Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Because for some reason...

... Shalee really needs to know!!! More!!! About ME!!!

She tagged me 14 days ago for this Meme, and I'm so swift and efficient, and I'm just getting to it now. Aren't I a great friend? And... now that you know it's a Meme about me, you can skip this whole post and move on to something more satisfying in your day ... like plucking out your eyelashes one by one.

Anyway, for this meme, I'm supposed to list 7 things about my teenage years... the years I care NOT to relieve (read my first point) ... but for some odd reason ... some people liked their teen years. Although, I must admit ... one GREAT thing did come from my teen years (read number 8). Here we go:

1) I was painfully shy. I'm not exactly sure when that changed, because, ohhhhh, did it change... but needless to say, I was very shy back then.

2) I would go over to my friend's houses to spend the night, and would call my mom at midnight and cry and beg her to come pick me up. I was totally a home-body... remember the whole shy thing I mentioned in #1? Yeah.

3) I went to a small Christian school of 90 students. My graduating class was a whopping 16 students. I loved it. (refer to number 1 ... again)

4) Jesus ... if you're listening ... you can leave now! You don't need to hear this!!! Once, I got so mad at a boy that was mean and hateful to me and my friends. We conspired to make him sick as all get out, and when his parents went out of town, and he stayed with another family, we put our heads together, rubbed the words off of exlax chocolates, smoothed out foil with our nails, carefully re-wrapped an entire bar in the shiny foil, and slipped it into his lunch bag that was in the school's kitchen. He ate it at lunch time, and proceeded to spend the entire afternoon in the bathroom. The hall stunk. We laughed. It was great. Lord, forgive us anyhow.

5) I went to a public school for 7th grade, and I met this freckle-faced boy who I became friends with. He always was nice to the underdog kids. I used to kick him under the table during class -- you know ... a gentle flirt here and there. I was so subtle.

6) This freckle-faced boy's grandma went to the same church we did, so when I went to private school in 8th grade, I would still see him from time to time.

7) I re-met this boy in the 10th grade at a Christian Youth Skate Night ... Roller Skating. I saw him from a distance, and was immediately smitten. The freckle faced boy had turned into a handsome, buff teenager. But, if you remember my problem from point number 1, you'll understand when I say, I didn't have the nerve to approach him. So my friend did it for me. And each time he'd skate past me to see me, I'd duck behind a half wall, and when he asked me to couple's skate the last song, I grabbed my girlfriends younger, disgusting brother's hand and said I was skating with him.

8) Because every story has to have a happy ending, I'll throw in number 8 -- I went on to date this freckle-faced boy, and married him after 8 years of dating him. I've known him a total of 28 years, and count the first day I met him back in 7th grade as a blessed, blessed gift from God. Man, I love him, and I pray that our little boy turns out just like his daddy!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

So, there you have it!

Since I'm so bad at tagging people ... consider yourself tagged!!!


Bethany said...

Oh what a fun meme! How cool that you knew your husband in school. When I was in school, my husband lived across the country from me! :D

That was fun to read!

Kelli said...

FUn, fun fun ... and I do love me a happy ending!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

What a sweet story!

Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read.

Carol said...

Oh, what a great ending! Love it!

MotoMom said...

Awwwww...I love the happy ending.

Gran - (Angela) said...

I love your happy ending.: )

I wish for your family a happy 4th of July!

Tagged, I'm it !

Stop by my blog.

Sandy@Reluctant Entertainers said...

Gibee, your writing is fun, refreshing and always makes me smile. Oh, and I finally thanked you on my blog today!
For REluctant Enertainers

Shalee said...

Hey, do I know you?

(And if it makes you feel any better, I've got other memes that are only a couple of months old that I've yet to do... You got nothing on my procrastination, GiBee!)

Thanks for sharing and I still say that I can't imagine you so painfully shy. God works his wonders, doesn't he?! I'm glad that yours ended with such a happy beginning...

Lillie said...

Great love story. I always love to hear how couples meet.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Happy Saturday, girl! Hope your weekend is going well. I just tagged you for a meme too. Come see me when you get a sec!