Thursday, January 10, 2008

Which one of US acted like THAT?

That's all I really want to know. Because ... you know the saying ... "what goes around, comes around", right? How about this one "how you treated your parents will be how your child treats you" or "how you acted as a child will be how your child acts."

Well, I can confirm without one seconds hesitation that I was a perfect child in every way; not easily excited, angered, or frustrated; able to entertain my self for hours on end with a good book; never flung myself from any piece of furniture; NEVER climbed any walls... A social butterfly, YES... but not a misfit. Oh, yeah ... there was one incident where I threw a butter knife at my sister and it stuck into the drywall. Ummmm, and the other incident where I threw a hand-held mirror at her and it broke in half. But those are minor, very unimportant and incidental things that happened in my vast lifetime, and I'm sure there weren't any other examples like that which I participated in.

Since I was such a good child, I can only assume that all our behavioral issues with our child stem from my husband's own behavior during his childhood... because I know for a FACT that he was a tree climbing, lamp breaking, ball-throwing-in-the-house; throw-brother-off-the-dirt-bike kind of boy. Yeah. It's all his fault.

Siiiiighhhhh! It's a long, yet short story. You see... last night, we had dinner at church at our regular dinner for a dollar Wednesdays. But we had a piece of meat in the refrigerator that had to be cooked before it went bad. So before we went to church, we grilled the meat for dinner tonight. Sorry if your confused, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, my husband is a total safety nut, and he very clearly warned our son not to touch the grill because it was very, very hot. Evidently... this is what my son heard: "Touch very, very hot grill... must touch now! Because it will be so cool! Touch! Touch! Hot! Touch!" And the moment my husband turned to get a set of tongs (or something like that)... Hunter touched the very, very hot grill because it was COOL TO DO SO. Even after being warned NOT TO.

Our ears received a lovely rendition of: "WAAAAAAAAAAA! Momadada! WAAAAAAAAAAA! Bunbun, HOT, WAAAAAAAAAA! Momadada! Bunnybunbun... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

And when I asked him if he touched the grill, he nodded his head yes. And when I asked him if Daddy said not to touch the grill because it was hot, he nodded his head yes. No worries, though. Once I gave him the boo boo bunnybunbun, all was well again, because now he had something COLD and FUN to throw around the kitchen! Cool!

You see... I don't think I ever have to worry about saying to Hunter, "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" No. In fact, I'm more concerned that my child will be the very child jumping off of the bridge and inviting all his friends to join him, because it's COOL! And FUN! You know -- a natural born leader!

Lord ... help me now.


Misslisslee said...

Oh, honey -- you have a boy. I think all of that 'who, me? you meant I shouldn't do that?' stuff just thrives on the Y gene. I have two of them, and the younger one is a swing from the chandeliers kind of boy. He's six, and came in a couple of months ago to excitedly tell me he could stand up on the trapeze thing on their jungle gym. Luckily, I was hyperventilating too loudly to yell. It just makes me pray harder!

Pam said...

Sweet GiBee, welcome to my world (complete with the little jingle-jangle song from FAO Schwartz) of boys!

I never needed a boo boo pack much at all before JD Green came along.

There is hope. I am seeing some major spurts of slightly mature behavior now at . . . 8 years old. I know that's awhile for you, but it will come in time.

Meanwhile, keep that "Bunnbunn" handy!

Susanne said...

He's all boy all right! I have 5 pre school boys in my dayhome right now so I know exactly what you mean!

SGG said...

Bless your heart! I had one of those... but she was a little girl. You know... supposed to wear bows, dress pretty, be dainty and sociable... always with a yes ma'am and a no ma'am... a little angel in pink. RIGHT!!!! She was exactly like your son and of course, I blame my hubby too... LOL! But the one thing I can tell you, that was a positive reinforcement for my emotional and mental well-being... I went to my parenting mentor at church and asked her to pray with me about this little strong willed girl. And I will never forget her words. She said, Tänia, the leaders of our country are strong willed people. They have to be to make the decisions that they do. Your Amy may be immature right now, but one day, that strong will and stubborness will be honed into a beautiful woman of God. And she will be fine leader. She will make decisions based on her own beliefs and not just because so and so says that. Praise God for her strong will. Ask Him to show you how to correct her and not break her spirit, but help to mold her will to God's will.

I left with a smile on my face. I knew that my Amy had a gift. And I needed to be thankful and learn how to direct her will.

Now, she is a fine mother. She has been through so much in the past years, but she is strong and resilient. And I am proud of her strength and strong will.

Big hugs sweetie!

Jen said...

I'am finding that boys are so so much more different than girls. The other day at church when we picked Miller up they said Miller body slammed a 4 year old...he just turned 2. I thought I would die.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel but all his energy and that curious, adventurous spirit will pay off later in life. Think he'll be the first to live on Mars?!

Hope that sweet little guy os feeling all better now!!

Donnetta said...

I know you mentioned at my place that you don't have time for reading. But when you do I highly recommend Dr. James Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys". It explained, affirmed and changed my view of my own son!

And may I just say in Hunter's defense... at least he was honest when you asked him if he touched the grill and if he had been told not to. Hang in there mommy!!!... You are doing a fantastic job! :-)

Stacey said...

Well, first off - praise the Lord that he is okay!!!!!

But, "Mama said there'd be days like this." Isn't life grand?!?!

Why do they hear the total opposite of what we say. It will never make sense, but it keeps us parents on our toes huh?

Hmmm I don't think it gets any easier either.

Yes, Lord help us now!!

God bless!

seethroughfaith said...


just wait until the teens years (we're there now!)

Jennifer said...


I know. I have one, too.

We've had three busted lips this week because he has no fear and runs around like a mad person.

If he doesn't give me a heart attack, it will be no small miracle.

Anonymous said...


Little Hunter and my Trace sound oh so alike. Not to mention I have sweet Raegan on the sidelines egging him on. Oh the joys of parenthood. Just think, did we have anything to talk about that was of actual value before we had children? They are a mess at times, but I would trade them for the world and I know you wouldn't either! Glad Hunter is doing OK.
Crystal Ward (Heather's sis)

Barb said...

Oh dear. I guess the good news is, now he knows. Don't touch the grill. I hope he wasn't burned too badly. Apparently not, from the sounds of it. LOL

I'm sure he got this trait from his dad. It couldn't possibly be from a mom who stuck knives in the wall. Right?

You just keep thinking that. :-)