Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think my husband has an addiction...

I’m in desperate need of some good Godly advice.

You see – I think my husband has a problem. An addiction that I've just uncovered.

When I confronted him about it, he broke down and said it started off as an occasional use (recreational?), but then quickly escalated to a more frequent problem. In fact, now he does it just because "he can." Isn't that an addiciton?

He is a strong, Godly man with outstanding morals and ethics, and I can't help but wonder how something this tragic could befall my family! And think of the example he’s setting for my son! It frightens me.

Ladies … if this can happen to my good Christian husband, it can happen to anyone. I've gone through my home to try to eliminate all temptation for him, but still … he manages to get his fix.

It's gone from hidden use in the laundry room, to behind closed doors of the bathroom, to now - anywhere he wants. He's become openly brazen about it, and I feel as though I really need to draw boundaries immediately, because I suspect he’s trying to get me to be a willing partner in this addiction, just so he can "feel good" about it. Why, just last night, I was lying in our bed when he walked into the room and took a huge snort of the stuff. I was shocked!

In fact… he sprayed it right into the fan and it blew all over me. I was so disgusted. It's becoming a problem in my home. My husband's addicted, and I’m now at my wits end.

I curse the day I ever brought Febreze into my home. Lavender Vanilla Comfort FABRIC freshener. He doesn't even bother to use AIR freshener!!!

What to do???


Donnetta said...

I was just thinking of you hoping everything was okay! So GREAT to "hear" from you!

Now, as for this post... my deepest sympathies... but TOO FUNNY!

You should contact them and see if you could get some type of monetary compensation for marketing for them! ;-)

Susanne said...

Then I guess I shouldn't tell you that Swiffer Wet Jet also has the Lavender Vanilla scent. (They're the same company). Although maybe I should tell him and you'd get your floors mops at least once a day! ;v)

Jane Anne said...

Ok, um, I can't help but think that it would be a good thing if my husband was addicted to Febreeze!! Oh, but, it's the fabric freshener? Interesting. Still, might be better than other smells, if you know what I mean. :)

BARBIE said...

Oh my...this post had me laughing out loud. I am thankful for Febreze!