Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WFMW: Online Shopping Edition

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer has asked that we share our fav online shopping locations for this week's Works for me Wednesday... so here it goes...

Of course, the place I love for handcrafted jewelry is GiBee Designs... Custom made, quality materials... how can you go wrong?

The place I love for all things Christian -- books, music, videos, shirts, etc. is -- they usually BEAT all other prices, including

The place I love to go for Christian t-shirts for tweens and teenagers is C28 -- It is an awesome store, and it's the best source for "bold" Christian Gifts, Christian T-shirts, clothing, and music. They also carry Ezekiel wear! Trust me when I say -- this place caters to the young at heart and the music they carry will make your teenager happy (but will make your ears bleed!). Warning to moms: in my humble opinion, the t-shirts for girls at this site are cut specifically for a girl's figure. While this can be nice, they can also run "small" and tight, so go one size up if you want room to layer, etc.

So there is just a few of my favorite places to shop online! What are yours???

On another note, has anyone noticed that spell check on Blogger isn't working, or is it just me???


Julie said...

I looked at your GiBee Designs website and I love your jewelry. I'm excited to see what you will have for kids.

I like to look at also. I also have bought things at, but only when they have their 99 cent shipping. I wouldn't want to pay more in shipping than the price of what I'm actually buying!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I can't wait to check out your jewelry!

And yes, I noticed the same thing about spell check; I clicked on it and...nothing. Hope it's fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your remberance necklace. I have been blessed with 2 healthy babies but so many of my friends have been hurt by losing babies. I thank God every day for the abundance blessing he has given me and for peace and comfort to come to those who are struggling with pregnancy.

Your jewelry is beautiful and your baby is precious!

Jenny Vanover