Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What up wit dat?

So, today is a yucky, down kinda day. I don't feel like doing much. I was, however, just doing some housecleaning on my blog, and noticed that my beautiful, blingy award from Carol at She Lives was not showing up on my sidebar! What up wit dat? Que pasa? We can NOT have that! No! So, I had to go back into the language and figure out what was going on, but ... since I have no clue, I just went back to my email, copied the whole thing again, and repasted it. I think it's there now.

And then, I vaguely remember someone tagging me for something, and I remember thinking, I can't do it now, but I'll get to it, and then ... nada. I forgot. It's gone. Don't know who tagged me, can't remember what the tag was for. So... if you were the tagger, can you remind me what I was supposed to do? My mind has gotten lost. What up wit dat?

Lately, my life has become so hectic. Yeah, I know ... everyone's life is hectic. But summer just seems to be even MOOORE hectic. No free time. Lot's of stuff to do. Rush, rush, rush. Run, run, run. Why is summer more hectic than any other season? I mean, I can't even keep up with my blogging pals... We should be paid to blog full time. What up wit dat?

I have suddenly been inundated with SPAM mail in my blog email account. Weird, WEIRD stuff that I won't even open. In fact, I get about 15 or more spam emails a day. What up wit dat?

My husband's family came and ate dinner with us on the 4th of July. We had a lot of fun together. We had burgers (brownies), ribs (brownies), corn on the cob (brownies), tater salad (brownies), green beans (brownies), and I'm sure there was something else (brownies), but it doesn't come to mind right now. What up wit dat? (Discipline. It's what I DON'T have when a plate of warm brownies is sitting on my kitchen table.)

Today, I am feeling like I just don't care. About anything. Except, of course, the men in my life... but other than that ... baah. Just don't care. What up wit dat?

I keep trying to go to my friend's blog called Flip Flops at -- but for some reason, the page can not be found... What up wit dat? Someone PALEEZE tell me she's okay!

Yesterday, I ran to the grocery store. Twice. Oh, my achin' feet and back. And someone -- anyone -- please tell me -- why do the stinking grocery carts get funky wheels that won't let you steer the darned thing right? What up wit dat?

Last night, we were rudely kept awake by neighbors setting off illegal fireworks. Seeing that we have just received a bountiful 12" or so of rain over the past 5-ish days, I guess there is little chance of wild fires ripping through our neighborhood, but PALEEZE ... 10:30 at night? Do you know the trauma you caused my dog to have? The sleepless hours my husband (who has to wake up at 4:15 am) had to endure? The 15 minute wait I had on the "non-emergency" police line just to report you? And then, as if you knew I was parked on hold, you STOP the second the nice police lady, who assured me she understands all about keeping infants asleep while idiots light the sky with (did I mention) illegal fireworks and what sounds like CANONS tells me that she'll send a police cruiser out once she gets through the 30-some calls they have on hold? What up wit dat?

And as if fireworks weren't enough ... we get a 5-alarm thunderboomer that is so loud it shakes the house, causing my dear husband to sulk off to the "other-other" guest bedroom (because his parents are in the "other" guest bedroom) so the dog will leave.him.alone. so he can get some, if any, sleep before 4:30 rolls around.

I have bad feet. Not as in -- stinky feet -- as in -- owww, my feet are killing me, I can't take it anymore, feet. The little bones on the top of my feet hurt, hurt, hurt, and I can't bend my toes very well. And that's saying something, because I'm pretty darned flexible. Everywhere. I feel like they've been put through one of those wringer-style washing machines! I was complaining yesterday evening, and rubbing my poor feet, and I think I said something like, "Honey, I think I have arthritis in my feet." And he said ... "Maybe it's cancer." As in a snide way of saying -- "have you made an appointment with the doctor yet? I'm tired of hearing about it without you taking any action." I know, I need to see a doctor, and I've made an appointment, but ... what up wit dat? Anyway, if you have bad feet, go to The Big Trade Off and check out all the shoes mentioned in the comments for owie feet.

Blogger won't let me post any pictures. What up wit dat?

It's easier for me to go to work ... because then, I can whip right through all my blogs. I thought getting hooked up with wireless at home would help. But it doesn't. Maybe it's all the distractions at home. Maybe it's the infant trying to "eh, eh, eh, eh" reach the keyboard and push all the pretty buttons. Maybe it's because I don't have a "real keyboard and mouse" -- which ever reason you choose, it seems like I get far behind on reading all my favs ... but at work, I can breeze through them all. What up wit dat?

