Thursday, July 20, 2006

I need to quit procrastinating...

Dear blogging friends ....

So ... earlier this morning, I was emailing back and forth with KPJara (yes, THE KPJara) and I think I might have said something like ... "Well, I need to go and get working on my post before "someone" (yes, I'm referring to her) gets impatient and starts emailing me and asking where my post is... And, being the truly loving and understanding friend that she is ... she emailed me back and sweetly asked me ... "so, where's your post." Oh, man, she just cracks me UP!!!

And, that's when it happened. I choked. I realized I didn't really have much to chat about, and, well ... didn't have a clue as to what I was going to write about. Good grief ... I just told her I had to go work on a post ... all important like, as if I really had something to say, and now ... well ... I'm coming up empty.

I think it's my own fault. My brain is full of ... stuff. Distracting stuff. Stuff that is just empty blah, blah, blah stuff.

Like the family I blogged about yesterday. Still. And, then I popped over to Shannon from Rocks, and saw her post about having A Little Perspective, and man ... she brought it home again. I have a roof over my head. A comfy bed, AC, food, etc. I'm all good there, thank you Lord!!!

Then, there's the fact that my BAG with all my beach clothes is STILL unpacked, sitting on my loveseat in my bed room. I'm feeling a wee bit discouraged about that.

Of course, there's always the point that my house is in a constant chaotic MESS. How do women that have full time jobs and children (oh, and lives, too) keep their house so orderly and clean? HOW, I ask???!!! I have piles of papers everywhere. My den has been re-decorated by crumpled and torn magazines and pieces of paper that my little boy felt looked better scattered around the floor then in the trash can, and really, I haven't had the heart (read: TIME) to pick it all up, because he worked so hard at it.

I have unfolded CLEAN clothing on one bed in my guest bedroom, and I have dirty clothes on the floor in MY bedroom. The only person that has their laundry caught up is HUNTER. How'd he do that? 'Cause Momma needs a few pointers! And, let's not even mention the closets. OOOOHHH, the closets!!! And drawers. SHHHH. Don't say that word around me. And, you know what? I have a very important guest coming to stay with me in August for a wonderful weekend of singing and fellowship ... yup, HEATHER is spending the night at my home. Won't she be surprised when I point her in the direction of the clean pile of clothing that needs to be folded! Party Time... (yeah, RIGHT!)

I hope you realize, that all this means that I probably WONT be participating in the long awaited Tour of Homes being hosted by our very own BooMama (who, by the way, is read by TENS of people each and every day, in case you didn't know). Actually (insert evil laugh) I should probably take a picture of the real Casa de GiBee so you don't think that I'm as organized as I once USED to be... or THOUGHT I was, or might even sound like I am. Which ever one comes first. Fortunately, my kitchen is sort of in order (hallelujah, praise Jesus), and my family room (now that we've moved the coffee table out for Hunter's safety) is pretty clean too. Hunter's room is okay, and yeah, the guest rooms are okay too. Now that I think of it, the dining room's okay too, and so's the un-decorated rec room. Maybe I'm just feeling all cluttered up and messy and unorganized and yucky because the rooms I can never seem to get to are MY bedroom, the den, and the living room, which ... for your information (like you need to know) has a treadmill that hasn't been fully put together sitting right in the middle of it, along with one lone coffee table straddled across it, some baby paraphernalia (do you know how long it took me to spell that word right?), a booster seat, and, well ... the regular living room furniture. Ugh!

Now that I really sit and ponder over all this ... I guess I realize that I'm mostly feeling BAD BAD BAD about my own bedroom. It's huge. And ... it's filthy. I think it has 9 months worth of dust collected everywhere. Laundry hampers are overflowing. Clean clothes, beach clothes (in a suitcase) and stuff piled over "there" and books, baby toys, heating pad, shoes, and papers piled over "here." I don't have a headboard to snaz the room up, and I have two plastic three-drawer bins for night tables, and my bathroom hasn't been cleaned in a month of Sundays. I can't believe I just admitted that. Just don't share that bit of info with anyone. It's just between YOOOOU and MEEE. (EXCEPT the toilet and sink. I clean that regularly.)

I guess the only true comfort I have right now is, I get off work soon, dinner is in the crock pot, I get to see my toothy boy, and KPJara is calling me tonight. Now I'm starting to cheer up!!! Sort of.

Well, I'll let you get back to more important blog reading ... have a wonderful day filled with the love and peace that you can only find through Jesus!

The so-NOT-Proverbs 31 woman!


kpjara said...

Uh...I thought you didn't have anything to post? LOL!

You make me laugh and THANK you for validating my own less than spectacular home...who looks in the drawers anyway...I can barely get the darn things open with all the clothes stuffed in there!

Laura said...

