Monday, July 10, 2006

A Friend In The Middle of the Sweltering Heat...

Friday evening, I got a phone call. You'll never guess who it was! I'll give you a hint ... It was a beautiful blogging sister ... Time's up! It was Momrn2 !!! Okay, you might have guessed if you read her post about it ... but let me just say how much her phone call lifted my spirits. I just kept sitting there thinking ... "oh, my goodness ... oh, my goodness! She's called me!" Sort of as if she was a celebrity! Of course, as she mentioned in her post, our first call was cut short ... she was much kinder by saying that I needed to tend to "motherly duties," making it sound so glamorous ... when actually, I had to clean up an exploded poopie diaper that went all over Hunter's legs, belly, carpet, and me... then I had to bathe the child ... and then ... I returned her phone call. What a joy she is. And, like Lauren, who called me last Friday ... Momrn2 is NOT an evil axe murderer either! So pleasant, so kind ... the call was so thoughtful, that my husband and I chatted about it afterwards.

It was another good thing for my husband to see and hear. I think he's slowly coming around to accepting the fact that I'm not blogging with mean, evil people that want to come steal my child, my belongings, or my dog. Not that anyone would want her, but you know what I mean!

While I was talking to her on the second phone call, our air conditioner broke. Kapute. Dead. It cut our phone call short again, but I felt the glow of her love and warmth all weekend long. Well, I also felt the glow and warmth of sleeping in an 80 degree house without air conditioning ... only fans ... but the warmth that filled my heart was from the special phone call. Thank you, friend! It was most welcome (and needed)!

Then on Sunday, my sister-in-law (my husband's brother's wife, but she and Sunshine [husband's sister] have the same names, so I'll have to come up with a name for her so as not to confuse people) gave me a hug, and spoke some words of encouragement to me about not caring what other's thought about me on the beach, but that I should concentrate on spending time with my son and having fun, creating memories, and pretty much, chasing after him. She's right. It's just a lot harder to do when you know you've got cottage cheese peeking out from under that swimming suit.

Finally, I went up for prayer on Sunday. The pastor rebuked satan and the feelings of depression he was placing on me. And, today, I feel better. I can feel the fog starting to lift. It's strange how depression can creep up on you. Even when you're taking medication for it. Recently (as in the past week), I have seen how hard satan is at work. He is working overtime to bring many of my friends down. But he doesn't have a strong foothold, and his grip is weak, and slowly, he's being kicked to the curb. Hallelujah!

So, now ... we are sweltering in a hot, muggy home. We try to surround ourselves with fans, we have all the windows open, and fortunately, up until Sunday afternoon, the weekend wasn't humid. But then ... BAM ... the humidity slapped us in the face. This morning, I took a shower, dried my hair, and felt like I needed another shower! Ugh! So, I thought I'd let you know, that due to the lack of air conditioning in our home ... which brings on a lack of sleep, we shall be leaving tonight to go to the beach instead of tomorrow. YAY!!! I need the break! So, you probably won't hear a peep out of me all this week. I'll try to log in at some time, but... don't hold your breath!


kpjara said...

Enjoy your vacation and FUN TIME on the beach! Wear your sunscreen and reapply as directed! Nothing's worse than a beach vacation from your hotel room due to a bad burn! yeah, I know about that one!

Donnetta said...

"Sort of as if she was a celebrity!" Ha ha ha... that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!

Such kind, sweet words! Really, the pleasure was all mine!!!

So sorry to hear the AC hasn't been fixed! Praying for a beautiful, restful, COOL time at the beach. I will miss you while you are gone, but will be eagerly awaiting for your return!

Have a FABULOUS time!!

Angie said...

Oh, I so know the feeling of "celebrity" from when you called me. You sweet thing!

I hope you have a blast at the beach! Which beach are you going to anyways? I am glad that you are feeling better. Keep your chin up and who cares about the cottage cheese, just have fun! I'm sure it is not as bad as you think it is. I am at the beach all the time and I'm sure that I have more "cheese" than you do!

I will surely miss you while you are gone! Hugs!

Susanne said...

Well if it makes you feel any "cooler" I am a big "fan" of yours and want to wish you a great holiday. Know that I'll continue praying for you as your having a well deserved vacation with your familiy and know that I'll miss your posts!

Heather Smith said...

I hope you have a GREAT trip! I just found out I'll be getting to go to the beach FOR FREE in a few weeks! Yay!

Shalee said...

Oh Gibee - have the best time possible and enjoy your family!

Wow, you talked to momrn2? Now that's right up there with my getting to meet Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer... I may never wash this hand again. And it's been weeks!

Diane Viere said...

Have a well-deserved--great time away! Even though I'm just a tad bit JEALOUS!!!!!! you spoke to MomRN2!!!!!! I hope you continue to feel better!

:) Diane

Carol said...

Okay! I hope you have fun. And a safe trip. And not too much sand in your tidy whities.

(Psssst...Air drying hair keeps you cooler than the Connie monster.)

Overwhelmed! said...

Have a great time on the beach and don't worry about how you look in a swimsuit. Just have fun with your family!

Shawna said...

I just wrote a post about my AC going out. I also mentioned one of your posts on my blog (What Goes-What Doesn't) without knowing it was you, now I do. Hope your vacation is great & your air is fixed.