Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ummm ... That' NOT how it works!

So, we have been trying to work with Hunter to potty train. Many people have said (to me personally, in emails, or on their blogs) that if the child isn't ready to potty train, then the child won't potty train.

That makes sense, right?

So in order to NOT stress Hunter out, and really ourselves too, we've just been encouraging him to use the potty whenever we "think" he needs to go. It has been working out well... plus, he hides behind my leather club chair when he "does his serious business" -- which tells us he's ready to be trained, right????

Until last night.

When I went to take off his pull-up and encouraged him to pee-pee on the potty. To which he grasped his pull-up, threw himself down, and threw an all-out temper tantrum because he wanted to "PEE-PEE IN THE DIAPER BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE IT GOES, MOMMY!!!"


It really stinks.



Jen said...

Miller isnt ready either...he wont even talk about it...I dont stress out though..when he is ready he will tell me. It does stink though....Madison was already trained at his age....but this is something I dont stress on....I stress other places and times...lol.

Barb said...

Yep. That's exactly where we were last week with Cameron. He was doing great and then he just a wall and practically refused to potty.

But it only lasted a week. Last night, his mom and dad took him to Chuckie Cheese - a promise they made to him if he could go a week without accidents.

Success! But you're right. The regression stunk.

Sandy said...

Ha! Looking back I can barely remember those potty-training years. Sounds like you're good at just going w/the flow, cuz it does eventually happen. And now we're buying a car for Elliot. Where did all the years go? (sigh) ...
(oh, and I do remember the hiding or squatting part! funny)