Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WFMW: Cookies for Party Favors

Welcome to another Works for me Wednesday, brought to you by Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer!

I have a serious problem -- namely, my love for cookie cutters. Why I have this obsession is beyond me, but I love them to pieces.

Especially the really big boys. They are fun to decorate, and make really, REALLY great favors for birthday parties, and really, for any other party you can dream up!

I found a website that makes and sells their own copper cookie cutters --, along with every decoration imaginable! They are located in Parsons, KS, and they make ... (are your ready for this?) mini-sized cutters (1" and up); regular-sized (2 and 3"), large-sized (4-7"), up to giant (8-11"), huge (12-17"), and enormous (21") cookie cutters. The huge, and enormous ones are typically gingerbread people). They will even custom make one for you!

They also have decorating supplies, baking tools, sprinkles, sequin, luster dust, luster paint, edible glitter, shimmer dust, coarse sugar crystals, cookie writers, paints, icing colors, flavorings and extrats, google icing eyes, sanding sugars, decorating paste/gels, sprinkles of all varieties, colors and shapes, and tools, tools, and more tools.

Best of all... they show decorated examples for most of their cookies (see slide show for some examples)! they have a search feature, and you can look up any imaginable cookie possible -- they'll probably have it (or something similar).

Yes, they are a little more expensive than the ones you get from Michaels, etc. (after all, they ARE copper), but in the long run--if you give each child one giant cookie as a party favor, it's much cheaper!

Almost three years ago, my sister-in-love got married in St. Croix. The whole family went, but friends back home missed out! So, my husband and I threw her and her beloved a wedding party when we got home. In honor of their wedding being smack-dab on the beach, I gave all the party guests a 6" (actually, 5 & 3/4") flip flop sugar cookie, which I decorated, dropped in a cellophane bag, and tied off with a pretty bow.

I've made giant snowmen and christmas tree sugar cookies, and taken them to church and let the children decorate their own cookies. I've made giant heart shaped cookies, Easter cookies, dragonfly and butterfly cookies for a baby shower, etc. You get the point, right?

So, there you have it ... if it's a cookie cutter from, it works for me! To find out what works for you... head on over to Shannon's place!


My Trendy Tykes said...

Thanks for the tip! I am going to check out their site now.


Anonymous said...

How cute!! Some would be great for showers or themed parties as well.

Carey said...

How cute! Ill have to check them out.

Shalee said...

Strangely enough, now I have a hankerin' for a big cookie... Thanks alot GiBee!

(But the idea is great!)

Anonymous said...

My 4-year old loves decorating cookies. I should check the site you mentioned.


Mom2fur said...

Holy cow...a 21 inch cookie cutter!
That's like a pizza!

Anonymous said...

What cute cookies! I've also just discovered that cookie cutters make great play-dough toys! (but probably not the nice copper ones - ha!)