Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer is here!

It is so hot, humid and nasty outside. I don't even want Hunter to play outside for fear he'll have heat exhaustion, or worse yet, heat stroke. His poor face gets so red from the heat (not sunburn). He takes after me like that, poor soul. That tells me summer is here.

All kinds of locally grown yummy fruit and veggies are abundantly available in all our grocery stores and corner produce stands. That tells me summer is here.

I spoke to the sweet and precious little lady that is coordinating the jamming section of our state fair yesterday. She has been impossible to contact, and she blamed it on working in her garden or being outside, and that too tells me summer is here.

We picked our first ripe-ish tomato from our garden about two days ago out of necessity for dinner, but really, it needed a couple more days on the vine... but it was still yummy. That tells me summer is here.

The rabbits have eaten any and all of my green beans -- with the exception of two. Not much canning going on in the green bean category. We even have a fency-kind-of-thingie around the green beans! Sigh. That tells me summer is here.

Church attendance is low and spotty -- an indication of summer vacations. That TOTALLY reminds me that summer is here.

Pools are overflowing, sprinklers are splashing, and puddles are being jumped in. Yup -- summer is here.

Beaches are crowded and waves are calling. Faces are burning and popsicles are melting. That tells me summer is here.

Bed time is 9:00, but the sky is light until 9:30, making it difficult to convince a toddler that he MUST go to sleep. That tells me summer is here.

Everyone is in sandals and bare feet. Piggies are filthy by bed time, foreheads and faces are sweaty, hands are grubby, and baths are daily. Yup. That tells me summer is here.

The smell of suntan lotion is in the air, the beach towels are being used frequently, and the bathing suits are constantly drip drying. That tells me summer is here.

But, you know what the more telling sign is to me that summer is here? It's the blogging doldrums. Everyone is in a blogging slump, not many are commenting (including my self) even though they are reading, and posts are further and fewer in between -- there are just too many fun things going on outside to worry about blogging, and too many family events to squeeze in an extra hour for blogging!

Have you experienced any of these things?

What tells YOU that summer is here???

C'mon... comment, why dontcha?


Susanne said...

I am so in the slump. I feel that it's just overwhelming right now, so I'm having trouble coming up with things to blog about. Well, anything remotely like a good post anyway.

Things that tell me summer is here?
Well the biggest is my house is bursting at the seams with children. Then I have these 5 foot something tall blobby things that emerge from various bedrooms anywhere from 9 a.m. to after lunch. Then these same blobby things melt into the couch and try to grow roots there. These blobby things also seem to clear out the fridge and cupboards on a regular basis.

Jen said...

What tells me that summer is here? The hot humid air outside. That's what. And fire flies and bbq's and ice cream and pool parties and flip flops with pedicures and long summer night walks.....watermelons and sweet tea with lots lots lots of ice....beach towels thrown over the side of the deck and fresh veggies out of my garden to eat and the smell of honey suckle....

emilymcd said...

Hi, GiBee- I'm one of your regular squatter readers. And you're right, it's a slow blogging season, summer is.

Don't know if you remember me, but you helped me through some IVF decisions last year (I live in Chicago) and now we're in our 17th week of pregnancy. I'm grateful for your faith in making ethical fertility decisions.

But to answer your question: To me summer is thunderstorms, outside cooking and--like you said-- low church attendance. :)

Shalee said...

Well, I don't think I'm in a slump... Does my stuff seem like I'm in a slump? Great, now I've got to go evaluate everything.

I would say the fact that the kids are at grandma's place tells me that summer is here, but I've got to pick them up early, like this weekend, so there goes THAT theory...

Sandra said...

I would say the heat outside but in this darn place it's hot as heck all year long LOL

But for me it's the same things that you mentioned, not many people commenting, fewer and spaced out posts.

The bickering of the kids about everything and anything...the fact that I seem to be always almost out of food because the same bickering kids eat constantly.

It's the little things LOL


Tammy and Parker said...

My neighbor letting his sprinkler water OVER our fence ONTO MY HEAD as I try and work in my herb garden.

Yeah. It's summer! lol!