Friday, May 25, 2007

What did you say???

I promise, this is the last post that has anything to do with cleaning.


I have cleaned, polished, organized and prepared my home for my parents arrival that was scheduled for today.

Yesterday, I still had a long list of things to do ... like refresh their bathroom (because it's primarily Hunters, and really, who wants to look in a mirror covered with tiny lip prints), dust their room, open the air vent in their room so it could cool down, etc. Then, my hubby had to sweep and mop the hardwood floors on the entry level ... all 1500 sq feet of it. Did I mention that he decided to steam clean the stairs to the second level? Yeah. Good times.

The worst thing is, we have to wait until Hunter goes to bed if we want anything to stay clean, and that doesn't happen until 8:00 pm.

So, last night around 7:30 pm, my husband answered the phone. It was my parents. I was upstairs with Hunter, and all I know is that he came up and announced, slightly panicked, that my parents were on their way. THURSDAY. Not Friday, as planned. And would be arriving in three hours. My response was, "I'm sorry, WHAT DID YOU SAY?"


At least the house is clean, and I can relax all weekend long and enjoy the plethora of activities planned, including my oldest niece's lunch celebration for her graduation from College!

Congratulations, Michelle!!! You make me proud! (oh, okay -- Hunter's proud too -- as if he matters, lol!)

Y'all have a great weekend, and be good! (or not!)


Susanne said...

Surprises. Yay! But I think this is a nice one! Have a great weekend with your family!

Jen said...

sounds like youve been busy
hope you enjoy your visit from your parents
I use to clean my house madly when my parents use to come to visit but Ive relaxed some now its you they are coming to see not your house

forgiven4this said...

Ahh Cleaning how fun it can be!

Blessings To you

Heather Smith said...

I hope you had a great weekend with your family! Congrats to your niece!

Barb said...

Isn't it funny how we get all atwitter when our parents are coming for a visit? You know, if you think about it, they saw our rooms when we growing up. So there's a good chance they'll be impressed no matter what shape the house is in. LOL

Stacey said...

Guess I'm a little late on this post so I hope it was a wonderful weekend with the folks!!