Oh Gibee, I'm feeling for you. Its so easy to get overwhelmed and even more so when working outside of the home. I'm on mat leave right now but let me tell you when I was working and things got chaotic around my home I'd go mental. I can totally relate. Its such an out of control feeling. Well I'll let you in on a little secret. I may be an organizing junkie but I'm not a cleaner so I'd have someone come in to take care of the cleaning part for me. Whew did that ever help. I just realized that I couldn't do it all and I wasn't superwoman, you know. Anyway having said that I think your bedroom is weighing on you the most so if you can get that done you will feel so much better. Hang in there! One day at a time!

Shawna said...

It's okay, Gibee. We've all got something we need/want to work on, & most people have at least one room in their house that is out of control, especially when they have small children. Just take it one little pile at a time. :)

Faith said...

So sad that you didn't have anything to post about! ;D

Susanne said...

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. Don't look at the whole thing, just one small part of it at a time. If I was there I'd come and give you a hand. But parts of mine is no pretty picture either. I've always wanted to get a group of 3 or 4 ladies who once a month went on a power clean in each others houses. You know many hands make light work and all that!

Anonymous said...

GiBee, you have to participate in the home just HAVE to!

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that your home isn't perfect, didn't I read here once that your husband trained you well? Huh? Go figure? ;-)

Heather Smith said...

Hmmm...It was my brother that wanted to stay at your house. He loves laundry...LOL! Seriously, I can't wait until August, laundry or no! TTYL!

Jennifer said...

I've decided to participate in the Tour of Homes and take a picture of my study where I blog AS IS...which is EXTREMELY disorganized with unfiled papers everywhere! :-) Most of us have disorganized houses at one time or another and haven't cleaned certain areas for as long as we can remember. You're not the only one! My motto is...Do one thing a day...sometimes that all the time and/or energy I have!

Melissa said...


I TOTALLY understand! I can never seem to get my room & bathroom clean. I'm great at making excuses (I work full time, etc.)...but I need to get better about it.

I think it's easy to just shut down & get depressed...but God wants us to have victory here! Let's ask Him for it! I'm willing if you are...


Stacey said...

Wow, Shalee sent me over here and I had no idea I missed this one. Glad she brought this to my attention. I gotta hand it to you girl, I don't know how you get it all done with work, a baby, a husband. From what I've read, I think you're a great mother and I love your blog!! Who really cares if your bathroom is dirty... there are much more important things in life!!

Grafted Branch said...

Honesty! I love it!

O.k...a few thoughts. Hunter's clothes are caught up because he insists on wearing the same ones day after day, right? (Well, mine do. And no, I don't really let them...if they smell.)

Parents' bedrooms aren't meant to be dusted but quarterly, if you ask me. Make that a goal -- 4/year -- it's do-able.

Don't ya just wish everyone would just STAND STILL! for a couple of days so you could catch up?

Don't ya just wish you could toss everything into a trash bag and start over?

Hang in there. Keep perspective, like Shannon said.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

now Gibee if you want to bless me you will participate in the tour of homes and SHOW me your chaos. because as i say to my friends, it is MEDICINE for me to see other people's messes. my mother has told me my whole life "people don't live like this" about my messes and you know - i still kind of believe her.

Tackle it Tuesday has been such a blessing for me though. I am slowing getting my house under control WHILE i get posts done for me blog. very cool.

Rebekah said...

I've been gone a couple of days - I'm just catching up on my blog reading - sorry this is a bit late.

I have one question for you. Are you sure you just described your bedroom and bath? Because I SWEAR! you HAD to have been sitting smack dab in the middle of my room!

rena said...

Hi...I popped in from Shalee's Diner. I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm a working mom, though mine are late teens and as part of my job I enter about 5 - 10 homes a week. None of them are "neat and orderly"... everyone is in the same boat...I think we think everyone else's home is perfect, we tend to set our standards too high and then burn out trying to achieve them. Pace yourself...ask hubby for help....and throw everything into one room that no one sees.

AnneK said...

Hi Gibee,

I came over from Shalee's and may I just tell you how much your post encouraged me? I work full time too and the feelings you described are SO true! The papers in the coffee table, living room, bathroom! I had to chuckle at what you wrote about the kitchen. Same here :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I totally know what you're saying!

I'm married, have a 17 mo old, work full time (outside the home). Our bedroom has been a total disaster! For months! I looked one day and there was a dresser. The next time I looked it was buried under papers, stuffed animals, baby shower stuff, etc.

I've started a semi routine of doing a couple of loads of laundry around 6am-7am before I go to work and before Joshua (my son) gets up.
I've started trying to make sure the dishes are in the dishwasher and going or make sure the clean ones are out and put away. That's all I can do. Then I have to go. My husband stays at home with our son and works part time outside the home, so he does a few chores!

But I've got another bedroom that needs to be TOTALLY cleaned out and re-decorated into another baby nursery. That's going to be a highly challenging task!