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