Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Toss-up

I started not to post today, because I have so much catching up to do on all my dearly loved blogs, that the thought of coming up with a Tuesday Toss Up was much to much for my poor tired brain today. But, then I went to Callapidder Days to catch up with her, and Katrina had such an excellent discussion on prayer going, that I thought I'd bring it on over here!!!

Katrina's Bible class leader threw out some questions that I thought were quite thought provoking ... "How should we pray?" "Should we pray over lots of specifics?" "Is it okay to ask God for what we would like (such as physical healing, a new job, etc.)?" "Or should we just ask God for His will to be done and leave it at that?"

And, I can't help but laugh at her commentary, because oh, have I been there too! I have had the perfect answer on prayer, only to find out that I didn't really have it all figured out!

I have prayed for specifics before: "Lord, please bring the poop on..." "Lord, that's a little too much poop! Can you slow it down?" "Lord, please guide my car down this icy hill." "Lord, please fix that weird sound my car is making!" "Lord, please stretch this lasagna and bread to feed many more than it's intended to."

I know, they may sound like silly little prayers, but I honestly feel that nothing is too insignificant for us to pray about.

I've also prayed for what I want: "Lord, please give us a child." "Lord, help us find a home to buy." "Lord, please bless me with this job." "Lord, I would like a used white Expedition with leather interior, and everything automatic, and low, low mileage so I can drive the youth around."

Yeah. That last one sounds really selfish, but guess what? It was the first time I was ever so specific, and He answered this prayer with exactly what I asked for! And, as an added bonus, we purchased the car from a fine Christian family (that we didn't know before hand!) who took excellent care of the car. The Lord knows our heart's desires even before we voice them.

And then, there have been times (like now) when all I could do was/is ask for the Lord's will to be done, because I have too much emotion invested: "Lord, make our future housing situation clear and give me peace about it." "Lord, we're having our fifth fertility procedure. If it's your will for us to have a child, so be it. If not, give me peace and an attitude of acceptance." "Lord, you know what our financial needs are. If it's your will for me to stay home, please make a way."

Katrina ended her post with a beautiful prayer ... and she asked God to forgive her for being a spiritual snob, and for thinking she had prayer all figured out when she is still learning ... I love that. We all can be spiritual snobs at times, but she is so right. We are all still learning. Just when we think we have everything figured out, the Lord throws a kink in our plans to help us learn something new. Or maybe I throw a kink in God's plan that causes me to learn something new. Regardless ... we are constantly learning.

So, in the spirit of Tuesday Toss Up...
~What are your thoughts on prayer?
~And, what are some of the prayers you've thrown out to God ... silly ones, serious ones, big picture ones...
~Share them and your thoughts with us!
~Inquiring minds want to know!


Heather Smith said...

Ahhh...prayer, a subject that you could speak for hours on and never scratch the surface of. Prayer is such a privelege. I mean think about it, we have the RIGHT to go before and Almighty GOD and talk to Him. And He cares. He understands our pain. He understands our joy. He has been where we are. It's a thought I can even begin to fathom.
As far as silly prayers, I've asked God to make the gas hand stand still because pay-day was just one day away. (He did it too!)
Serious prayers would be when I felt led to pray that God would do WHATEVER it took to make my friend see his need to return to his walk with God. The next week my friend attempted suicide, and I was able to talk to him in the hospital. Several weeks later he rededicated his life to God. Yes, some prayers are definitely Spirit led because outside of the Spirit, a "DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO" is too hard to pray!
Hey, the word "pie" is in word verification. Makes me think of that caramel apple pie, I really need a Costco membership!

Melissa said...


I posted a response on my blog (actually, I just reposted an old entry that seemed to be an appropriate response.)

I think it's great that God gave you the vehicle. Don't we want to give our kids things? Of course God wants to give us good things...He's our Daddy! And isn't that just precious?!

Katrina said...

Well, as I've learned - and as I keep learning - it's all about the attitude. God, our Father, loves us more than we can imagine, and wants to hear from us about everything. Everything. But the key for me is that I need to pray honestly, from the heart, expressing my concerns, desires, dreams...but all the while, wanting God's will most of all, knowing that He is wise, just, merciful, and good - and by far the One most qualified to know what the best answers are.

Tawnya said...

I have been searching for quite a long period of time for blogs that had Christian gals that I could connect with. I have recently stumbled across many. I dont know how to become friends with you amazing gals but I would sure love the opportunity to share our faith, our struggles, our lives even if it thru this whole blogging world. I love Christ, but struggle a lot with just not feeling good enough. I am a Christian but am just struggling with feeling worthy. I know, I am sounding nuts now I am sure... I am totally babbling....

I have prayed for health or my family, health for a boy struggling with cancer, that I could lose weight, that my marriage could grow stronger, that I could be a better mother to my two children, that my husbands relationship with my daughter could grow into something special... for my mother... for Isreal, for a soldier I know who is serving in Iraq... prayer is anything and everything... it is a must...

wow, that was even more babble....

kpjara said...

Oops...I read the others first...but I'll add to what has already been written.

I absolutely couldn't get through my day without prayer. Prayer is the one way I know I am speaking DIRECTLY to God. I know He is hearing me and responding. I know He sometimes WAITS for me TO pray before He acts.

