Monday, July 07, 2008

Wow -- who knew a 4 day weekend could be so busy? I've been away from the computer since Wednesday afternoon, with the exception of a small hit here or there, and I feel completely out of touch. I'll be reading all your blogs this afternoon, if I can have a few uninterrupted hours!!!

I'm SOOOO on a roll now with all my canning. I'm inspired by how simple it is! Really, it is!!! I'm going to make MORE Pina Colada Jam, and I am toying with the idea of making some Carrot Cake Jam -- sounds odd, doesn't it? But it looks so good. I'll also be making more raspberry jam, and I have a refrigerator full of berries, but not enough to make one kind of jam, so I'm going to mix them all together and make some mixed berry jam before all the berries go bad. I just can't wait!!!

AND -- I've decided to enter my Pina Colada jam into our state fair, but trust me ... I'm not going into this whole "State Fair entry thing" expecting anything, since I'm a novice canner. But, their comments will help me in years to come. Who knows... one of these days I may even win a ribbon.

Actually, my greater goal with canning (among other things) isn't to win awards, but rather to show my son a simpler way of life, save money, and serve my family good, wholesome food with wholesome ingredients. I really want him to be able to look back into his childhood (although "almost 3" might be too young) and have good memories of his mom making special things for the family. I may never actually "be" a complete Proverbs 31 woman, but there are areas I do excel in, and I'll do my best to set those examples for my son so he knows what to look for in his future wife. Wow. Talk about pressure.

Now, if I can only learn how to sew linen garments and keep my bedroom clean!!!


Jen said...

I think that is so special what you are doing for your family. I plan on canning tomatoes this fall for chilis and spaghetti sauces this winter....are you going to post his recipe for pina colada jam???? At least after the fair?

Susanne said...

Is anyone a complete proverbs 31 gal?

You go girl! Some of my best memories are of my mom canning pears, cherries and making pickles. How much work she put in really spoke to me of how she loved us. Unfortunately, the canning thing didn't rub off too much on me. But I have tried to make plum jam before. Wasn't too bad.