Thursday, October 02, 2008


First of all ... I want to start off with a reflective question for you... At this very moment -- 2:40 p.m., EST, on Thursday, October 2... I wonder how Sarah Palin is feeling? TRULY feeling? Do you think she's scared? Nervous? Sick? At peace? Father, Lord, I pray that you steady her, boost her confidence, and place the right words and answers in her mouth. Bring her favor in the eyes of America. Help her deliver clearly, kindly, peacefully, and confidently the answers to tonights tough questions, and place your recall in her mind. Amen.

Onto other things... I finally received my fabrics from Heather Bailey last week -- and they are, in one word, GORGEOUS! I can't wait to begin making things with them. The quality is so wonderful - heavy cotton - not flimsy. And the colors are crisp and beautiful.

I will be making little gifts for my younger nieces with these fabrics. Can't WAIT! I'll probably be posting some of the pics on my Homemade with Love on October 27, but the I'll post the rest as I complete the projects.

So, have you been working on your Homemade with Love gift ideas to post on October 27th? All you need is a picture of the finished product and a brief tutorial / instructions. That's all! Easy Peasy!

Anyway, I know you can't see them very well here, and can't appreciate the quality as in person, but as a teaser, here is a picture of my loot, followed by a stack of fabrics I got at the fabric store -- which are lovely too -- but pale in comparison:


Susanne said...

Those fabrics are lovely!

Barb said...

Hi GiBee!

Two things. First, I'm so excited I was able to maneuver through all the stuff and actually get to your site. I thought I'd let you know, I still can't open your web page through Bloglines - it still takes me to Google - but I kept clicking on your url and suddenly, here you are!

Second, if I could, I'd reach right into my monitor and grab those fabrics. They're gorgeous.

Lucky you!

JD said...

OH I am in love with all the ones you picked too! They are fabulous.

superpaige said...

Oh, those are some yummy fabrics!