I love that God is just a prayer away. I love that, unlike cell phones, I don't ever have to charge my prayer batteries before I call out to him. I love that it's a high end video phone. I love that we have unlimited minutes on this plan. I love that He gets just as excited to hear from us as we do when we call Him...probably more sometimes. I love that He can soothe us immediately sometimes as soon as the words are out of our mouths. I also love that the enemy can hear this and is put in his place through prayer to God. I love that I can end prayers..."In Jesus Name", because He says I can!

So much, can't wait to read the others responses!

Susanne said...

Prayer to me is the privelage of communicating with my Father God. The bible says "To cast your care upon Him, for He careth for you". To me that means the majors and the minors. Prayer is the pouring of our hearts to God, He knows what we're feeling and thinking anyway and I think He wants the relationship building with Him that that sharing brings about. He may or may not answer our prayers in the way our limited mind, will and emotions want, but that's branching into another topic.

I also believe the Lord wants us to grow in prayer and that means learning to listen, not just ask all the time. That's what a relationship is, it's a two way street. I also believe as we grow in Him and gain faith that we would study the different kinds of prayer in His word and be able to use all kinds.

But mainly I think His Father heart just wants us to get to know Him.

Peach said...

Come see my take on this at my site, because I didn't want to monopolize the whole comment section.

Chappyswife said...

I commented on this at Katrina's site, too. I love this discussion and appreciate new insights. I am struggling with praying specifically and praying God's Will. I need to find a happy medium. So many Scriptures come to mind.

Brenda said...

Wow. So many good comments already. Great discussion.

I've learned a lot about prayer in a short amount of time, and I'm still learning. I've learned that He does care about the little things as well as the big things, and He wants us to come to Him with all of it.

My mom and I don't see eye to eye about what we should pray for or how often. She says pray once, give it to Him, and don't worry about it anymore. Don't keep bothering Him with little things, she says.

I say everything is little next to God, but the point is not the size of the problem it's the size of our faith. It's not that hard to go to
Him with the big things, especially when we're overwhelmed. Even non-Christians have been known to cry out to God in dire circumstances.

He says "Pray without ceasing." and "In everything give thanks."
It's not that He needs to know that we are completely dependent upon Him, but that WE need to acknowledge our constant need for Him and to be aware of His constant presence.

I have to remind myself sometimes to pray over the small stuff because that's where I find that I'm relying on my own abilities and taking Him for granted. Prayer isn't always about asking Him for things - sometimes it's about listening - but it is always always about communicating with Him.

He does always answer, just not always in the ways we expect. The thought came to mind today as I was pondering this that knowing His will doesn't necessarily mean knowing the outcome. And that's probably another topic for another day.

Thanks for the discussion! Sorry about the blovel!

Overwhelmed! said...

Great thought provoking post, Gibee!

I pray about nearly everything, large and small. Sometimes I'm specific and sometimes I just ask God to show me His will.

My most recent round of prayers is about an adoption lead that I've been told about. The baby is due in February. I pray that God shows us His will in this situation.

GiBee said...

Ladies -- awesome remarks -- really! This is why I love Tuesday Toss Up so much...

Heather -- as for the Costco membership -- yes, you really must get a card! Especially with fall coming -- that apple caramel pie will be a winner to any get together you go to!

Tawnya -- friend, you just took the first step in becoming one of our friends ... you de-lurked! Welcome to Kisses of Sunshine! You are not the only one who struggles with "just not feeling good enough." Many of us do also, but the wonderful thing about the Family of God is that in Christ's eyes, we are all worthy! The majority of my links in my side bar are wonderful Christians who share their faith, their struggles, their feelings, and their humor. Feel free to click around and enjoy some of those awesome blogs!!! And, grab a cool glass of sweet tea, or diet coke, or whatever your drink of choice is, and stay a while!

Melissa said...


I posted again on this subject. Check it out.

Shalee said...

I am finding that the more I think I know, the more that God reveals how little I do know in the whole scheme of things.

I find that I limit God. I only bring stuff to him and then hope(and not the hope that God wants us to have - more of wishing) it will be done, sometimes pulling the request out of his hand and trying to find the answers. What kind of faith is that?!

I know God is piercing my heart about trusting in him and not leaning on my understanding. (Really, I'm actually crying about this whole matter right now because somewhere along the way, I chose to not trust that God can handle my every need. This after witnessing God doing the impossible, several times over.) How do I know this? Most every blog I've been reading has been dealing with this very issue, followed with some very Godly wisdom by the commentors.

God is good with his plans and his outstretched hand. I praise Him for being faithful, even when I am not.

My big prayers over time have been over saving my marriage, healing deadly cancer, granting us jobs and a house and raising my children to have unwavering faith.

Little prayers are uttered for finding keys, letting us make it month to month, allowing me to make it to work on time despite all the traffic and lights.

Thanks for continuing this discussion. I, for one, believe God is having you do it just for me... but I'm not so selfish that others can't benefit from it too. :)

Dianne said...

I just know I have so much to learn about prayer. I'm enjoying all this discussion but it makes me just want to go off and pray . . .

For me, I marvel at the power of praying with someone. There's just something sweet about coming together before God with others and opening your hearts to him together.