Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Results are in ... Mother's Day Contest -- 2007

The results are in, and let me just say that it was tough! We had a first place winner, second place winner, third place winner, lots of honorable mentions (you'll see them at Extra Kisses of Sunshine) ... but all, in all ... I'd say EVERYONE submitted fantastic pieces!

You can read every single last entry by going to Extra Kisses of Sunshine... ENJOY!

Ladies, I will be contacting ALL of you on Monday to discuss addresses! And, thank you all for participating and making it extra difficult for us to choose the winners!

And now ... on to the winners:

Submitted by: Tara
Name of Blog / Website: Tara's World

My mother was given this advice when I was a little girl. Yes, the little girl in the story is me. Yes, I remember this bit of advice every spring when my little boys bring me dandelion bouquets with their grubby little hands. Their eyes light up when I express my gratitude over their love offering. I have a steady stream of yellow flowers in my house all during the spring. I do so love a good dandelion bouquet. Enjoy this story, written by my mother and passed on as great advice to me and all mothers of small children.

The Days of Dandelion Bouquets (originally submitted by Sheila Simmons, Tara's mom)

When I was a young mother I took my little girl to a yard sale. The possessions of a very elderly lady were spread out on tables to be sold. My little girl picked up a tiny glass vase and said, "Mama, this is for you. I can pick dandelions for you to put in it."

I turned to look, and as I did a frail voice caught my attention. An elderly woman said to me, "Treasure that little vase and the little girl who wants it. The days of dandelion bouquets will pass by and be gone before you know it."

And she was right.

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Submitted by: Tänia
Name of Blog / Website: Weir Blessed

I was 17 years old and about to graduate high school when my boyfriend asked me to marry him. We were absolutely head over heels in love and had been together for three years off and on. Naturally, we thought that the next step was to get married. We were attending marriage classes through our church and were in the big middle of planning our wedding. Everything was perfect! Then, that “still small voice” spoke to my heart and told me very gently to wait. I did not understand that. How could something so perfect be put on hold? I sought advice from my mother on what this meant? WAIT? My mother absolutely did not think I was ready to be married at all. But instead of telling me so, she had been praying for me. And when I came to her with the confusion I felt, instead of trying to persuade me one way or the other, she simply advised me to listen to “that still small voice and know that God never steers us wrong.” I took her advice and followed my heart. I waited. And just a short time later, God brought the man into my life that I have been married to for 26 years! That simple statement has carried me through many things in my life. I listen to that still small voice and as the years have gone by, God has never, ever steered me wrong. Thank you, Mom! You gave me the greatest gift – Faith!

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Submitted by: Rita
Name of Blog / Website: A Blog in the Life of Rita

Mom's Book -- When I got married my mother gave me a book that she had written just for me. It was just a blank journal filled with her Godly advice and insight about children, husbands, and Spiritual matters. It was a loving and careful way of giving guidance because she realized the importance of letting me grow up and make my own decisions. A tough thing to do when you’re a mom!

The book was titled, "What I Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To)" and I’ll just share one of her entries that I've been able to apply to my life:

A good rule of thumb for raising children is to say yes unless you can’t. “Can I finger paint?” (Yes) “Can I go play in the sandbox?” (Yes) “Can I have a friend over to play?” (Yes) “Can I eat this candy bar before dinner” (No)

Sometimes we say “No” just because it’s not convenient for us. We don’t want to deal with the mess; we’re too tired, too busy, etc. But, since these children are the most important of our gifts from God, they come first after Him. So say, “Yes!”

I am so thankful to my mom for doing this. It was not an easy gift to make or give, for in my family we are not always the most forthcoming about our feelings. But now, it has become a part of my mother’s legacy and a gift going on through the generations, for I will not only pass on my book to my daughter, but also write my own and let this generational link continue. Although, I can’t say that the "sequel" will be as good as the original.

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Morning Glory said...

Wow! Thank you for the Honorable Mention. That's pretty cool considering how many other really great stories there were. Thanks for a fun event.

Tänia said...

Ooohhhh! How exciting! Can't wait for my Mom to see! She will love it! Thank you GiBee!

Stacey said...

Those were all so wonderful! I love that you did this little contest and celebrated all those great Moms out there!

Hope your Mother's Day was full of love and fun!!

Clemntine said...

Thank you so much for the Honorable Mention, and for posting all of the touching entries. I picked up more than a few morsels of wisdom from your readers. My gratitude goes out to all who opened their hearts and shared.

Kathryn said...

Thank you for these posts - and thanks to the ladies who wrote them. They touched me and inspired me.

Today, I will take some time to say "yes" to my children. Today, I will take some time to visit and talk with my own mom.

It's always good to be reminded of what I know is important