Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Christmas ... in ... JULY???

You will never believe this in a million years. Well -- you will, believe it if you know me intimately, and really, after reading this blog, who DOESN'T know me intimately... BUT ... I started collecting ideas for my next big and wonderful Homemade with Love escapade... in the October/November time frame... months ago (collecting ideas, that is -- what a poorly structured sentence!).

And now, as the dawn of July rolls around, I'm starting to collect my materials and... actually MAKE and PHOTOGRAPH things. For Christmas.


It's a sickness.

But if someone must do it, why not me (since the word GiBee and the word sickness-in-the-head go hand in hand!)?

This year, I have some fun, FUN ideas. Some easy, some cheap, some harder, but still cheap. Can't wait to share them with you. But before I do, I have to learn how to do a few things... joy. Can you really teach a dog new tricks? Hmmmmm... we'll soon find out.

Can you tell, I have NOTHING but time on my hands. My husband will be overjoyed at my ability to manage my plethora of free time.


I'm feeling rather ... "Barbara-ish!"


Susanne said...

LOL. I was thinking at least Barb had company in the blogworld with making Christmas things in June and July. And then you mentioned her.

Shalee said...

Heh. I was searching the internet for ideas last week. Your sickness much be catchy...

JMR said...

LOL! I had to laugh... if felt so good to hear some other wacked out person talking about Christmas already... :P Girl, I have been listening to Christmas music for a month (no joke, I actually have a CD playing right now... perhaps its this crazy TX heat that makes me desire Christmas so bad???)... I have been working on planning the Christmas menu for parties we have here, figuring out Christmas gifts, etc. And I have been stressing majorly because we normally start shopping for Christmas in June and we didn't buy anything Christmas related at all and now its July... eek!!! LoL I'm a Christmas nut, always have been... so it feels good to read someone else talking about it!

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I haven't been around to comment in a while!!! Crazy busy but I'm trying. :) Jami

Bailey said...

I can barely wait! How fun!

Tammy and Parker