This morning, I was side tracked from getting my coffee by our secretary who had been out with an abscessed tooth. She was explaining to me how a tooth she had a root canal in had an abscessed infection and it caused her face to swell up like a bull frog. She went to the ER twice, and they finally sliced her gums open to drain the ... stuff ... and pulled the tooth. I guess she forgot that I just had a root canal and she was scaring the living daylights out of me. Joy. What up wit dat?

Remember reading about the fireworks, thunderstorms and husband that wakes up at 4:30 to go to work a bit above? Well, said husband stayed home today. And I was so excited, because his parents are staying at our home to watch Hunter while his daycare provider is on vacation. So, being that I'm all happy that my main man stayed home, I asked him ... "Hey! Wanna have a romantic lunch date with me?" And he said ... "We'll see." And it's now 11:30 -- MY lunch time, and he hasn't called me to make any plans... instead he's shopping at Toys R Us with his parents and my other little man. So ... What up wit DAT? Feeling kinda dissed! Kicked to the curb!

Never mind. It's now 12:00, and he just called to tell me he's got to take the van through inspection. And my son and his parents are joining us for our romantic date lunch. I love his parents. I love my son. But every now and then I want some alone time with my husband. So, I'm off to meet my family for lunch... What up wit dat?



Katherine@Raising Five said...

I've had a few of those "can-we-not-be-alone?" dates. But I can make something romantic out of just about anything if I don't have to cook!

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoyed reading your incredible story - what a blessing and inspiration.

Mama D said...

Just let it all out Gibee. I was just commenting to someone the other day how hectic summer seems when I thought it was supposed to be all laid back and relaxing... What up wit dat?

And I also have been inundated with spam lately...Weird.

Sorry about the fireworks, thunderstorm, sore feet and 'family' lunch.

Hope you have a good day anyway!

Grrr...Blogger is definately acting up. You will definately have a good day if you stay away from your computer.

Midlife Moments said...

I was wondering the same about Flip Flops blog... any news?

Be Blessed!

Jeana said...

I am suddenly picturing you with a few gold teeth, a huge gold dollar sign as big as your head hangin from a necklace, and great big pants that you have to keep pulling up because they're so huge and keep falling down, revealing your boxer shorts underneath. Oh, and you keep making this hand signal where you spread all your fingers out and hold out your hand, palm facing yourself. And you have a do-rag on your head and a microphone in your free hand. Next you'll be talking about the shizzle-manizzle. What up with that? :-)

oh, and this is THE LONGEST word verification I've ever seen, and contains the letters STD. I am very scared.

Shalee said...

I suggest you find two brownies and eat them and then go home. You need to start over again. But not until you go out for lunch. Maybe the folks will pay.

Oh, and the word verification will not accept this comment, even though I have double checked the typing! What up wit dat!?

It did it again! (Please oh please say that 3 times is the charm...)

Sheri said...

flipflop moved to umm...

Morning Glory said...

Mama said there'd be days like this. I'm so sorry you're having such a bummer time. Hope it gets better soon.

aggiejenn said...

Glad you got all that out. Wish I knew "what up wit ALL dat!" I know about the fireworks keeping everyone, including dogs, awake. Except where we live they're not illegal...we live outside the city limits. It's annoying.

I'm with Jeana on the longest word verifications ever.

Hope your day gets better and you and hubby get some alone time soon. We need some over here as well. :-)

Kristen said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. I've had a few "what up wit dat" moments lately, too. In fact, I wrote about them today, also.

Sounds like that healthy food (brownies) was wonderful! :-)

momrn2 said...

All that and it's not even a Monday?! What up wit dat?

Hope tomorrow is better!!

Susanne said...

Oh my! That's quite a day! I agree with Shalee, grab a couple brownies and run! Hope tomorrow goes better!

Carol said...

Well, you definitely have a lot to pout about. I'm glad there are no huge catastrophic-type things going on, though. Might be time for some ugly-but-comfy shoes for a while? I get really cranky when my feet are cranky.

kpjara said...

It's Thursday, so life should be better?

I hope you "found" flip flop. I read yesterday the meds seem to be working for her hubby! So prayers are good.

My own personal opinion is: Even when life is GRAND, brownies just make it better! Though coming from a confessed choco-holic...probably not much assurance there! and Whomever said: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"...never tried good brownies! LOL! Prayers for rest and renewal and restoring of the Gibee optimism we all love so!

Overwhelmed! said...

Whew! That's quite a list! :)

I consumed way too many brownies on the 4th myself.

And I hear you on the desire for some private time with the hubby! It doesn't happen enough at my end either!