Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Pouting Session

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I got laid off last week. Along with so many OTHER changes that loosing a job will create, I also loose my company lap top.

So, in order to be able to continue being mobile, I woke up this morning at 4:15 so that I could get to WalMart by 4:45 in order to get in line for a laptop.

And wouldn't you know... The laptop that was on sale that started at FIVE AM was sold out at THREE AM.


Then I stood in line for one hour to get to the section where they had all the flier-sale toys and videos. I asked no less than 4 people if that was where I could find the Wii Carnival game for $10. I was assured I was in the right line. When I got to the entrance, I asked again, and was told that they didn't have any because they didn't come in their shipment. GREAT! I decided to go in anyway and get whatever other Wii game I could get my hands on. As I was WAITING IN LINE to leave the game and toy area, I saw a manager, and asked her if they would still honor the $10 price of the Wii Carnival game since they didn't arrive for the sale.

She replied, "Oh, no ... they DID arrive. We're just sold out."

Crestfallen. Again.

As I was winding my way out of the toy area, the manager came running up to me with a Wii Carnival game!!! She found one just laying on top of some other toys and brought it to me.

God bless that woman. GOD BLESS her. Whoever she was. She just saved me like $30!

And really -- it was silly I even went out, because I've been done with all my Christmas shopping since November 2nd or 3rd. I just got SUCKED IN to Black Friday.

I guess I need to learn all the tricks of the trade if in the near future, Black Friday stands to be the best way that a family on one income gives their children a great Christmas, huh?


Mandy said...

God bless that woman! I've been meaning to tell you how sorry I am about your job. You are in my prayers.

Susanne said...

A big bouquet to that manager!

We don't have Black Friday here. Of course our Thanksgiving is in October. It's probably a good thing. I can't imagine getting up that early to stand in lines. I just don't have that kind of gumption.