Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Goodness - FREE STUFF!!!

I can NOT contain my excitement any more. I was going to wait until I actually had pictures of my own prizes before I posted ... but my own excitement won out. I just HAVE to share with you some fun stuff going on!

For your winning pleasure, and in order of timely action takingness ... I give you a list of free give-aways and contests...

First ... head on over to Sandy's blog ... Reluctant Entertainer ... for your chance to win a free Outdoor Movie Night kit and book: The movie will be chosen with your particular family in mind, the book is titled No More Jellyfish Chickens or Wimps, by Paul Coughlin, and snacks and surprises will also be included in the box -- You need to enter NOW!

Next ... TOMORROW (don't be like me and think today is tomorrow, when indeed, go to BooMama's blog and click on the link to enter to get a free Monk & Neagle full-length CD -- there are only like, 100 of them -- so get on over there in a prompt and timely manner (just not today, because some of us are lame enough to have done that -- ehem).

Then ... Miss Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

There are lots, and lots, and oh, heck ... TONS and TONS of people participating, with TONS and TONS of free giveaways, including me! So, check it out on Monday, July 23 ... start off at her place, and make your way through all the people on the Mister Linky to enter your name to win free stuff! WooHoo!

Finally, I'm hosting the hotest Summer Cupcake Contest on the blogging planet -- well, it at least it IS a cupcake contest -- anyway, make sure you go check out the Rules & Regulations and submit your entry to me via email by midnight, Wednesday, July 25. The list of prizes include, but are not limited to: A Nigella Lawson Apron with various Cupcake and Food Graphics; Nigella Lawson Cupcake Tea Towels; a beautiful Mary Lake-Thompson apron with graphics of cupcakes and baking goodies (includes a real wooden spoon); various cupcake baking tools and paraphernalia; a piece of cupcake jewelry; a limited-edition hand-painted Cupcake Stand by GiBee Designs [ehem] ... and posibly more! Stay tuned for pictures.

Oh, my aching head ... so much to sign up for ... and so little time!

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Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I've been meaning to tell you...your cupcake button is THE cutest! Very Martha-Stewart-esque! *wink* Very classy! LOL

I'm not much a dessert maker...still earnin' my street cred for dinners and such. LOL But, I'm looking forward to all the bloggy cupcake goodness!

And, you've been on mind the last few days...just wanted to say hope you are having a great summer!