Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WFMW: In-between Hair Coloring Tip

John Frieda's Luminous Color Glaze is what works for me right now ... seriously ... it's the BOMB!!!

This is such a lovely product! I know by the time I'm done explaining it ... you're going to want to go HERE to find your very own shade of glaze!

Simply put, glazing is your life-line between hair coloring. I personally don't color my hair ... I highlight it... but a long time can go in between highlight sessions, and my hair can have long roots, and curly grays everywhere by the time my hairdresser actually makes it out to my home for another highlight.

So, she recommended I use this product in between highlights or coloring. It simply infuses your hair with color that attaches itself to your grays, lessens the roots, and brings out the highlights. I've been told it's a "vegetable coloring" base, so it is safe for your hair, and it only takes three (3) minutes in your hair for immediate results.

Beside the added plus of umph power to my highlights, it temporarily covers up my grays, and leaves me with shiny, soft, conditioned, and refreshed hair. PLUS -- they have a CLEAR glaze that just gives off all kinds of crazy shine!!! It's just crazy-craziness, I tell you!!!

I love it ... it cost me about $7.49 at WalMart, and I'd pay that again, and again, and again for the fabulous salon results I got in my own, mildewy shower!

Be sure to head off to the fabulous Shannon's Rocks in my Dryer for more awesome tips, and fabulous Summer Giveaway news!!! It's big ... BIG, I tell you!


MotoMom said...

I love the whole product line. I stopped coloring my hair about two years ago and went back to my natural color.
Target recently was selling kits for $8.88 that included shampoo, conditioner, and a small bottle of glaze. I was teasing my husband the other day that my shampoo was for "honey to carmel" not "dishwater to mousy". He is the reason I dyed my hair for all those years!

Mama rama said...

Ooo, I am so excited. I am definitely going to try it. The highlighting/cut process is so expensive here in NOVA. I'm still in sticker shock. Needless to say my roots are horrible by the time I break down and rent out my children to pay for a new do!

Org Junkie said...

I'm totally buying this!!! You had me at hair :)

Joy said...

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Take care - Joy Williams