Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (Better LATE then NEVER!)

Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie hosts the weekly Menu Plan Monday, so hop on over and check out the over 200 entries.

Now, here's the deal for this week at Casa Sunshine ... It's not so sunny. I'm sick with bronchitis and an upper resperatory infection, while continuing to go to work. Hunter is sick with a bad ear infection and gunk in his nose ... and he was up all night IN PAIN ... and Daddy??? Well, poor guy -- he's just trying to keep up with everything in the house, stay up all night tending to a sick mommy and little superman (who was screaming his H.E.A.D. off last night with ear pain), and still waking up at 4:30-to-early-in-the-morning to go to work. Talk about Superman ... he's your guy!

So, basically, we did a quick and dirty and cheap menu yesterday, because no one has time to cook, nor do we feel like cooking. AT ALL. So some things are yummy, and some are kind of "ehhh" -- everyone's been there, right? So here it is in all its glory, but not in any particular order:

1) Franks & Beans
2) Tuna Casserole with Salad
3) Beef Pastitsio Casserole with roasted broccoli
4) Homemade Chili
5) All Day Sunday Chicken Stew (Crock Pot recipe from my new** Taste of Home magazine -- my eyeballs hurt to much to find the recipe on their site, but it looks yummy in the picture in my new magazine**, so I'll try to post it when I've had more than 1.5 hours of sleep)
6) Wednesday night dinner for a dollar at church (if we're feeling up to it)
7) Delivery Pizza (NOT DiGiorno, because that would still be cooking)

**On another note, a friend of mine from blogland (so as not to embarrass her -- I won't mention her name or blog unless she says I can -- but she knows who she is) renewed her subscription to a Taste of Home magazine, and [gasp] got me a free subscription! I can't tell you how stinking delighted I am! It arrived Saturday, and I'm loving it! Thank you special friend! I truly, TRULY appreciate it!!!

Okay -- I'm off to rest my eyeballs. Y'all have a good week, ya hear?


Aimee said...

Now I feel even worse about bugging you! Hope you feel better real soon!

Susanne said...

Oh girl, I hope you get some rest tonight. It's hard enough being sick with having a sick little one to boot!

And I've posted some of my plans of Tuesdays and I didn't have any excuse whatsoever! So you, my friend are off the hook. ;v)

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

Org Junkie said...

Oh you just can not go wrong with Taste of Home, what a special treat! I have the Slow Cooking one (well actually there are 2 out there and both are terrific!) and I use it all the time. I sure hope you feel better soon :(


ValleyGirl said...

I LOVED Taste of Home magazine!! You will never be disappointed with it! You have a wonderful friend!

Jen said...

Your menu sounds fine. I so hope you feel better soon. Being sick, being a mom and working is way to much. Try to remember to take some time for you...and Taste of Home..what a treat...great magazine. Hugs...and feel better friend.

Sandy said...

Hi GiBee, reading your posts down to this one - had to say I really pray you and Hunter both are feeling better by today (2/29)!
Enjoy your weekkend, friend!