Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Catching Up, Coming Up, and Current Events

Catching Up

This week at work has been to-ta-ly craaa-zy. As in ... hand me the straight jacket and take me to the loo-loo bin, and let's just call it a day.

We have a proposal that we are presenting to a potential client in an "open book" format ... as in ... twenty 4" notebooks, each containing about a ream's worth of copies, some 11x17, some letter size, some color copies, but mostly black and white (thank you Jesus for small miracles). The information is of a confidential nature, so I can't send it down to the copy center, and our admin isn't ... how should I say ... "willing" or "able" (if you know what I mean) to help out. So... Enter loo-loo-nice-girl. The one that can't say NO. The one that you will find standing in front of the copier completely surrounded by paper, a hole-punch, notebooks, and a box of bandaids. The one that's got a paper cut on every finger (seriously). When does the vacation start?

Actually, I finished everything yesterday, worked late both Monday and Tuesday, and dragged my hind end in to the office this morning so that I could intravenously feed my self coffee while updating my blog. I mean -- look busy. Um -- work. Yeah. That's what I meant.

So, forgive me for ignoring you all! I still love each and every one of you. Yup -- all 5 of you! Moving on...

Coming Up

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your Mother's Day Contest entries! I feel like I'm getting to know each one of you a wee bit more. Who knew that all I had to do was host a Mother's Day Contest to get you all to open up! That, and ... the bribe of a Tommy Hilfiger purse filled with all kinds of goodies! After all, I loves me a new purse, and us gals ... well, we have to stick together and look out for each other ... ya know what I mean?

ALSO ... tomorrow, I'll announce the guest judges I've invited to help judge all of your wonderful entries.

Current News

Okay -- let's cover our Current News, because s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. -- this is, like, totally one of those "stop watcha doin' and weigh in on it" pieces ... After all, it's not like we have fires, floods, storms and tornadoes ripping through our country, or anything like that ... (can you just sense the sarcasm?)

Recently, the news has simply exploded over a controversial ad campaign on a large downtown billboard for a Chicago lawyer, that has, quite racy pictures of a woman's chest and a man's chest, and it exclaims: "Life's short. Get a divorce." (don't worry, I won't place a picture of it on my blog, 'cause I'm a Family Friendly blog - I'll just link you to it and you can decide if you want to go see it or not)

You know what I have to say about that???

Life's short. GET GOD.

'Nuff said.

So -- how y'all doing?


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and you give me hope. I, too, am a Christian. My husband and I are also struggling with infertility. I plan to going back to the beginning and "reading more of you"!

Susie said...

I just now heard on the news that they are taking down that nasty billboard. Stuff like that should have absolutely no place in society; unfortunately, it's everywhere.

Susanne said...

Maybe you should be in the advertising business! I like your slogan! I cannot believe that law firm would approve such an ad. It is offensive on so many levels it's amazing.

Stacey said...

Sorry about work... sounds crazy! You need about a week off :-)

Oh yeah, I need to get my entry ready for the contest. I almost forgot!

I hadn't heard anything about that billboard... that's so sad! What are people thinking these days??

aggiejenn said...

Hubby showed me the news article about the billboard yesterday. I cannot believe it. We have billboards around here (sans half-naked people) that say "Need a Divorce? Call 1-800-FREEDOM." I thought that was bad. Apparently I've misunderestimated society. I like your slogan MUCH better!! Hope things slow down at work and those fingers heal up soon. :-)