Sunday, August 17, 2008


For anyone preparing to have gall bladder surgery -- here's one thing you should know... it will hurt afterwards. A lot.

So, when your doctor prescribes 2 vicodin every 3 hours... you really shouldn't try to be a super hero and take one vicodin every 5 hours, because after all... you've just had an organ removed from your insides, and you're gonna hurt.

For real.

What was I thinking?

Where's the chocolate? Anyone? Anyone???


Jen said...

Not only did an organ come was pulled through a hole that was only 1/2 inch across.....double ouch...sending you hugs and a speedy recovery.

Pam said...

Bless your heart, sweetie, I am just catching up on all your news.

I can't even imagine the level of pain you're experiencing. Keep taking those meds regularly!! There is no need to be a hero.

Sending you a gentle hug and lots of prayers.

Love to you, friend.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I hear ya - mine told me 2 every four hrs and I'm still looking at the ever-emptying bottle forlornly...and today is my first day alone with the kids. Ought to be interesting.

flippflop said...

awwwww...hope you feel better soon!

Sandy said...

Oh GiBee, ouch! And I pray for a speedy recovery, girl!
Love and Hugs and oh, I wish I could send a meal thru cyberland!


Barb said...

Assuming you had the less invasive surgery, GiBee, I'll say this.

I've known three people who had this. My mother-in-law, my husband and my daughter. All three of them had it on an emergency basis. They had an outright attack and were in complete and total agony right up until the anesthesiologist put them out of their misery.

So each of them thought the after-surgery was easy. I'd say it was because they were in so much relentless, non-stop pain, they really did feel so much better so fast, they didn't even think about the pain of recovery.

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with it. But thank goodness you can take Vicodin. Boy, I'm so allergic to that stuff, it's insane. Last time I tried to take it (after a root canal), I was so out of it I didn't even realize I was practically scratching my face off my head. I itched and I was walking into walls and I was too out of it to realize what I was doing to my face. With my acrylic nails. LOL It was that bad.

I hope you recover and feel better soon. I think you will. It makes sense that you'd be very sore, but as far as I know, once all the swelling and irritation from the entry points go down, you should feel a lot better, fast.

I hope so. And just think - no more gallbladder problems!

Bev said...

I've heard not to wait til it hurts but stay ahead of the pain. A few days of following doctor's orders is probably a very good thing, hope you recover quickly.

Wanda said...

But the joy of no more gall bladder attacks(if you had them) will be amazing!

Been there, done that!

Hope you heal quickly.

jd said...

My friend had hers removed. I am so sorry it is painful. Hang in there!

Shalee said...

Holy moly, GiBee! I'm so sorry that I haven't been around lately. The prayers are late, but they're coming.

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

I'm so sorry, GiBee! I just had mine out a few months ago. I feel MUCH better now that all the pain is gone. I hope your recovery goes well.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

oh that scares me. because it is probably a very near thing in my future if the pain doesn't go away after this pregnancy.

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