Friday, July 13, 2007

A Sweet Reminder -- Summer Cupcake Caper Contest

UPDATED to add some of the prizes -- see text in GREEN

Because I didn't want to end my week on a BLAH note with my previous post, I'll take a moment to remind y'all about the especially wonderful Summer Cupcake Caper Contest that Kisses of Sunshine (me!) is hosting.

Take the next couple of weekends to come up with a special-fantastically-delicious cupcake recipe (or give credit to whoever came up with the recipe), bake a batch, frost it with home-made frosting, make it real pur-tee, take a digi-picture of it, type up the recipe to both the cupcake and the frosting, and attach the recipes and picture in an email and send them to me at no later than MIDNIGHT, July 25 ... and you ... yes, YOU ... will be entered in the most awesomest cupcake contest known to all as ... the famous Summer Cupcake Caper Contest.

Update: I forgot to include a brief list of some of the prizes ... to whet your appetite: A beautiful Nigella Lawson Apron with various Cupcake and Food Graphics; Nigella Lawson Cupcake Tea Towels; a beautiful Mary Lake-Thompson apron with graphics of cupcakes and baking goodies (includes a real wooden spoon); various cupcake baking tools; a piece of cupcake jewelry; a limited-edition hand-painted Cupcake Stand by GiBee Designs [ehenm] ... stay tuned for pictures.


Cupcake Contest Rules and Guidelines:

1) The cupcakes can be made with a box mix, but must have some extra "stuff" thrown in to the recipe to make it a "scratchy-boxy-homemade" cupcake ... but if you can make it totally from scratch, all the better!

2) The cupcakes must have a 100% completely home-made frosting. No ifs, ands or buts on that rule!

3) They should be as original as possible. Take this time to discover new flavor combinations, and search the web for interesting ideas. There are a lot of cupcake blogs out there to discover, so use them as a spring board for ideas! Just be warned ... I read many of them, so if the recipe or combination is someone else's, please be sure to credit them

4) The recipe used for both cupcake and frosting must be provided upon submission via email to:, no later then midnight, July 25, 2007.

5) A picture of your frosted creation must be submitted via email to:, no later then midnight, July 25, 2007.

6) You must have actually baked, frosted, and taken a picture of the recipe you are submitting.

The winners will be judged and chosen based on the following categories/criteria:

1) Most scrumptious-est cupcake - This will be the "first place" prize given to the cupcake that is the most moist, with good crumb, good flavor combination, and delicious taste combination.
2) Most extravagantly and/or outlandishly decorated cupcake.
3) Most likely to be eaten by children.
4) Most decadent cupcake for adults.


Carol said...

You forgot the part about "Overnight Express a sample cupcake to Carol because she has never baked cupcakes, her children have never been exposed to them, and it's just a sad thing." ;-)

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Wow, great prizes! I better get my cupcake baking game on! :-)

Barb said...

Hi GiBee,

I think this contest is so much fun, I just highlighted it in my Sunday Meanderings post. Can't wait to see the entries!

toni in the midst said...

Okay now, I'm gonna take a quantum leap here and guess you're a major cupcake diva? I'm DROOLING over the cupcake image you posted for this contest. Sadly, I *know* I'm out because if you won't allow "straight from the box with faux frosting", I know you wouldn't allow my Easy Bake oven entry. ;)

Your son is simply beautiful, btw. And I know your heart's joy in receiving the gift of him because I've been there. I have four through adoption and still need to pinch myself now and then when I retreat to moments of complete awe.