Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Freakish Ears

I must have freakish ears. They don't stick out oddly, in fact -- they look rather small and normal.


I can't wear ear buds without my ears KILLING me, and at work, I NEED to wear ear buds to listen to KLOVE or any political interviews.

So I switched to a pair by Philips that has "surround sound" and has these a soft rubber caps that are supposed to fit in your ear. In fact, I have two sizes... and the right ear fits perfectly... but yet, the left ear??? That stinking ear is so small that the smallest ear thing still kills my ear.

I told you.


So if you have any suggestions... I'm all ears.



Kether said...

I have the same problem. They hurt, or they fall out because I can't get them in properly! I always feel like a freak. Its why I don't have an IPOD

Susanne said...

Well if it makes you feel better that's 3 for 3 of us. I can't wear them either. I hope you have someone log on who can suggest a brand or pass on some ideas. Otherwise if all you get is people relating with ya, you can mail all this to Sony and maybe they'll get the hint! :v)

Jessica said...

I'll join the crowd. I hate those darn ear buds. I think I might have to resort back to the old walkman earphones just so my ears don't bleed.