Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hand Made Things...

Yesterday, I mentioned I had nothing to post about.

Then, I read Barb's post today, and thought... "Yeah! She is so right! I should follow up on this post!!" Actually ... it was posted yesterday, but I read it today.

Barb post is: Apparently, "hand made" is a rare thing these days...

Barb... I TOTALLY agree. Hand made things ARE rare these days. And it is really sad!

This past Saturday, I went to my cousin's bridal shower (she's getting married this coming Saturday). I debated over whether I should go ahead and make something or not... I am, after all, busy. Very. So I compromised. I purchased a few things, and made a few things for her.

It was so easy, and really, just took a couple hours out of my time, but it was received with many oohs and ahhs, and comments like ... "GiBee MADE this!" and "This is HOME MADE!" and "This is in her own handwriting!"

All I made was a wire-wrapped serving spoon with glass beads and crystals to match a bowl I bought her at Target, and I hand-wrote about 10-12 recipes out of my own collection onto index-sized recipe cards, and put them in a 3-ring recipe-keeper notebook I got at Hallmark. So easy and simple, yet you would have thought I went to Mars and back to get it.


Because it was home made. It was full of love, time, and effort. I took the time to make something that reflected my cousin's personality.


A commodity not many people can spare. Yet when you do, it means the world to the recipient.

The other gifts? Almost all the other gifts were gift cards, with the exception of sheets, a few nighties, and a pasta set. While gift cards are nice... in my humble opinion, gift cards (and cash) do have a time and a place (like maybe the wedding gift)... but when a young woman is starting off her life as a new bride, she really looks forward to opening beautiful things that she can use to decorate her new home, to cook for her and her husband, or to entertain friends and family. That's all part of the excitement! And, I really felt like she got cheated. It broke my heart. I was sad FOR her that she didn't get to rip packages open, ooohhh, and aaahhh over pretties, and dream of how she would use them. In fact, there were so few "wrapped packages" that they couldn't make a traditional plate with the ribbons and bows for her to walk down the aisle with at her rehearsal.

Friends, it is SO easy to share something homemade. It doesn't have to be as elaborate or intricate as the serving spoon I gave her -- it can be as simple as the recipe album I gave her with your own special recipes handwritten on the pages inside... those special recipes that everyone loves and begs for. Or in Barb's case, she made some diaper cloths, bibs, and a blanket -- how precious is that??? I promise that homemade gifts will be cherished long after the gift cards are cashed in and spent.

Let's keep the old tradition of making something going!!!

What kinds of things do you think YOU could make for either a bridal shower or a baby shower? Take a few minutes to think about it, and jump in the comment section with some ideas for those who have a tougher time coming up with homemade gift ideas!!

And for those of you at a TOTAL loss for ideas or thing you have no talent... tune back in here on October 27-ish for my annual "Homemade with Love" series where we feature homemade gift ideas for ALL budgets and ALL skill sets.

On the serving spoon, I selected a stone to match the bowl I purchased at Target (to the right) as a focal point, and used colorful beads and crystals to decorate the remainder of the spoon.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

I completely agree with you and Barb! There is nothing quite like homemade!

I think you made a great point! Due to schedules and the busyness of lives.. time is a precious commodity indeed.

I think people are beginning to recognize that more and more. I know I do!!

Homemade is treasured here!

Susanne said...

Beautiful! How do you think of stuff like that!

Minister Mamie L. Pack said...


You bought up a very good point. Every since my freshman year of college, I would take the time each Christmas break to learn how to make something new. I began with crocheting, something that helped me through 2 of my 3 pregnancies. There is something so wonderful about a hand-made gift. My husband and I often choose to make a gift for each other than buy one. I love being able to receive something that he took time to create for me. The time and thought is priceless. Great post.

With Blessings,

Minister Mamie L. Pack

Overwhelmed! said...

I read your comment on Barb's blog and decided to stop by to see if you posted a picture of your wire wrapped serving spoon. You did! Hooray! It looks beautiful!

Good job with your handmade gifts. You're so thoughtful!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Good for you, sweetie! I used to be kinda "ashamed" making gifts (as if buying one was somehow "better") but realized FINALLY that thinking that was ridiculous!

I'm already on board witchu for your "homemade for C-mas" extravaganza! Count me in!

Gretchen said...

I love Barb's site, too. :)

Your handmade idea is really touching. I often do take the "easy way out" because of running with my kids and stuffing too much into one day. You're talking about being intentional with time and treasures. Good reminder for me.

I tend to make baby quilts for those whom I'm very close to--only because the expense in time and $ is high. But, I could do burp rags or fleece blankies.

My dtr (10) and I made fleece throws for Christmas and she does this for b'days. We wait until the fleece is 1/2 price because each throw takes 2 yards of 2 fabrics, but it's fun, and boy, her friends love getting something like that. And so would i, come to think of it.

I'm going to knit 10 (ack!) fun fur scarves for my friends and me in PINK for us to wear at the 3 day breast cancer walk in Seattle this Sept. Better get started, huh?!

Blessings. I"m bookmarking your site and will be back.

Kerri said...

Very true, hand made stuff is rare these days.

My sister (13 years younger than me) actually requested "anything hand made" on her Christmas list last year. I have made her a couple of things in the past, but always kind of wondered if she really cared for it. Guess so, and she will get a lot more handmade stuff!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tammy and Parker said...

And your tutorial can be found WHERE?


Melissa said...

You made my beaded spoons that I posted last year for your Handmade Christmas....I feel so blessed that you think it was worthy enough for a wedding gift! Love the spoon and bowl...you did awesome!

My tutorial can be found on my blog http://wishesdreamslove.blogspot.com/ under archive title "Homemade with love entry".

janet said...

i didn't see on your site or melissas on how you secured it to the spoon. did you use a glue gun or super glue or what? I LOVE it. it's so beautiful...

cheryl said...

I have the same question as janet...have read Melissa's tutorial and read yours...how do you hook this all to the spoon? do these wash well?...does the wire rust? I think they are absolutely darling and would love to make some.

Desiree' said...

I love this and I have the perfect person to make it for!! You are awesome!