Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I had a post all typed up and ready to post ... but for the past few weeks, I have been feeling prompted to do something different than a normal post ... and today, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit even more than any other day.

Then, I was visiting Especially Heather, and felt her post was a bit of a confirmation for me, which in turn, caused me to do an about-face.

You see, for several weeks now, I have been feeling like someone has been reading my blog, as well as blogs of various other friends of mine. They have been quietly absorbing everything, and possibly commenting every here and there.

But I feel like something is laying very heavily on their heart, and they feel as if they are in a dark tunnel.

Today, the following Scripture was laid on my heart, and I felt like I needed to share it with YOU -- the person who feels like they are in a pit of sorts ... or a dark tunnel with no light at then end; the person who is quite possibly feeling despondent, depressed, and maybe at the end of your rope. I don't know who you are ... or maybe I do, but you didn't want me to know how you've been feeling ... regardless, the following scripture is for you:

You, my friend, need to know that God is still on the throne of this vast universe, and he is still in control. During your times of darkness when you think that everything might cave in on you, God has not forgotten about you. He is still at work in your life ... and he has an awesome plan for you.

It's tough to go through these dark moments, but sometimes we have to get to the end of our own wherewithal before we can see his unlimited resources.

So it is to you, my friend, that I say ... trust in him alone, because through this dark time of despair, God has not forgotten you, and he is still at work.


Shalee said...

Well, it's not me GiBee, but I think it's fantastic that you're listening to the Spirit and letting it guide you. All too often I find that when I've ignored that pull, I later realized why I should have listened to it. I'm really working on making myself head his urgings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being obedient.

Annie said...

I've been down, I've been reading you and feeling in the pit...I want a baby so much and our inferility is just about breaking me. I worry we will never have a baby. I worry if we do something will be wrong with it. Your blog gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this person will see the light (Jesus) at the end of their dark tunnel.

To Him who sits on the throne...and on to the lamb!!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, I needed it then and I need it now. I will refer to this scripture often as it hs brought comfort and peace to my troubled heart and mind.

Obedience is a wonderfult thing. Thank you for allowing Him to use you for me and others out there in need.