Thursday, November 19, 2009

...Keepin’ it real banana!

Several years ago, when my friends boys were 4 and 6, I was over at her house visiting. Her youngest was WILD about the Wiggles, and loved to dance to the DVDs. He would ask her to get up and dance with him, and she would. She told me it's fun, and that one day, I'd be doing this with Hunter, because you'll do silly stuff for and with your kids.

I laughed.

And I said something like... "Not on your life! I HATE the Wiggles and dancing like that's just silly!"

And you know what? I never had to dance to the Wiggles.


Fast-forward to the year 2009.

A new group is emerging ... The Fresh Beat Band (that's them to the right). They're not all that great yet, and even quite silly... but Hunter loves them. They are a new group that beat box, rap, sing, break-dance, hip-hop dance, and act silly while teaching kids how to spell, rhyme, think fast, dance, work together, help each other, and other lessons that are passed through the music they sing. They also teach them how to be creative by playing music on ordinary items like boxes, trash cans, lids, etc.

Hunter loves to turn them on and jump on my bed, dance, sing, rap, break dance, hip-hop, spin, jump, body slam (well, not really), and act silly like they do. In turn, I LOVE for Hunter to turn them on and jump on my bed, dance, sing, rap, break dance, hip-hop, spin, and jump so he burns of energy (especially on rainy days!).

And then, two weeks ago ... two.weeks.ago. -- a day I'll permanently mark in my brain -- Hunter asked me to dance with him to the Fresh Beat Band. And I did. Because my son asked me to. And I love me some Hunter (name who said that quote first: "I Loves me some...").

And now I know what my girlfriend meant.

We danced to "Bananas" a silly song that has words like this: "Peel banana, feel banana, keepin’ it real banana!" And we had so much fun. If you look back, the Wiggles weren't that great when they first started either, but the Fresh Beat Band has some really fun, wholesome and engaging songs. Given a few seasons, I'm sure they'll get better.

So anyway, I now dance with my kid, and have fun doing it.

So hip hop, and pop, and have a great day dancing with your kids!

"Na na na na na na na let's go bananas!!!"

You can see 10 of their videos by clicking HERE.

You can read about them HERE.

I wonder if I should record these songs to play at Hunter's wedding???


Lovely Rita said...

Samuel enjoys that show, too. It is cute, but sometimes it's just a little too happy. Felt the same way about Barney for Lydia and Sid the Science Kid for Matthew :) What's up with these optimistic characters? (kidding of course, reality hits kids way too soon these days).

Would love to have seen you dancing, though!!

Happy Birthday.

Sunshine said...

I know I haven't been on your blog in ages but I thougth I'd sneak in a birthday wishes to you here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tara said...

"I Love Me Some Him" is a song by American R&B singer Toni Braxton from her second studio album, Secrets (1996).

Thanks, Wiki!

And thanks for the nice note on my comment! How did the "I Spy/treasure hunt" game work for cleaning up?

Sandy said...

Cracks me up. When my kids were little it was Barney. Can't believe how big H. is getting. And happy TG, friend!

Susanne said...

Yup, the things we do for our kids! Happy Dancing!