Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oops!! It did it again!!

Soooooo -- remember when I posted last year about THIS ??????

Yeah -- well -- guess what we had last night?

Another full moon.

And pandemonium ensued in the kids class last night at church. UUUHH-GEEN.

So does anyone have any advice on how I could possibly, you know -- CONTROL MY CHILD in a classroom setting???? He wasn't doing terrible things -- just throwing crayons, dumping popcorn on the floor, crawling under the table (which is only like 2 feet off the floor), screaming, crying when I corrected him, running around the table, talking over the teacher ... you know ... things a parent wants their wonderful, well behaved angel of a child to NOT DO.

Hunter was spanked twice, put in time out twice, scolded every other minute, and threatened to go to the nursery one thousand times. In fact, he threw an awful temper tantrum when I actually took him into the nursery, and I just couldn't subject the poor woman who was working the nursery to Hunter.

Every child... every single one of them... was spoken to by the teacher or myself. The kids were whining, crying, talking over the teacher (we NEVER did this in class), they wouldn't listen, several didn't want to cooperate at all... needless to say ... we had some serious behavioral issues, and my son was right in the middle of it. AND THREE BOYS WERE OUT SICK LAST NIGHT!!! Oiy Vey! And all of these kids are good kids ... loving kids ... but last night? Craay-zee.

And -- Miss C -- please don't quit teaching! We'll figure it all out!!! You're doing an awesome job with the kids, so please don't carry the burden on your shoulders that you have done something wrong, because you haven't. Persevere and hold on!

Sooooooooooo..... Having said all THAT, I'm thinking there may be some truth to the full-moon-theory.


Pam said...

Here I'm thinkin' you're posting about Britney Spears . . .

Anyway, I remember the former post and hate for your sake that you had to repeat it. I definitely think the fool/full moon theory has some substance. Praying for full recovery for you today. : )

Susanne said...

Oh my, you drew the dreaded full moon class. Hopefully today was restfull.

I found my kids always acted up at that age when I was there. If they weren't playing "ClingOn" they were misbehaving much like Hunter. And my halfhearted embarrassed empty threats didn't help. So my solution was not to volunteer in my child's own class. Fixed the problem for me.

Carrie said...

We make it a policy not to be volunteers in our kids' classes at church. It's not because I can't teach them--I homeschool, after all, and we do just fine with that. It's the problem of having to SHARE Mom with other kids. Ours doesn't handle that well. She's five now, and she does fine if she's going with us to work in the nursery full of 2 or 3yos, but I don't dare try to help in HER class. Either she's velcro or she's a terror. As long as we're not there, she does great! :-)

Given that experience, we've never even tried volunteering in DD2's classes--we just go with the same policy for equality's sake.

Jane said...

After 14 years in the classroom grades K-5 I can say, there is some truth to the full moon theory! LOL. Some days are just like that. Keep on keep'n on. You know God had a chuckle or two!

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