Monday, December 11, 2006

What A Weekend!

Our weekend was so nice. We had quality time together, talked, laughed, ate junk food, held hands, went shopping, and had a hot, wild, passionate, steamy ... breakfast at Bob Evans on Sunday. [what did you THINK I was going to say? It's a Family Friendly Blog, for heaven's sake!]

We had some problems with our hotel and had to leave (only 5 hours after check-in). They were having mechanical problems that vibrated the entire room. The plumbing in our room was vibrating, and the little lever you pull to turn the shower on was jumping up and down. Y'all ... it was LOUD. So, my husband called the front desk to find out what was going on. They said it was the "bus" parked out front. Uhhh ... yeah. No. I don't think so. My husband's a carpenter. I work for an engineering and construction firm. We know stuff. And I can assure you, it was NOT the bus parked out front making the noise. And, it took them forever to find the maintenance guy, who was in Ohio, and couldn't get to our hotel to fix the problem for an hour and a half.

So they offered to move us to another side of the hotel. Fine. My husband went to check it out first before we moved, and found that while you could still hear the noise, it was much quieter. EXCEPT FOR THE DYING BATTERY IN THE FIRE ALARM! It was beeping every minute! Is there some law about that? Any way, he went back down and said he wanted his money back and wanted to check out. They only gave us HALF of our money, because we didn't change our mind within the ... get this ... first fifteen minutes of our stay. How do you like that? Oh, there's more, but I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice it to say that I will be hound-dogging them to give me back the rest of my money.

And that leads me to my dutiful announcement for anyone who may be considering a stay in Wheeling, WV (not sure why you would ... but ...) for the love of everything that is good and holy ... Never, and I do mean NEVER stay at the WHEELING INN in Wheeling, WV -- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. EVER. Poor customer service. Lack of respect. Owner lies to customer. The customer is NEVER right at the Wheeling Inn, which is, ironically, a customer-service industry. Huh. Go figure. End of discussion.

But on the other hand, the concert was FABULOUS! John Berry performed new songs, old songs, and Christmas songs. He is a country singer who, by the way, is saved by grace! The first half of the concert, he shared old and new country songs (man ... can he sing!). Then, they had a 10 minute intermission, and came back to share their Christmas songs, and y'all ... they read scripture! Yes they did!!! AND ... part of the way through, he stopped to share how much his faith meant to him, and ... are you sitting down? He DELIVERED THE MESSAGE OF SALVATION. Oh, YES HE DID! In a SECULAR concert!

I was so impressed with him. He is what is known as a secular Christian artist. He currently lives around Athens, GA, and he has a gorgeous voice. His wife tours with him and sings backup, and she also has a beautiful voice! If you ever have the chance to get one of his CDs, might I suggest you purchase his Christmas Live cd that has My Heart Is Bethlehem and O Holy Night on it. No one sings O Holy Night like John Berry! WOWZA! Standing ovation! Although, I promise, you won't be disappointed with any of his cds. (Here are some of his popular songs: She's Taken A Shine; Your Love Amazes Me; Kiss Me In The Car) You can go to Amazon (here) and scroll half way down to hear a sample of some of his Christmas music... make sure you listen to My Heart is Bethlehem and go here (scroll half way down) to hear O Holy Night.

Finally -- I have been so far out of the loop with regards to all of you ... my friends ... my pals ... my readers ... my fellow bloggahs ... I need to take a bit of time to "right" that, and pour over your blogs ... so ... since I have a small break in my work load at work, I'm going to spend some time catching up with you today!

Have a glorious day!


Anonymous said...

Isn't he the one that had the brain turmor that almost died? He survived and got saved in the process - or something like that? LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it! Too bad about the hotel experience though. Bummer.

Pam said...

I've missed you, sweet friend. Glad you had a fabulous weekend. Love John Berry, and you're right about O Holy Night -- awesome!

Sorry about the crummy hotel. Thanks for the warning!

Susanne said...

Well hello! My name is Susanne and I think we've met before. :v)

Nice to see you back a bit my friend! That concert sounded great. Nice that you could get away with hubby. What was up with that hotel? Sheesh!

Lyric said...

I listened! Thanks for the link and recommendation!

Glad you had a good time, despite the lodging challenges... :)

Anonymous said...

WRITE a letter to the management and then tell them you will post your complaints on the web...there are several sites where you can rate hotels, etc...

We did this and got our money back from a place in Rapid City.

I will check out John Berry...Berry is a family name of my Mom's, interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hello - I found your blog through Rocks in my Dryer. I love your graphics - very cute. And the verse at the top of the page made me laugh... I have two 10 month olds, one of whom whimpers as he goes to sleep, but is wide awake and happy in the (way too early) morning. This verse just suits him :) SeaBird

Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite the weekend! How awesome is that that the guy gave the plan of salvation at his concert? That is God working in a real way around our world!!

Anonymous said...

Hotel problems, huh?

My wife once stayed in a hotel that doesn't answer when you call the front desk and whose shower won't work.

Of course, all these on top of the airline misplacing her luggage.

John Berry is great. He lets you forget your hotel problems.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a great time in spite of the crazy Wheeling Inn incident!!

Anonymous said...

pleased your weekend was nice.
Shame about your accommodiation problems
May God bless John Berry for being so open about his faith